Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murphy's law

There are no problems, only situations
Just when I need to edit my short film, write scripts, ect my PC monitor decides to make things intresting by having dead pixels and magically turn off for no reason. When I try to turn it back on, it turn off again in 5 seconds. OH! All the fun!
This started after I return from Vietnam, at the time I was waiting to see if I get selected by the organisers of Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta to shoot a short film. They called me on the 26th of May and told me that I am selected and I have to pick up the camera on the 31st May.
Planned the shoot on the 5th of June trying to take advantage of the public holiday (King's Birthday) but was later told to pick up camera on the 7th May because they want to provide me with lighting equipment. I told them that I couldn't delay further and don't need the lighting equipment.
Anyway I'm now busy editing and writing another script, been so busy these days that I didn't even have the time to watch Iron Man 2. Sent the monitor in to Samsung service center, it wasn't comforting to see about 5 monitors show up in the center for service during my one hour wait there.
Hope that my monitor comes back from the service center soon, without any issues or I'll be practicing my rage in a certain service senter.

Have a Great Day