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New Year part 1

The Immortal Butterfly

Awaken from its slumber comes a butterfly,
Broke out from it's cocoon ready to fly,
Yet it fluttered it's wings only to die,
Along came a little girl who saw the butterfly,
She say to the butterfly "Please don't die."
The dying butterfly smiles and replied,
Don't be sad my dear child,
For I am already flying in your mind,
As long as you remember me,
I'll continue to fly...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alien Vs Predator 2: Retarded

Save your RM10, watch the trailer and you'll figure out the whole story, IMO it's only slightly better then the first one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Now go out and celebrate!


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It wasn't the devil after all...

The devil in the previous post - partial shot of the eye field of a tarantula

I was at sunway university college for MTS exhibition and had the chance to mess around with the microscope in the lab.

Here's the hair that makes us itch

Close up of the uridicating hair

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"The Boulder"

There it lay on the ground,
various life forms all around,
motionlessly sitting at this spot for centuries,
supporting life forms is all that it give, I believe,
Insects and animals seeks refuge under it,
while various plants trives on it,
holes and cracks are found all over it,
yet the beautie of life can be found in it,
the boulder that is full of life,
solidly sits here and gives it's support,
it asked for nothing in return,
all it wants is a place on this earth.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Exhibition setup @ 1 Utama

Helped out a friend setting up an exhibition, what did I do there? Let's just say from painting the setup, carrying tanks and life stocks to buying lunch for the workers. Still it's fun to be around people who are passionate about animals and of cause the wide range of animals at the location.
Ain't she a Cutie!

The exhibit is still not open to public yet, and bummer... there are no tarantulas on display at the moment. I'll work on that thou.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Be an Angel Treasure Hunt

Took part in a treasure hunt during the weekends, never did anything like this on a car before so my friends and I decided to take part especially since it's for a good cause.
The treasure hunt is held in conjunction to International day for the disabled by Beautiful Gates Foundation for the disabled and Wanita MCA. They were rising funds to purchase motorized or lightweight wheelchairs (Has to be these since some of the disables have weak arms as well), medicated seats, 3 wheel motorcycle, computers and other various necessities.
Lucky Number 11?

A line of cars, the second vehicle is mine

My team arrive at the time that the organizers told us, that is 6.30am and yet we are the second team to arrive, we still had to wait for the other teams, even after the arrival of all the teams I still had to wait for the "politician" who takes the chance to boast about how are they helping the disabled people by doing so and so. (If you are doing it, people will see it and it will save your trouble of boasting about it you prick!)
The flag off time was scheduled at 7.00 am but thanks to the waiting of the "Very Ignorant Politician" we were flagged off at 8.15am, good 'ole Malaysian timing they say.

My friends and I had fun looking for answers and we were very confident in all the answers that we got. It only when we realized that our brains could not match to an Ah Beng with everything to think about. He just had to come out and take away all the fun from us and give us answers that didn't make sense.

Well! At least I enjoyed being with my friends and the money is for a good cause.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sungai Ampang Falls

I'm back from Sungai Ampang Falls! I have to say things didn't go as well as planned.

First off, the GPS's batteries died on our way there, and there goes our only guide to the falls. No one else had been to the place so we are going there pratically blindfolded.

Luckily there got Pak guard to give us the directions on how to go to the falls, using a pen he drew a "S" on my palm and tell me that the waterfall is at the end of the "S". Helpful I guess...

Following his instructions we trek, and we were lost... according to the Pak Guard, we are supposed to hear the sound of waterfall at about 45 minutes of trekking, we treked for more then an hour and there is no slightest sound of water flowing. BAH! WRONG Trail!

We turned back and try a diffrent way.

I was leading the group and I believe I walked a little too fast, so I came to a clearing near the path and waited there for the rest to arrive, it didn't take long for 2 guys from the group to reach where I was waiting. We were messing around with a captured giant ant when all of a sudden I heard people running and screaming behind me, It was the other 4 from our group and they look really terrified as if something is going to eat them. I quickly reach for my machete and waited for the "thing" to appear, I didn't know what to expect but I think I was already in killing mode.

A large breed dog appear, and it was wagging it's tail having fun chasing people. (I was hoping for a wild boar!!! Curry Wild Boar!)

It stood there playfully and a human voice could be heard from a distant, it's the dog's owner saying sorry and that his dog is tame and it's just very playful.

The place is a really nice place except for the noise pollution from the construction site near by.

Friday, November 23, 2007

After so long... finally...

Many times I open my email or while chatting to a friend, I get requests to join (or always get the question if i'm in) a social network group called "facebook". Now thanks to those who have bug me to sign up or had send me email request - I surrender.

Here's the link

Trekking preparation

Am I an Internet addict?
They may look old but they are loyal

Seng Keong invited me to join him and his gang to trek at Sungai Ampang Falls, Selangor (Bearing: N03 12.69' E101 47.72') this Saturday, just to let you all know just in case I go missing for a week then you'll know where to find me.
If you wonder why am I bringing machete and a dagger along, well I rarely go camping or trekking with out my machete it has been with me in a lot of trips, it bring back a considerable amount of memories, let's just say it's a good luck charm I use to cut down things that gets in my way.
The dagger is for self defence, bears and wild cats has been spotted in the area gotta be prepare even thou I do respect animals, especially in their own territory still there is no knowing what could possibly happen still I do hope to see these creatures without the need of using the dagger.
Not only that I have to beware of animals, humans are also what I must look out for, poachers are known to hunt in the area, there are cases where hunters mistaken a human being for a deer or a boar, some of them end up killing their own hunting partner.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Birthday shoutouts

Happy Birthday to Mandy and Kin Hoo

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tarantulas for dummies

I posted this in a forum and I figured since I've spent so much time giving this answer for the past 2 years or more, I might as well put it in my blog and when someone ask me the question on how to choose a tarantula, it will be easier for me to answer.

Before you choose, there is somethings to do, like doing some basic research by reading the following links:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

After reading about the basic things that you need/want to know about tarantulas you get to go to the next step which is choose, this step will involve interaction with another human being (Most likely a tarantula keepers or a sellers) what you are going to choose is NOT the tarantula but the tarantula seller(s), find 1 or 2 reputable seller that you can trust, if you have no experience in dealing with that seller, ask a tarantula keeper whom had.
This is to avoid being scam, and yes things like this do happen in the outside world and in this hobby but there are ways to prevent it so nothing to worry there.
After you choose your seller(s), ask him/her what he/she has to offer.
The info he should be providing you should be:
1) Species
2) Size
3) Sex (Not applicable for spider lings)
4) Price

Once you are given these info you can start the next step, this step also involves some research and even more reading but at least this is where the actual fun begins.
It is called "Making a choice", this is where you take what the seller(s) has to offer, look for it's care sheet and requirements then pick one that you like most.

Here are some sample links you can look in to to assist you in making a choice:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

Pick you the species you like, then see which "REPUTABLE" seller has the best deal to offer, contact him and get the deal done.

On novice choosing their first tarantula:
I don't like to take away the trill of choosing what tarantulas people should buy for people because I find it a fun thing to do, I had a lot of fun doing that when choosing my first tarantula, but do ask for suggestions and opinion from "people who THINKS they know everything about tarantula", but choose your tarantula wisely, pick one that you are confident and happy with, if you think you cannot handle tarantulas that are very skittish and defensive, go for one that is docile and calm, or if you think docile tarantulas are for wussies and you have a heart of a lion go for one that can suit your daredevil persona.
Make it your own choice so even if it's a bad choice, it's still your choice.
If good choice then you get to boost about it. You don't get to complain thou.

Lastly, do understand that tarantulas have fangs for a few reason, one of them is to bite tarantula keepers who grants the tarantula chances by handlling it, letting the tarantula crawl on hand, body, head or "where the sun don't shine".
That's not really the tarantula fangs intended purpose but it has to defend itself from itchy hands.
Seriously, tarantulas are called tarantulas because they are not hamsters, it is better to leave the tarantula alone in it's enclosure because they are solitary creatures they like to be lonely. If you need to handle the tarantula, do it with care but do not handle it because your hands are itchy and you want to.

Monday, November 19, 2007

All The Same

Just a simple hug and yet it makes a diffrence in other people's day and life...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What it feels like to touch a heart?

Did community service again last weekend, what's different this time is I was asked a question
"What was it you experienced while doing community service?"
A simple answer to that question would be "I feel good."Yet again, what is it about the experience that makes me feel good?
Limy, Shanker, Sin and Tenten entertaining the orphans
Now, what is the whole reason why I do community service?
Certainly I don't need to do it, even if I stop doing community service no magical bolt of lighting will come down from the heavens and strike me to my death.
The only reason why I do it is because I want to.
Why do I want to do community service?
Not because I want fame, no idea how would that bring me fame if I do community service, yet some how rather I want to do community service because I want to get out there and touch some one's life, because I believe that if I do good to one human being, I'll be empowering them to become hopeful for their life, then they will know that there are people willing to give them support and this will allow them to become passionate about their life and by doing that they will do the same and reach out to other human beings. So from one I can reach out to many, it may sounds like a pyramid scheme, I agree to that. It is what it is and at least I believe that it is good.

Limy and Tenten writing name tags for everyone

Back to the main question of what is my experience when doing community service?
Simple, when ever I do community service I experience gratitude the most.
Gratitude because I could move around freely without the need of a wheelchair, gratitude because I still have my family and friends, gratitude because I am not bed ridden or having a deadly disease.
I may sound like a bastard for comparing my life with theirs, but quite frankly I am a bastard who takes the trouble to put himself in the shoes of those who are in need giving them support, love and care.

Sin Playing "Santa"

"Santa" ran out of gifts, go whip the elves!

It may seem hopeless because there are a lot of people whom are in need, I agree to that being a valid reason, and yet if I help one human being to have hope in life, I'm certain that at least I made a difference for that person.
In the end even if I die right at this moment, I'll still be alive in that person's memories.

And after the show, we pose!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Aural Joint's Extended Play

I recently purchased a CD from Kenn, it's actually a CD he and his band (Aural Joint) put together.
Kenn is the lead singer and also one of the tarantula keeper that I know for quite some time so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't support him. Besides, the CD cost only RM10.
The CD consist of 5 tracks, which I find em' pretty good and well worth the RM10, the quality of the recording and song is pretty good.
I don't want to describe what their work sound like and what genre do they belong to because my experience may be different to yours and secondly I got no clue, but if you want a preview of their work do visit their website (Link below)
I'm sure that they worked hard to put this CD together, RM10 to support our local music talent isn't too much to ask for. So go and visit their website and have a look.

P.S.: Kenn did not bribe me to put up this post.

Friday, November 2, 2007

What is it like to be free?

Was awake this morning to attend some short event and by the time I got home, everyone was out, Mom has gone to Korea, sis is in school and aunt gone to work. I was feeling really bored and tired so I hang around in the garden to enjoy the morning air.
Lying on the grass looking up in the sky, I close my eye and get myself to relax from the things running in my head. Listening to the birds chirping, I was wondering how nice would it be if I could fly like the birds.
A sense of peace overwhelmed me, and it is clear to me that something is missing with this life of mine. I could only fly if I choose to fly...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

And you waited and waited and waited...

I have many goals in my life, I didn't realised it until very recently. The issue is that I'm very focus, however I'm focus on my considerations rather then being focus on my goals and because of my focus on considerations, my goals becomes a lost memory.
It's very sad to me that in the past I do have dreams, but I allowed reasons like no time, too lazy, economy not good and such from stopping me in reaching my goals.
I do not believe that I don't have what it takes to do what I want, I just wait too long, waiting for thing to happen but not taking action.
What will be diffrent for me from now on is that I'll take charge about what I want to do, and not become a player in the waiting game.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heng's Pancakes

All these time, it was usually mom who does all the cooking while I'll be the one who consumes everything and to see me near a stove usually means I'm cooking instant noodles. Last night Timmy was saying something about making pan cakes for breakfast for his parents and I was thinking "Hey, pan cakes aren't that hard to make." so I decided to make pan cakes for my family too.
This morning I got up early and was really eager to make pan cakes for the family, I followed the recipe from the link that Timmy gave me and I managed to make the batter nice and smooth. I my mind's eye I already can see my family enjoying pan cakes.

Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or
scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake.
Brown on both sides and serve hot.

This is the instructions that I needed to follow to cook the pan cake batter, however I have no idea how but I've intemperate it to "I need 1/4 cup of melt butter to make a pan cake."...
Disaster! 1st pan cake turn out very badly, looked like some one sat on it... so I say to myself, maybe making a round pan cake needs practice and there I was making ugly pan cakes one after another and I didn't have the slightest clue that I have misinterpret an instruction. That's my lesson on using my cellphone as a web browser, the screen is so small that it's very difficult to understand what you are really reading.

Pan cakes from HELL!

I told myself that at least these came from the heart and then it struck me, if these pan cakes came from the heart, I must have a really ugly heart... "Perhaps it just looks ugly but it might taste good." I tooked a bite and spit the thing out... it was salty because I fried it with melt butter. I show it to my mom and she asked what was it?
She took a bite and say "Too salty. Maybe this one will taste better."
Too bad that it wasn't cooked enough... down to the bin it is I guess.

It didn't turn out this time, but I'm certain that I'll be able to make perfect edible pan cakes next time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What the F*** am I doing?

For the past month I've been living like a mad man, I don’t know if that’s the best term to describe it but now my project date line is closing in soon and I'm behind schedule, yet I’m organizing an event or I should call it a small get together for my tarantula group, aside from that I must find time to go to the gym, trying to get things done up, down, left, right really is like running away from a black hole.
Even my friends noticed that I'm stressing myself to a point that I'm beating myself up mentally, come to think of it, that's what I've been doing for a long time now... anytime something which I'm not happy about happen, I'll punish myself by doing something else.
"What happen to the Heng I used to know? I wish you could be the passionate Heng that shows up every time we have outdoor activities, like camping, hiking and stuff." Timmy said. I do realised that when I escape from my normal life I'd feel very peaceful. Wish I could archive tha state and live my life at the same time.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Charity Car Wash

There will be a charity car wash on 6th Oct 2007 starting from 8.30am to 6.30pm at Oriental Medicine & Therapy, 26 & 28 Jalan 21/11b, Sea Park.
Do come and support us

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I will remember you fat uncle

Thank you for the love and care that you've share, now that you are no longer with us, I'll always remember you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Orphanage visit

Hi! I'm a Caiman and this picture has no relevance in this post.
Limy called up this morning to remind me about our visit to an orphanage in Subang.
"Don't forget to bring your tarantula." Limy said.
As a matter of fact, I was having second thoughts about bring my tarantula to an orphanage, reason is that I have no clue how will the children and guardian react to spiders that is 6 inches in leg span and I was afraid that the tarantula might hurt someone or get hurt itself. However, the opportunity of educating people about tarantulas excites me enough to ignore my worries, so I packed up my Curly Hair tarantula and head to the orphanage.

Lokman playing with one of the cats that the orphans keeps as pet.

I met up with Limy, Tenten and Lokman at Giant, Subang and they lead me to the orphanage, the first thing that hit my mind when I first saw the orphanage was that the place was very well taken care of and I couldn't see how I can help these children in anyway.
Before we get to see any kids, we meet up with one of the care taker who is in the office, it was my first time there so Limy introduced me to the care taker. We were informed that the kids were still in the class so we'll have to wait for them to finish to go visit them, not a big issue since I got nothing on for the day and their cat was feeling playful at that time.

It was time to meet the kids, we got them to sit down in the hall and then we introduce ourselves, and asked to see if anyone likes or dislike spiders, and it seems only one girl raise up her hands when we asked who likes spiders. So we started asking them questions about tarantulas, I wasn't too surprised that they are afraid of it and don't really know much about tarantulas due to the misconception, and I have Mr. Hollywood to thank for that.
It was a challenge for me to explain about tarantulas in Bahasa, it took me a longer time to do it.
With every explaination comes more questions, and yea! These kids aren't shy to ask questions, and that's an excellent thing for them and for me, at least they make sure I keep telling them about tarantulas and how they lived.
In 30 minutes or so I turn a room full of children whom are afraid of tarantulas into a room full of children who are curious to learn more about tarantulas they are so into it that they kept on asking me questions about tarantulas and how I keep them at home. While communicating with them, I find my initial toughts of me not being able to help them to be untrue, even thou they have a very establish place to stay, they still hunger for love and care this could only be given by a living human being.
Well, I've got alot of values during my visit there, and being able to be there for these kids really give me a sense of peace. The thing that got me worried at that time was when one of the orphan holding my Curly Hair Tarantula and asked "Boleh saya simpan labah labah ini?", I am not ready to part with my most docile tarantula so instead of letting them keep my pet, I allow them to name my Curly hair tarantula and it's name from today onwards is "Comel"

Dennis eye view of the orphans and "Comel"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is not my desk

This is my desk, but that's only for 8 hours, I didn't quit the job nor was I fired.
My current job requires me to run around, I work where ever I can, someday I get a nice table like this, some time I don't get to sit on a chair to work, or if I get lucky, I get to work in the pantry where the coffee comes free.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How blur can I be?

I got to admit, I'm very blur to things that's happening around me. Previously I think that I'm extremely alert to my surroundings but in just one morning I realised that I'm a very absent minded person expecially when performing multiple tasks. I'll tend to forget something when another task comes by and it became clear to me that this is how I lived my life.
Just because I'm busy I've become forgetful, keep on giving myself the bullshit that I am busy so it's OK that I forget something. What a load! I forget things even when I'm not busy!
There is something about me I have to improve, I will not try to do it, I will improve!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

More work?

"Hello Assistant General Manager! When free come out yumcha?"
That was the first thing that my friend, Wang said when he answered my call. Yes, I've changed my job, and this time my job title is Project Engineer cum coordinator.
My job is to plan and coordinate a team to get the project done, I've just finished my 1st week at work and so far I felt that it is a total disaster. I got no experiance in coordinating or managing people so the 1st 3 days, due to my inexperiance the project was in a total mess. Many forms aren't properlly filled, team member not turning up for work, tasks are not properlly distributed and there were more IT equipment then I had expected. In the end of the week, I've only managed to get most of the IT equipment tagged except for the server room and one network room. It will take another 2 days to get that done, I'm not worried because I know it can be done.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Look Ma! I'm on TV!

My boss called up at 8.45am asking me where was I as he was expecting me to be at the job site. "Oh! I'm still at home watching TV." Only day 2 on my new job and I'm already saying things like that to my boss, well at least I'm being honest.
Now, why would I be late for work and watch TV when I don't usually watch it?
That's because I was on it, last week I've attended a tarantula gathering cum interview by RTM2 at Asia Cafe, they didn't interview all of us but I was one of the people whom got interviewed.
I told my mom about my little tarantula meet up and the interview I've also informed her the channel and time (8.00am) they will air it, 7.30am she's already at the TV standing by, waiting for her son to make an appearance on TV. She's still proud that I got my face on the papers, carrying a copy everywhere she goes, showing it to friends and relatives.
It's good to see her so proud and happy, I'd do it more often just to make her happy.

Credits to Adam

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm the great pretender?

I asked a friend for some feed back about me and he said
"sometimes i feel tat u are pretending"

It struck me that I've pretend a lot and yes, I admit it.
Pretending to know what I'm doing or talking about, but in fact I don't even have a clue, why am I pretending on such things? To impress people? To make myself look good? Aah... fuck, bloody waste of time.
When I'm unhappy about something, I will pretend that nothing has happened or pretend that I'm OK with it, I keep everything to myself so that others can be happy or what so ever.
Pretending to be happy is the saddest thing to do, try being happy when someone you cared for says "You are not important." try to fake your expression will automatically put a big neon sign telling the world that you are being plastic. Personally I've experience it myself, I mean, try to pretend you are being nice to someone but in reality that person hates you. It really annoys me a lot to have somebody pretending to be nice to me and it made me realized that how the people whole I pretend to like really felt.
Why on earth am I doing such nonsense on to myself? Kinda pissed at myself when I come to think about it. What a major fuck up thing to do, great pretender my ass!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look mom! My Spiders are in the papers!

Click Here To View Online Article

"Come see! These 2 are Dennis spiders." My mom proudly said to my aunt showing her the newspaper article on Tarantulas, this is very unusual because my mother would usually nag me about my tarantula keeping hobby, saying it's not clean and all.
Well, having to share room with my tarantulas is a choice I made, there isn't much space in my house for me to keep my collection, plus with all my uncle aunties' kids coming by once in a while the risk of they hurting the tarantula or themselves makes me feel uneasy.
Many relatives and friends ask me "If the spider come out at night and bite you how?"
Well, If I get bitten by a tarantula that escape it's enclosure then I deserve it, however why would a tarantula bite me while I'm in my sleep? They have much more to gain if they hide behind the closet or under the bed.
Will I ever get rid of my tarantulas? I don't know that answer but it excites me just to look at them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wild Weekend Nights

I think I got out of hand this weekend, I was out for nights of parties, loud music, annoying other people, naked people, sex, drugs and alcohol.
It all began on Friday night, I was out for the usual mamak session with my buddies, we were chilling and chatting then suddenly we all agreed (Except Ian because he's still a fan of Kamen Rider) to go to a pub in Hartamas for a little beer.

Biggest Cup of Teh O Ice Limau I had So Far...

I don't usually drink and I got to drive home so I asked for a drink that made everyone laughed, "Hot chocolate". So with a deck of cards and a few games of blackjack, my friends managed to get me to finish my Hot Chocolate and made me drank some "special water".

This proves that beer doesn't glow in the dark

When it was about time to go home, we when to a mamak near the pub to get ourselves "undrunk" or become normal again, while in that process we saw this dude whom was sitting/sleeping near our table. SO... we did what most noble sober guys armed with camera phones would have done in that given situation...

Fat man sleeping (Video By: Not me)

I know it's not a nice thing to do but I really think that if we had another jug of beer or something harder, we would have do terrible things to the sleeping dude for example, tie his shoes laces together, put straws in his ears and nose, put sambal in his drinks, the list goes on. (you don't wanna know what other terrible things me and my friends are capable of)

Saturday night was even more... I don't know how to put it in words, or maybe I just couldn't remember.
My classmates invited me to go clubbing at Rum Jungle KL, I never/don't usually go clubbing, but I don't want to let them down so I joined them.
Once we got in and had a place to sit (or stand, maybe dance), it was vodka cola non stop. Wendy, whom is very eager to see me get drunk made sure I get more vodka and less coke, I don't remember how much I drank that night but I know for sure it was enough to make me drunk. It wasn't a nice feeling I must say, I felt like I've fought with (or being punished by) The Mighty Thor.

Sunday, Timmy finished his training and there was a party in a bar in KL, since he didn't know how to get there, I followed him to show him the way there. This time I didn't get myself involved with alcohol, already drank for the past 2 days plus gotta work tomorrow. So all i did was a little dancing and chilling

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The end is the begining of the end.

Finally! Month end is closing in, this month processing is half way done. All there is to do now is to wait for the data to get processed and back to my side where I'll do the cross checks and then print the handicap cards. Pack them and ship them to the golf clubs. Apart from that, I have to pack the invoices, test out a custom build software which has some issues with the newer version of windows, prepare letters to inform the chairman that the testing on the new system has been done and ask for permission to roll it out. Oh ya! I gotta write meeting minutes, get 2 new PCs from a choice of 3 quotation. I ain't bitching about my job, leaving soon anyway, just want to get things sorted out before I leave

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Longest Post yet!

Yea, I know, I've misbehaved. I've not been writing/posting/updating my blog recently, my friends are asking why didn't I update. I have no reason to that and I admit that I have become lazy.
I deserved to be punish and my first choice of punishment is to be kidnap by a group of vixens wearing kinky tight leather outfit and allowing them to have their ways on me.
However, it's sounds more like a fantasy then punishment and it's very difficult to find enough leather outfits let alone to get a group of vixens so I took on my second choice of punishment, which happens to be to write or make this post as long as possible.
It sounds very easy doesn't it? Well I don't really know how hard it is since I only just started writing.
Lets see now... there are so many things going on since the last time I made my last post, some good, some bad but mostly really boring but some how I know that I am able to entertain some bored souls some where in the planet.
Now. I shall start by congratulating my buddy Timmy.
My brother from another mother

Timmy has graduated from his training, it's the same training I did before and I can see that it has made an impact in his life, he now has a brand spanking new way of seeing things, people and situation. However, he better remember the challenge I have for him.

While Timmy was in training, I was in the battlefield fighting the evil Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun whom decide to have a group of novice/beginner/1st timer armed with crappy ass rented paint ball guns and equipped with goggles that works like much better then a blind fold.
Honestly, I find the experience extremely disappointing, not because my light brown shirt got lots of paint nor because I got shot so many times that I might as well stand in the open. Like I say, most of us were practically wearing a blindfold while Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun armed with his own custom made to jam the trigger when firing (I'll never forget how many shots hit me in the fucking back just because that custom piece of crap decided to jam up and go full auto), carbon fiber barrel, electric powered round feeder FULLY equipped with sponsored paintball jersey, and a very stylish goggles. All design to allow paint ball pallets to bounce off if they get hit, bloody pussies!

Eugene got shot in the head, proved to us that he got a very hard head

Despite getting shot a few million times, the worst mark I got is just this unnoticeable red mark

I was having lunch at McDonald's during my lunch break a few days back, and I couldn't help but to notice this guy in red sitting outside where I was having my lunch.

God of Gambler?

He may not be the God of Gambler but while I was half way chowing down my Big Mac, he had earned roughly RM20 in just 15 minutes and all he does is repair shoes. I don't know why but one thing I respect the most about this man is that he's determine to just sit there and make a living out of repairing shoes, try asking me to sit still by the sidewalk for 5 minutes, I'll be missing in 15 seconds.

Speaking about missing, I've written my resignation letter and gave it to my "boss". It's not an easy decision to make, plus I believed that someone up there is mocking me, while I was making the decision my managers were talking about young employees leaving once they got a better offer (AKA Job Hopping) , then I got to know that someone in my workplace is gonna get a warning letter (Wasn't me), on the day I intended to hand in my resignation notice my colleague asked me how long I intended to stay with the company while we were having breakfast.
I didn't decide to leave the company because I am not happy with my work place, colleague, etc, nor did I get a better offer from another company.
Reason why I quit? Well, it's not the job I want.

Since we are talking about "Job", my aunt from Penang got to know that I told my mother that I wasn't going to consider the job offer from the Australian embassy, she gave me a call and talk to me about "If I were you ... ", "What you should do...", "If you don't do this, you'll end up like so and so."
While she's still telling me what to do, a song was playing in my mind and it was Jon Bon Jovi's It's My Life. I kept resisting singing out loud the whole time when she trying to drill my skull, trying to make get me to do what's best for myself, or something like that...

Look at the Pretty Flower

About this flower... no comment, saw it in the garden, like it, take out phone, set to camera, and snap.



Last weekend, Randy organized a gathering because some reporter dude wants to interview him on keeping tarantula, looking at the reporter face when he sees the tarantula really makes me laugh, he was kinda freaked out while the photographer he brought along was like "Wow! Neat!"*Snap Snap*
The gathering wasn't too great IMO, there were a lot of thing that made me unhappy there but the worst one is having the staff from McDonald to chase us off saying that our pets are not clean and etc. I wonder how much that fool know about tarantulas to make that statement, plus we spotted crap load of roaches running about. How clean is that?

Lastly, I got a love confession to make.....

I want to confess my love...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

And along comes a spider...

Everyone! Say hello to "fireball", she is one of the many tarantulas that can be found in my collection. Actually I don't name any of my pet tarantulas, however I'll be calling her Fireball just for fun now.
Fireball is actually a Mexican Fire Leg (brachypelma boehmei) she's about 5 inches in leg span and is about 2 years old. Fireball is a very shy and quiet girl, her favorite pass time includes hiding in the dark and pouncing on moving insects like crickets, meal worm and cockroaches.
Fireball may look very intimidating to most people, but she is just like an old angry
spinster, looks scary and the only difference is that Fireball isn't annoying or harmful.
Even thou Fireball isn't as harmful as a spinster, is it not recommended to lay your hands on her, she runs a strictly see but no touch policy. I must warn you, she bites!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cheap plastic crap

I believe most of us know seen a similar water dispenser before but how many of you ever wonder how the hell does that cheap plastic crap carry the weight of the water?

This unit here is the one that the company I work for have in the pantry, and guess what? I broke it! How? Well, it was empty and I wanted to put on a new giant bottle/keg/whatever so that everyone (including myself) could have "fresh" hot and warm water.
However, the weight of the water + me pushing the damn thing in place caused the top plastic cover to crack and the back cover to break open.

The back of the dispenser

I say: 'It's time to get a new one.'

Monday, August 6, 2007

OK GO - Do what you want

The song says it all, and that's how I operate.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Where is the flag?

No Flag No Love? (Click to enlarge)

It's August now, and this is the time where everyone will be putting up the Malaysia flag in front of their buildings, shop, etc... I can't help but to question, why are they putting up the flag? Is it because that they really love the country? or did they put it up just because the shop next door is having one? or is it because if they don't put the flag up, business will turn bad?
Is it really true that if I don't put up a flag in front of my building, that makes me a non-patriotic person?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm sorry spidey

Magic shroom!?

Ever since I started working, I didn't had anytime for anything else, not even for my pets tarantulas... and as you can see, I'm running a mushroom farm even with my lack of time.
Golfers handicap cards: For 135 golf clubs around Malaysia

I have been giving my tarantulas very little attention now, some that usually hide in their burrow and unseen for months are now out, obvious sign that I haven't been feeding them enough, my meal worm tin is drying up too, guess it's about time I go to the pet shop again before any of them die.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Simpsons: Movie

I'm supposed to be working right now but I got to clear my head as I find it hard to concentrate right now and I blame "SpiderPig"! Why SpiderPig?
I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone so to learn about the origin of SpiderPig, go watch it.

Last night, I watched The Simpsons: Movie at cineleisure. At first I felt weird to see the Simpsons and felt like there is the "it looks like 3D but it's 2D" feeling that I get from the other Matt Groening's work (Futurama). Not a bad thing in fact I felt that it makes the whole movie look much more outstanding than the series. As for the comedy in the movie, all I can say is that I started laughing even before the show begun and trust me, anyone sane or sadist alike would do the same, besides it ain't the Simpsons if we're ain't laughing.
I give the movie a rating of 15 out of 10, and I know that some people are not that good in math like myself. So to explain in lay man term, I award this movie the second greatest movie I've ever seen in my life! (I still haven't decide what movie to put at first yet.)
WooHoooooooooooo! SpiderPig ROCKS!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Negative or positive working environment

"Dennis! What are you smiling at?"

The above line is one thing the people at my workplace always ask me, and yes! Everyone thinks that I've lost my mind (That includes my mother.) just because I am always wearing a smile even if the mood of the environment turn hot (swearing and curse words makes me laugh.)

The day before there were scolding (not me), yesterday an auntie was crying and today a colleague told me "Only stupid people work here." and ran off, I don't know what was it about but WTF I say!

I am not the kind of person who likes to worry about things, if it works, Yay! it works. If it doesn't works, it's either do it again or it's time to move along, I ain't no time for bitching and whining, life is just too short for me to be worrying about things.
Bitch and whine all you want, Dennis is going one way and it's gonna be his way.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Limbless Devil

The minute I sat down on my office chair, I've been making and answering calls, sending and receiving faxes, making sure operation is going smooth.
It is as if there is something watching me, making sure that I'm too busy to do anything else. I guess it must be the devil himself, so after everyone gone back I made this limbless figure of the devil, just to remind myself that the devil is just a limbless clay figure that can be crush with my hands.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it a sin to love your country?

Clay Comic (Click on it)

I was browsing the Internet after finish calling up golf clubs around Malaysia reminding them to do their data submission and I came upon the blog of 黃明志 namewee (, in case you dont know, namewee is the person who sang Negarakuku which had became a major issue to the goverment, namewee was told to gert ready to go to jail for that... What the Fuck! So now the goverment is putting people in jail for loving the country and speaking the truth? What is wrong with speaking the truth and being honest?

What do you expect us to do, huh? Go about with our lives and pretend that we are happy all the time? In school we learn moral values like honesty, courage, unity ,love , and other values, and now someone is going to jail for having the courage to be honest, and love for the country?
Hey, I got an idea! why dont we just take off moral studies from the schools? It's a bloody waste of time and money anyway since it's not going to be practiced by 60 to 70 percent of the people anyway, we can also sack all the moral teachers so that we can channel the money to some dumb fuck project like, half a bridge to Singapore which lets you drive in to the ocean, or a smart tunnel that so smart it could divert flood water but not traffic. Oh ya, don't forget about the Malaysia version of Buzz Lightyear, we're going to space but we need a ride.

Now is it fair to let the goverment to do all the talking, while all the 'Rakyat' can do is to shut up?
Will there ever be unity in this goes on? Or have we already forgotten country's motto that is written on the crest? If that's the case let me remind everyone:
"Unity is Strength"
(Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu)

Happy Birthday Ian

Called Ian a few times this morning for gym but he ain't picking up, already known him too well that he's one of those who is always waking up late expecially on a sunday. Anyway


Friday, July 20, 2007

Have you seen these dogs?

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Have you seen these dogs?
Do contact the number above if you have any info.