Monday, March 31, 2008


You Don't Want To Know What Happened!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paintball, karaoke and sushi all in one day

It seems that there are many birthday boys and girls around this week, so Happy Birthday to Irwin, Seen Yen and Mei Yoong.
We celebrated Irwin's birthday at TT sports park for paint ball, I must say it's really a fun and unique experience to celebrate a friend's birthday by playing paint ball and despite getting shot in the ass by my own teammate, thank goodness that I don't have any bad bruises like the one Timmy got, it's like he's got additional nipples now.
Timmy's hickey, given by Ping Ru's marker

After paint ball, it's Red Box at Pavilion for the 2 birthday girls (one belated and one coming soon actually).
Dragon fruit monster

Well, I don't want to describe the traumatic experience people had after they heard me trying to sing it's OK.

Had sushi and sake for dinner with the usual bunch, great company, excellent day.
A good preparation for the attack on Malacca tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Attended the Chocolate Appreciation Workshop by Amedei and as a self-proclaim chocolate lover I must admit that I had not tasted or appreciate chocolate as much as I did tonight. "Forgive me Willy Wonka for I have sinned."

The speaker for the workshop was Roberto Solanes, General Manager of Italpoint Sdn. Bhd. he's really a great speaker however I think some of the participants really cannot understand his slang and they were talking while he's presenting, it's sad because I really think it's very interesting to learn a little more about chocolates, how cocoa are grown, harvest and made in to chocolate, plus how the climate, soil and other factors of the cocoa plantation could make an impact on the taste and quality of the chocolate.

The most fun session was the chocolate tasting session, and I'm pretty damn sure that almost everyone would agree with me. We were given a few of Amedei Chocolate products to taste and feel the characteristic of each and every one of them, and my favorite that night has to be "Chuao", not only because it's such a fun word to say but it is really so good that I personally think that this has to be it! The meaning of my life, my existence on this planet wrapped inside an aluminum foil, and if I were to die at that time I'll say it's a beautiful death. In fact, Chuao has won the Gold award for the best bean to bar in the Academy of chocolate 3 times!

Yet after a whole night of fine chocolate and extremely good espresso, I still cannot forget the chocolate mousse topped with extremely rich chocolate syrup me and Aaron were drooling at at an event 2 days ago.
"Holy *^$%! That looks so sinful!" Aaron explains.
I must agree with him.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

For you... my head is singing

Soundtrack: We were soldiers
Title: For You (Johnny Cash & Dave Matthews)

I will drink the cup, the poison overflowing
I will lift you up, watch over where you're going
The first one in The last one gone
I'll be the rock to stand upon
For you
For you

My spirit aches and I can't stop this river flowing
In fear I take, each labored breath I draw in knowing
That this could be my last, my final hour
But faith and hope and love give me the power
For you
For you

"Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me"
You are with me
I'll be your salvation though the storm's surrounding
There on our own conditions, lay my body down
In the wake abandon willing sacrifice
I'll walk though the canyon, bring the shadows life
For you
For you

I will drink the cup, the poison overflowing
I will lift you up watch over where you're going
The first one in the last one gone
I'll be the rock to stand upon
The first one in the, last one gone
I'll be the rock to stand upon
For you
For you
For you

I got no idea why but this song has been on my head for quite sometime I've even shared it with a few friends and a frog told me that it's a Christian song, whatever it is I feel that this simple song is telling me something important.

Giving Vijay a tour at the zoo (LP114 WOW Day)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Climbing Bukit Tabur

Like the eagle, I want to fly

Thursday, 20th March 2008, a large group of 23 people decided to "torture" themselves by taking on Bukit Tabur, it's a first time climbing Bukit Tabur for most of the people in the group and that's including myself, so I didn't expect anything out from this trip.

The whole group arrived at the starting point and there we started our climb, we took a "Before climb" group picture first so that we can compare how miserable we look after the climb.

First leg of the journey was excellent, the walk wasn't too difficult and the weather was fantastic, no rain, and a little cloudy.
It didn't take long for us to climb high enough to see the beautiful scenery, but then we are just only at the beginning of the track and someone suggested that we turn back since we already seen "what we came to see".
Good thing is that the more adventurous people that are in the group are also quite good at persuading the others to push on and finish the track, they say not finishing the track is like sex without orgasm. (Only one way to find out)

We pushed on and continue the track, which we soon found out that it is not as easy as it is said to be, before the trip I though we are just gonna walk in the park so my choice of footwear was my yellow and black slippers, it turns out that my assumptions was all wrong, at some parts of the track we had to climb up or down vertical walls, now this is a bit of a problem not because I had to climb with slippers which I rather go barefooted, but most of the the people in the group are beginners, they don't go trekking for hours as often as the more experienced people in the group, getting them to climb down a rope is not easy especially when a slip of a hand means possible fatal injury, even if there is a guide telling them what to do he won't be able to do much but only to boost the confidence of the climber.

It takes quite some time for the whole group to climb up the walls (there were many), which isn't much of an issue since it's a holiday and time is what we have at hand, however the concern is making sure everyone is able to make it pass the walls safely, plus I don't want to be the cause of any of my friend's death. (This one is to all smokers)

Overall it's was still a great experience for me, we were quite a crazy bunch singing and shouting along the way which made this the most musical jungle trek I've ever done.

I just hope that the group could understand that the disciplines of jungle trekking is not only confined to develop mental and physical endurance, improve self confidence and building character, it is also to develop leadership, teamwork, compassion and care, and most importantly is the determination to succeed as a group.

Have a Good Good Friday and Happy Easter

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pig Hunting @ Kek Lok Si Temple

Mom wanted to visit Kek Lok Si Temple before returning to KL, so we drove to the foot of the hill and walk our way up to the temple. Passing trough stalls selling all kind of things
During the Chinese New Year, mom suggested that we all should buy decoration of our own zodiac animal sign and so it became my mission to look for the fattest pig decoration in Kek Lok Si.
Here are some of the pigs I found:

Didn't but : Too common, many people have this

Didn't buy: For obvious reason

Didn't buy: Mom said the guni sack is not a good sign

Didn't buy: I don't like the design

Didn't buy: Looks more like a toy

Couldn't buy: It's not for sale and it weights a ton, took a picture with it instead

In the end, I picked up this golden pig (Picture Below) while on the way back to the car, too lazy to walk around looking for another pig so settle for anything, it's just gonna sit around at home and do nothing anyway.

Sister said something negative about pigs.
"But they make people around them happy." I said
"People eat pigs." she replied
"That's why the people are happy." I answered

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My SUPER Grandma!

This is my grandma, she just turned 85 yesterday, strong, loving and happy as usual.
Grandma has been trough a lot, her stories and experiences in life are some of the things I like to listen.
When we arrived at her house in Penang, she said to us.
"If any of you see a cobra, please do not harm or capture it."

My mom look very worried over that and we learned later that the cobra has been into her house quite a number of times and my grandma will just let it come and go as it pleased.

There are a lot of things that I've learned from grandma, but the 2 things that I want to learn from grandma is to be able to speak in Hokkien and Japanese. YES! Grandma speaks fluent Japanese, which I always tell all the anime loving Jap-wannabe who try to talk to me in Japanese
"My grandma speaks better Japanese then you!"

Anyway, Happy 85th Birthday Grandma! You are truly an inspiration and most importantly you're my SUPER grandma!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Heading down to Penang in a few hours time to celebrate grandma's birthday, anyway...

May the luck of the Irish be yours today, cause everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wedding and Voting

Here's a work by Michael Leunig that I was talking about a few post before.


Congratulations and Happy Marriage to Jason and Chloe.

P.S.: Still got enough time for a baby rat

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Naked Voter

Drove to 3 schools with my mom just to find the polling station this morning, got to love the dumb arse developer who name the place. IF ANY OF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE STOP NAMING ANY MORE OF YOUR PROJECT WITH "DAMANSARA" ALREADY, EVEN MY MOM IS BETTER AT NAMING THINGS!!!
While driving mom keeps talking about the political "talk" she attended last night.
"Make sure you vote for [CENSORED]."
"Mom, I'm old enough to make my choice, that is why they allow me to vote."
Too bad for me, she continues with her political speech.

Walking in the school I see a sign that reads, "Kita datang dengan harapan" which means "We come with hope", I guess the sign is right about that I'm sure am hoping Malaysia will become a better place, hope that crimes and corruptions will be taken seriously, hope that everyone is treated with equality no matter what race, hope that Malaysia can still be home so that my friends wouldn't fly away to another country and never come back again.

Where is everybody? Is this the polling station? How come no one around to vote? It seems like my mom and I along with a few few people are around to vote, that's like less then 10 of us in there.
"I wanted to register but then I'm too busy, where got time?" [Enter any name]
"Me too! But then it took me only 5 minutes to register at the post office, what's your excuse?"
"Post office where got so fast one?"
"Quit lying to me and just say that you are lazy."
hmm... I guess that's why not much people are around to vote now, perhaps people don't like to wake up early.

Cast my vote, find my mom and walk out of the school, along the way I saw the sign again, the back of it reads "Kita pulang dengan kerjayaan" (We return with glory). Well, at least I did my part, I hope you did too.

Have a GREAT weekend

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Heng's guide: How to hunt wooly mammoths

Watched 10.000 BC 2 days ago, all thanks to Eu Jin (the terrorist banker) for the premiere tickets, never underestimate the power of a suicide bomber. I KEEEEL YOU!!!!
Now the whole movie goes like this... A group of Americans researchers are wondering how woolly mammoth meat would taste like if they BBQ it with their special BBQ sauce. so they travel back to 10,000 BC to hunt for mammoths, and if you read on believing everything I just said then you must transfer all your money to my bank account.
Overall I like the movie not because of it's ass kicking CG effects, or the brutality of man killing man (what most guys like) but the story of one man going against an entire empire to save the future of his people and other "nations" is something that inspires. Besides that I love the way they show how one man would travel "to the end of the earth", fight an entire army of a huge nation, and even challenge supreme power to save the woman he loves, it's amazing to see the things people would do in the name of love. I wonder if it's still a trend to do that, never heard of a real life version one before, must everything that good be on TV only?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Random post before I make something to eat.
If you happen to be reading this, have a GREAT DAY!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friendship and wine

Ian says:
we're like wine.....goes by age

17 years, that's how long Ian and I have been friends, since primary school days we would go to each other's house to hang out, play yo yo, ride bicycle all over the place, talk how one day we'll conquer the world, earn million/billions while we are still afraid to approach the girl we like. (Sadly)
Actually Ian is leaving for Johor this morning, after that he'll be in Singapore and later he'll be in New Zealand for 6 months or maybe more.
I wish you all the best dude, wish all your dreams come true (Especially the blond chick for a gf)