Monday, August 20, 2007

The Longest Post yet!

Yea, I know, I've misbehaved. I've not been writing/posting/updating my blog recently, my friends are asking why didn't I update. I have no reason to that and I admit that I have become lazy.
I deserved to be punish and my first choice of punishment is to be kidnap by a group of vixens wearing kinky tight leather outfit and allowing them to have their ways on me.
However, it's sounds more like a fantasy then punishment and it's very difficult to find enough leather outfits let alone to get a group of vixens so I took on my second choice of punishment, which happens to be to write or make this post as long as possible.
It sounds very easy doesn't it? Well I don't really know how hard it is since I only just started writing.
Lets see now... there are so many things going on since the last time I made my last post, some good, some bad but mostly really boring but some how I know that I am able to entertain some bored souls some where in the planet.
Now. I shall start by congratulating my buddy Timmy.
My brother from another mother

Timmy has graduated from his training, it's the same training I did before and I can see that it has made an impact in his life, he now has a brand spanking new way of seeing things, people and situation. However, he better remember the challenge I have for him.

While Timmy was in training, I was in the battlefield fighting the evil Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun whom decide to have a group of novice/beginner/1st timer armed with crappy ass rented paint ball guns and equipped with goggles that works like much better then a blind fold.
Honestly, I find the experience extremely disappointing, not because my light brown shirt got lots of paint nor because I got shot so many times that I might as well stand in the open. Like I say, most of us were practically wearing a blindfold while Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun armed with his own custom made to jam the trigger when firing (I'll never forget how many shots hit me in the fucking back just because that custom piece of crap decided to jam up and go full auto), carbon fiber barrel, electric powered round feeder FULLY equipped with sponsored paintball jersey, and a very stylish goggles. All design to allow paint ball pallets to bounce off if they get hit, bloody pussies!

Eugene got shot in the head, proved to us that he got a very hard head

Despite getting shot a few million times, the worst mark I got is just this unnoticeable red mark

I was having lunch at McDonald's during my lunch break a few days back, and I couldn't help but to notice this guy in red sitting outside where I was having my lunch.

God of Gambler?

He may not be the God of Gambler but while I was half way chowing down my Big Mac, he had earned roughly RM20 in just 15 minutes and all he does is repair shoes. I don't know why but one thing I respect the most about this man is that he's determine to just sit there and make a living out of repairing shoes, try asking me to sit still by the sidewalk for 5 minutes, I'll be missing in 15 seconds.

Speaking about missing, I've written my resignation letter and gave it to my "boss". It's not an easy decision to make, plus I believed that someone up there is mocking me, while I was making the decision my managers were talking about young employees leaving once they got a better offer (AKA Job Hopping) , then I got to know that someone in my workplace is gonna get a warning letter (Wasn't me), on the day I intended to hand in my resignation notice my colleague asked me how long I intended to stay with the company while we were having breakfast.
I didn't decide to leave the company because I am not happy with my work place, colleague, etc, nor did I get a better offer from another company.
Reason why I quit? Well, it's not the job I want.

Since we are talking about "Job", my aunt from Penang got to know that I told my mother that I wasn't going to consider the job offer from the Australian embassy, she gave me a call and talk to me about "If I were you ... ", "What you should do...", "If you don't do this, you'll end up like so and so."
While she's still telling me what to do, a song was playing in my mind and it was Jon Bon Jovi's It's My Life. I kept resisting singing out loud the whole time when she trying to drill my skull, trying to make get me to do what's best for myself, or something like that...

Look at the Pretty Flower

About this flower... no comment, saw it in the garden, like it, take out phone, set to camera, and snap.



Last weekend, Randy organized a gathering because some reporter dude wants to interview him on keeping tarantula, looking at the reporter face when he sees the tarantula really makes me laugh, he was kinda freaked out while the photographer he brought along was like "Wow! Neat!"*Snap Snap*
The gathering wasn't too great IMO, there were a lot of thing that made me unhappy there but the worst one is having the staff from McDonald to chase us off saying that our pets are not clean and etc. I wonder how much that fool know about tarantulas to make that statement, plus we spotted crap load of roaches running about. How clean is that?

Lastly, I got a love confession to make.....

I want to confess my love...



Timmy said...

Thank you for the support you gave through out the years.

Anyway, you call that a punishment??? Such a short post...

You were spacing too much...

Give us more about what happen...

You didnt tell us about the girl u met at my dad's cafe...

give us more!

kekeke =P

HuonHengChai said...

Holding the space bar is a punishment.*Grin*

Which girl? Got so many there.

Timmy said...

Elaine, if you are reading this, heng is interested in you..muahhahaha!

*Grin* that's punishment for u

HuonHengChai said...

Timmy: I'll get you for that!