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Monday, November 2, 2009

A note to remember

James Khor Wan Kai is a 20 year old student from Penang, who wants to be someone extraordinary in the near future.
On the 1st of November James and 4 of his friends traveled to Batu Berangkai Waterfall for to enjoy the great outdoors.
Unfortunately, James life was cut short as he and 2 of his friends, Yew Shy Gin and Yew Ghim Chnieh, drown after they were swept away by strong current at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall located at Kampar. Their bodies were found one kilometer away from the spot where they were swimming and enjoying the waterfall. The only surviving person from the group was lucky that a villager manage to pull him out of the water, he suffered cuts, bruises and most likely is now still in disbelieve that he had lost his friends.

This is the kinda of thing I'm sure most people want to avoid for any outdoor activities, when hiking make sure that the group move in one group so that everyone can look out for each other. Make sure that there are a few people who are experienced for the event, having someone with knowledge of first aid is important too.

wanted to travel all travel point in Malaysia before i finish my bachelor degree program..
but always feel not motivated and didn't move my ass on it..
something happened make me decided to move now..
life is short..
life is unpredictable..
we just dunno what will happen next and what will things become next..

James Khor's blog entry on the 13th of October 2009

R.I.P to the victims of the November 1st 2009 Batu Berangkai Waterfall Incident

And to the rest
Enjoy mother nature, but don't be reckless and always watch out for each other.

Have A Great Day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Forgive

With this video I beg for forgiveness from my friends and family who used to read my blog. forgive me for I've forsaken this blog. :P

More importantly, do learn to forgive simply because a relationship/friendship is worth more than an apology.

Have A Great Weekend

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lepok Fall

It's been a while since my group of friends make our last waterfall trip, everyone's been busy with all sort of things. So a few of us decided to make a trip to one in Hulu Langat, to a waterfall call Lepok falls.
Lepok Falls is located near Kampung Pangsun, or rather very near Gunung Nuang's entry point. this waterfall is frequently visited, it may be because of it's easy accessibility, an hour hike was all thet require if you know the way.
There was 6 of us in this trip and of the 6 only Aurelius had been to the waterfall, still I was appointed to lead the group.

Opening a Durian

The trail can be quite confusing if you are not careful exspecially at the part where a uphill climb is require. There are plenty of side tracks here and there which the durian collectors used, make sure you come across a abandon pipeline at about 30 minutes of the trail.

Lepok Falls

Lepok Fall is a nice place to hang out, the water is clear and clean. However traces of human destruction can be found at the waterfall surroundings.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Survived!!!

My weekend preparations started a week ago, it was phone calls after phone calls in getting things ready, in between that I keep getting annoying ones which keeps coming and asking me irrelevant questions or giving me weird suggestions. It's a waste of time some of these phone calls, a little less talk and more action is what I need.
Woke up early and arrive at Mid Valley at 9AM to setup the MTS booth, I didn't want anything fancy for it because there is no budget in the society and so far I am the one who's paying the price. Plus it's much easier to manage if things are kept simple.

Ron and Ryo arrived at the booth just as I was done planning the booth setup, the booth actually comes with a table, 2 chairs and a waste basket. There is nothing to really secure our precious tarantulas from getting stolen so I forked out some cash from my own pocket to rent a lockable cabinet which I knew was not worth the money but it was much convenient for me to just rent it even with the ridiculous price I paid.

The exhibition was really quiet on the 1st day, even before I can manage myself for lunch, the mind keeps wandering off thinking about work and the "Let's go mamak" concert I'm attending that night.
I left the booth early, leaving Ryo in charge of the booth while I'm away. Gave him some instructions and ground rules of my own which includes "Strictly No Handling of any Tarantula" This is the first time that the Malaysian Tarantula Society is in a event of this size, I cannot afford a screw up by some mindless eager keeper, thinking of the scenarios it is hard to imagine how to settle if someone gets bitten by one of the tarantula. Not only that I have to explain to the organisers which is a small issue. But if the victim is a visitor, he or she will have even bigger fear of tarantulas and MTS would become infamous for sure.
I left Mid valley to attend to some work, sending a copy of the company's latest work to FINAS for a Film Award and attended "Lets go mamak" with Audrey and her friends.

Saturday: Shoot Day For SSDD
Kin Yew's short film which he had ask for my assistance, it's not easy to work on one of the scene which involves a lot of people, it's like an ant controlling a mob. The worst thing is working with the people who don't believe in the project actually frustrates me. It was so bad that it became a pain which I just wanted to just do it quick and get it over it.
Yet there are some good out of it, most of us there learn something and gain some experience in making a film and I got myself a new motto.

Sunday: Spent the whole day at Mid Valley Exhibition Center for the tarantulas, nothing interesting there but it was all right.

Have A Great Day

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Maniac's Weekend

For 2 weeks I've been cracking my head in planning my 1st weekend for the month of July. The list of thing I have this weekend was:

  1. Malaysian Tarantula Society booth at Pets World Exhibition Mid Valley Exhibition Center (3rd, 4th, 5th July)
  2. Lets Go MAMAK Concert (Friday Night)
  3. Art Direct and Shooting the making of Linus' New Short Film (Saturday or Sunday)
  4. Assist Kin Yew in his short film titled "Same Shit Different Day" (Saturday or Sunday)

Before I talk more about this seemingly impossible weekend, I'm gonna talk about my previous week highlights.

Had some issues and wasn't quite happy about certain things in my life, at the same time Audrey had to attend a seminar in Penang so took the chance to retreat and re-think.

As soon as I return, I was told to assist Aaron in a short film called "Life" directed by Parkash. Aaron, as Linus describes, is very serious about his work and have very high expectations from his crew, so due to my limited experience on set getting the chance of working with Aaron was unlikely for me. The opportunity came at a very unlikely time, still a little unsure at first but it make more sense to give it a try and do whatever I can.

Now, how do I split myself and be in 4 locations at once? The Concert is not an issue since it's only held at night I can just pardon myself and leave the exhibition slightly early. Shooting the short film will take a day each, fortunately one of it is postponed to next week so that things can be better organised. For the exhibition, I got enough people to manage the booth for the 3 days, but it is crucial that I be in on the 1st and the last day, the days that I have to setup and pack up. All this can be done.

Have A Great Day

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delayed May Updates

10th May: Did a recce trip to Kendondong Falls with Aurelius, Seng Keong and Chris.

17th May: Guide a bunch of friends to Kendondong Falls myself, crash car on the way back, got conned feel like crap after that.

24th May: Paint Ball with friends and strangers at Mud Trekkers, had fun but still feeling shitty about the crash.

30th May: Did the Skytrex Extreme Challenge at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam, it's extremely challenging and tiring for me since I do have a fear of heights but it was fun.
Someone forgotten their locker key so I cycled from entrance to the SkyTrex place and back. Shot some arrows with Chris for practice and act for the Interns short film with Audrey on the same day.
The shoot planning was horrible and the wait was painful, did't get a scene even after 3 hours after the starting time, shoot continue on the next night with some improvement.

Have A Great Day

Monday, May 4, 2009

Conquering Strata Falls: Part 2

Aurelius called me up on Saturday, telling me about his plans to explore Strata falls area on the following day, he asked if I was interested to join him and Chris for this trip. He is limiting the number this time to 4 heads so that the group could explore the whole trail efficiently. At that time I couldn't find any reason not to go, so I agreed to come along.
We left for Tanjung Malim town at 6.30am to have our breakfast and stock up on food supplies, we had the best fried chicken of our lives and packed half a roast duck up for lunch at the waterfall later.

Do you see a trail?

It's 9.10am, we were at the starting point hiking and chatting to a local there. Chris kept asking about the wildlife that can be found there for some reason while Aurelius asked about the trail to Strata Falls. As usual the native gave us a very vague answer "Terus jalan saja", that means we are better off finding the way on our own.
Eventually we found ourselves on the path heading towards Strata Falls, I cannot be sure if this is the right path or is it the wrong path but the GPS indicates that we were getting closer and closer to our objective.
It didn't take us long to realized that we got to clear the trail to move on, the trail was so overgrown that my machete was out of it's sheath most of the time. at one point we stopped and check the maps and our coordinates and realized that we are actually using an old trail that leads all the way to the top of Strata falls. To me it was fine, we could always find our way down from the top.

A small waterfall at a tributary

Cleaning up on the top of Strata Falls

at 11.50am we finally arrived at the end of the trail, where we found ourselves standing gloriously on the top of Strata Falls, we took a break to check our body for leeches, at that point I already had a few coming that got really close to "Private John". A quick check, some rest and a dozen of photographs later, we moved on to our next destination - the bottom pool.

Strata Falls

It was a long way down from the top, and there isn't any proper trail that leads down. At some point it was really dangerous, the cliff that we were walking on was like maybe 4 or 5 stories high, one slip could send a person down and most likely to end one's life. We had to make our own trail and sometimes follow the wild boars' path. It wasn't easy but I was confident with my partners and myself, still it was important to keep checking on each other as this is a way to boost morale and provide the necessary support to each other.
By 1pm, we arrived at the bottom of the falls, feeling the gusting wind produced by the falling water, awe at the beautiful and majestic Strata Falls.
To attempt this waterfall 3 times failing on the first 2 attempts and finally getting here, It was all worth it.

Last picture as we head back using the new trail

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Conquering Strata Falls: Part 1

On 17th May 2008, a group consists of Seng Keong, Aurelius, Josen, Henry, Eu Jin, Linus and I made an attempt on Strata Falls. It is an elusive waterfall that is located near Tanjung Malim, and if you read my post a year ago you will know that I did not make it up to the falls and I had an accident which caused me to faint, reason why I didn't continue on to the falls while most of the group was because a friend of mine was too tired to move on, I didn't want to leave him there on his own. If you've actually experienced being left alone in the wild before you'll understand what I mean, that feeling of being left absolutely sucks.

We left from our meeting point at almost 7am, and had our breakfast at Tanjung Malim, not far away from our starting point. We arrive at our starting point at 9am, took us a while to prepare and start trekking. Aurelius was our Navigator this trip, he already put on the effort to understand the map and hook up the coordinates on his GPS for this trip. Aurelius had me in as Group Lead and Scout, giving me the duty of finding possible trail when none can be found and to make sure the group is motivated and sticks together. Ah Ping was our Trail Sweeper who makes sure no one is left behind and Aaron was our group photographer, one who is responsible for snapping the nice pictures.

We hiked on in the oil palm estate, till we reach the open field where we made on crucial mistake, we took the wrong trail that leads us to a river where we started water trekking too soon. We spent 1 and a half hours trekking in the water, sometimes got out to dry land seeking for possible trail; we were indeed getting nearer to Strata Falls however our progress was very slow.

Aurelius and I think that it’ll be wise to head back as it will be too late and too risky to continue on to the falls, so we decided to stop where we were and enjoy the water right there. It wasn’t a tough choice to make at that point; we had too many people at the time and bringing everyone up will consume time and energy, even if we could make it up there I’m sure it’ll be really late when we get back, it was not worth risking it since most of us do not carry a flash light.

As we head back, the voice in my head keeps on nagging to me, telling me that I had to come back again and finish this off once and for all.

Have A Great Day,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morning Blood Bath

"Dennis! Wake up quick! " my mom yelled while banging at my door and it sounds urgent.
I got out of bed pushing my blanket and pillows to the floor and dash out wondering what's the emergency.
I got downstairs to the garden and found my dogs Eddie and Sandy covered in blood and stuck on to each other, somehow Sandy got her hind leg caught in Eddie's choke chain, Sandy gets panic easily, while I was there she kept on struggling and attacking Eddie and anyone that comes close. At that moment Eddie was struggling to breath and was defending himself from the attacks from Sandy. Eddie was calm the whole time except when Sandy decided to go crazy, knowing that it is clear to me that I had to pin Sandy down in order to get them loose and the only way to do this was to press her head down with my leg so that I could work on the chain with my hands.
It was a very difficult thing to do, they are both wet because my mom thinks that if she spray enough water at the dogs they will eventually be free, I guess she had no idea how Sandy actually reacts to water, giving her a bath is like a wrestling death match.
When I managed to keep the situation under control, mom ran in to fetch something to cut the chain. First she bring a small wire cutter, it was useless because it is made to cut wires. Then she bring a metal sheet cutter which is reasonable in size but equally useless in when it comes to cutting chain. Again Sandy struggled and managed to get herself free from me, right away she attack Eddie and got him hard on his tail. I thought that I could pry her mouth open with my hands but as I was trying to do that she bite down even harder and got one of my finger trapped in her jaws I watch as she put a puncture wound on my fingers, when I manage to free myself I ran in to the house to get a Lineman's pliers and a slip joint pliers. I needed these 2 because the Lineman could actually do the cutting and I could use both to bend the steel ring. At last I got them both loose, Sandy ran right straight under the car with a limping while Eddie being himself was running around the garden playing on the grass... both seems to be doing OK.
Mom convinced me and bring me to the clinic to get a doctor to have a look at my injuries, for me it's just something minor, no need for a doctor but I just do as she says or else there will be no end to it.

Have a Great Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hatched Tarantula and a Cheesy Watermark

About a month ago I noticed one of my Indian ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria regalis) was behaving quite unusual, it's been webbing up it's enclosure a lot, but on 15Th march 2009 the mystery is clear as I caught it making an egg sac.
I was trilled but was still skeptical about the success rate of this one since the female actually molted after I mated it a few months back. Yet today I came home with a surprise waiting right in my bedroom.

Just like every other night for the pass few weeks, I did my routine check on the egg sac however I was expecting this one to either fail or get eaten and this is based on my experience. One thing that I should keep in mind is that we, human beings still have not fully understand spiders or how nature works. I manage to find spider lings actively crawling around the egg sac, they were fat and quite large in size, first instar at 1.5 to 2cm.

There were few babies to deal with, at about 50 of them it only took me less then an hour to separate and rehouse them all, don't need a maternity/paternity at this crucial time at work which will be something I'll be happy about very soon.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally had the chance to go watch Yasmin Ahmad's Talentime on Wednesday, had to go all the way to KLCC for the show since there isn't much showtime left for this one, yet it's all worth it.
While most film company or directors are making Chinese Films or Malay Films or Indian Films , Yasmin seems to be one of the very few Malaysian Filmmaker to be making Malaysian Films, the saddest part is that her work is recognized and awarded in many other countries except Malaysia, I can't help but to wonder why...
Talentime tells the life stories of a group of inter-school talentime participants, like most of Yasmin's work there are plenty of emotional to be found in this film. The songs featured in the movie are really good to a point that it got stuck in my head, so good that I even bought the Original Sound Track yesterday.
Do watch this, put this on your "things-to-do-before-I-die" list if you have to.

Have A Great Day

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Trail Trackers' Guide to Penang

Cruising on the highway at sure-kena-saman speed, Eddie leads the pack of 9 (or was it 13) of us to the glorious land of Penang Island. With his not-so-trusty GPS and con job speed trap detection device we drove ahead, stopping by Ipoh for some dim sum breakfast at Restaurant Foh San and as usual we gotta wait/compete with other hungry people for a place to seat. For me it's just another place to fill my stomach, been there so many times that the romance of it is gone.

Siew Mai with expiry date

After our dim sum and coffee stop in Ipoh, we continue on north-bound towards Penang, we stopped at a few rest stops to regroup, the others couldn't really cope with Eddie's superb driving skills, one of the cars even overheated and had to be sent to the mechanic in Penang.

So hard to choose

On the Penang Bridge, we were discussing which hotel should we check into, Peking Hotel and Malaysia Hotel were among the suggested place to stay. Both are at about the same rate and they are both on the same street facing each other. It is when we arrived at the street to have a look at the hotel that we knew which one would be a better choice. A 4 stories hotel that look run down on the outside cannot be a better compared to the 10 stories Malaysia Hotel.

Almost RM7 Char Kway Teow

Once we checked in the hotel and refresh ourselves, we continued on foot to Lorong Selamat for some famous Char Kway Teow, I didn't really get to have a taste to tell how good or bad was it but I get so see some drama between Eddie and the Kway Teow seller. seems like there was a fuss about a few of us changing table after making our order which confused the sellers. Eddie is usually calm didn't look too happy about being scolded for switching tables made the decision to cancel the order and go else where, so our next destination was to Lorong Baru for some pig intestine porridge and other stuff like that, the ideal time to be there is about 7 which is dinner time however we were there kinda early to try anything that's really good other then the porriage.

After our eating spree at Lorong Baru, we move on like invading vikings to Lebuh Keng Kwee for cendol. No Penang trip is complete without cendol on Lebuh Keng Kwee, there is no way to describe how good it is, you can only try to know.
No matter what, this chendol is a must for anyone who's visiting Penang.

Eddie agrees

After cendol we made our move back to the hotel to take a break from all that eating, took shower and play cards, we waited for Eddie's friend to take us to dinner at Balik Pulau's Bukit Genting Hill. The restaurant is actually located on top of the hill and it is a great spot to watch the sun set while having dinner, the food there it just average but it is possible that I was too full from the eating spree... nah!
The place has a stunning view and a cooling atmosphere that's for sure, so it's still good and worth it in my book.

Sunset at Bukit Genting Hill

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chilling at Chilling Falls

Picture Intentionally stolen from

A few of my friends asked me why I don't ask them out for one of my many outdoor "mis-"adventures, so I decided to put up an easy trip for them to give them a taste of what it's like to be out in the wild.
My invitation spread like wild fire and within 2 days I already have more then 20 people confirmed for the activities with an additional 8 person making it a total of 26 person for me to take care of. My days before the trip was flooded with doubts, I wasn't too sure if I could manage that many people and remain calm, the feedback I got from the previous trips got me branded with the nickname "Commando" mainly due to my constant need to yell out at people to keep the group together. It is a Good thing that the "doctor" gave me order not to shout during the trip.

I woke up at 4.30AM and quickly got ready to meet up with the rest at Devi's corner for breakfast, from there we were supposed to leave at 6am but a few people were a bit late, lucky for them that I too had to delay to get the passenger arrangements done.

Soon we were on our way via the NKVE heading towards Rawang, where we'll be exiting to take the old road to get to Kuala Kubu Bharu. The convoy of 6 cars got me quite worried at first, I got my passengers to help me keep an eye out for the other cars so that I can focus on driving with the aid of the GPS. It was a pleasant drive to be passing the Selangor Dam driving on the wide empty road and having the sun rise to greet us with it's warming embrace.

Soon we arrived at the landmark dumpster car park and gate to the fish sanctuary, this is the point were we parked our cars and get in to our gears for the trek. A short 15 minutes walk from the car we arrive at the fishery department building to register ourselves.
I still remember what the place was like about 15 years ago, there was no sign of humanity there back then, it's just one big open area for campers and nature lovers, there was no huts or bridge, the toilet is a hole dug in tall grass. This is the place where I first camp when I was young, the place I first look up the night sky and realized that there are much more stars here compared to the city's night sky.

I got Linus to play a couple of ice breaker games with the group as most of them do not know each other, which did it's job of getting everyone accustom with one another. Soon after we are on our way heading to the falls, I had the novices up in front, smokers and low stamina people in the center and the more experienced at the back, I was to lead the group with the aid of Aaron as sweeper and Linus as photographer and marshal.

So we hiked, passing through a path between the bushes in to the jungle. I've been here many times before however being overconfident had me leading the group to the wrong path, for some reason we are now on a path I don't know of, a path far from the river. Not wanting to waste the group's energy I got them to take a break while I scout for a route back to the river, good thing that we have the GPS handy to let us know how far are we from the actual trail, thanks to that we got back to the river rather quickly.

At one of the river crossing I notice another group catching up behind ours, seems to me that we now have a race to reach the falls first. The first one there will have the honor of having the best spot which is on top of the giant boulder by the waterfall.

Due to certain event I've lost the mood to continue writing, so this post will have to end here.

Have A Great Day

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Death, Birth and Anything in Between


Woke up to a knock on my door at 7AM on a Saturday, it's today that I've been worried about for a week.
"Dennis! Wake up!"
It's mom with her high pitched voice, asking me and my sister to wake up for Ching Ming (Spring Remembrance), it's the day where the Chinese go visit the graves of their late relatives. For my case, it's time to visit dad's grave.
This is the 10th time I visit my father's grave since his sudden death in 1998, but I think we had it easy this year.
Previous years, my family had to wake up at 5am for Ching Ming, we usually go visit my late grandfather's grave first before going visit my father's. However, this year we had it easy since grandpa has gone back to Penang last year.
It is also the first time in more then 20 years that I didn't light a joss stick for grandpa during Ching Ming.

"What a pity."
I recalled my dad saying during a visit to my grandpa's grave, he was looking at the very old grave that's covered with growth and vegetation right next to grandpa's.
"It's been years since the last time anyone came visit this grave, I guess the family don't remember him anymore."
Dad, always the caring person that he is, clear up the stranger's grave a little, light a joss stick and gave some offerings to the departed stranger.
According to my grandmother my father never failed to go visit my grandpa's grave while he's alive, I intend to do the same.

Having my day started walking among the dead, I return back home for a quick rest and prepare myself for a celebration of a friend's birth. As a matter of fact, I have 4 friends who are having their birthday today, managed to celebrate 3 of their birthday over lunch and dinner. Missed out one, since the birthday girl made a decision to be somewhere else instead.
The one friend who we celebrated her birthday over lunch was done rather quick and easy. We just had lunch over at a shopping mall near by have the usual chit-chat, laughs and cam whore session.


The dinner plan for the other 2 friends however was a brilliant one but turned out to be a disappointment. The plan is to head up to Ampang's Lookout Point for dinner and since the supposed Earth Hour is around that time we will get a good view of the city turning the lights off. Before we even arrive I was having second thought about this whole plan when we saw the number of traffic in the area is. Along the stretch of road we have cars parked on the emergency lane and it's like maybe 700m long.
Reservations were made weeks ago, we already have a spot (at least we think) so we parked the car at the side of the road about 300m away and started walking to the restaurant.
A few of my friends were there already and they have waited for a place for 30 minutes. What happen to our reservations? It's a mystery, UFO came and aliens erased it from the restaurant database was my bet however it's was a management problem that was the cause. I was already tired since lunch, my patience was already at it's limit.
30 minutes later a waiter approached me, offered to take the cake which I was carrying to put in to the fridge. Poor fella approached me at the wrong time, wasn't not too happy with the management at that time and wasn't keen in waiting so long for food, plus I was bored so I decided to pretend that I was pissed for having to wait for a table even after reservations.
"Where's the Hell is my table?! I've been standing here with this cake for an hour now and I have a reservation yet I must wait for an hour to be seated?!" I shouted
I guess being an observer in an acting class does help, all those hours watching people doing what some people consider as nonsense does pay off.
The waiter's expression changed from cheerful to the not-too-happy look, he nodded, said sorry and walk off to the manager, who promised me a table in 10 to 15 minutes.
I wasn't keen to have dinner there after the little stunt I pulled off with the waiter, it's a rule not to mess with the people who serves you food, you have no idea what extra ingredient they have for you. Managed to convince my friends to go somewhere else for dinner, rather be somewhere else then to be stuck in Ah Beng and la-la land with people who pronounce Gasoline as "Gas-online".


"Give me an espresso, and a Tom Yum Noodle."
We are now at Yuan restaurant in Desa Pandan, or was it Pandan Desa. I couldn't remember, but I do remember working there for a couple of months and I quite like the restaurant which is just downstairs from my used-to-be office.
"Tom Yum and espresso? It's that a little too shocking?"
Mei Yoong asked, curious about my weird selection of food. I told her that I needed the shock to wake myself up, was really tired but my day isn't gonna end like this, I got another group of friends to meet up with after all.


"Wolves, wake up." Aurelius said while moderating a game of Werewolf at Linus place.
"Wolves, who do you want to kill?"
With my eyes closed, I tried to listen out for any possible clues like sound of minor body movement, and such.
Werewolf is a party game that my group is now kinda hooked on to. It's a game that involves 2 parties mainly citizens and a pair of wolfs. The goal of the citizen is to kill off the wolfs before they all get killed by the wolf, the wolves can mess around with lies and deception, either to defend themselves or simply use the citizens to kill off each other.
There are other characters in the game like the seer, who can reveal other people's card, witch that can heal and kill once, and cupid, who select 2 persons to become lovers, that have to protect each other for if one dies, the other one dies too.
This game becomes hard to play when you play it with people who knows you really well.
"Wolves, make up your mind... Wolf please make up your mind... " the moderator said.
That's enough for me to suspect one of the wolves.

Have a Great Day

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Endau Rompin Day Four: Going Home

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It's freezing, for some reason the chalet is actually colder then the camp site. I'm guessing that it is because in the chalet we have a fan spinning above our heads. I woke up at 7am because of the chill, I reach for my jacket and decided to go out for a walk, get myself some fresh air. It was a peaceful affair until Timmy and I decided to wake up out friends by throwing stuffs like fallen fruit like things and branches on to the chalet's metal roof which cause a couple of loud noisy sound especially for the occupants. Childish I know, but at least it satisfy the inner child within my soul.

<span class=

I couldn't remember what we had for breakfast, but I do remember that we are to gather at 9.45AM at the meeting point and I was rushing myself to pack quickly so that I won't be late this time.
While I was still packing, Aaron came by to our chalet looking for his brother.
"Have you guys seen Linus? He's having my slippers".
I did see him when I was heading back to the chalet after my morning walk, he told me that he is going for a walk too and he hasn't been sighted since.
"Not Good..." I said, we have no idea where he gone to or what happen to him.
He could fall off a cliff or in to the river and got washed away or maybe got attacked by a tiger or mobbed by a herd of zombie wild boars or even got lucky with the Bigfoot that was sighted in this reserve 3 years ago. Soon we realized that all our theories are merely replays of scenes we seen in movies. Aaron was reunited with his slippers and Linus who is about to suffer the wrath of Aurelius is now rushing to get his stuff and prepare to head home.

<span class=

We hiked with our packs, this time it is lighter as we did finish up rid of the food, and dried up some of the stuffs yesterday, I guess we all did get enough rest yesterday too making this hike easy as pie.
The boat wasn't there when we arrived at the "boat docking point", the sandy bank was missing hidden under the raised river water, the water too has changed in color, it's not as clear as it is now. We stood there for about 5 minutes until the boat came so that we could load up and get back.

<span class=

The boat ride is comfortable for me, that because I don't suffer from motion sickness and I allowed my mind to clear so that I could enjoy the view.
At the jetty we unload the boat and was actually figuring out how to get off the jetty.
The jetty is a floating platform which rise and drop depending on the water level. It is anchored to the river bank using a rope. Uncertain of the depth of the water we didn't dare risk jumping across with our packs, so we pull the rope to get closer to the bank instead.

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Once we all gathered up and got our packs in the jeep. We took a 5 minutes walk to Kampung Peta, some of us (including myself) took the easy way by holding on to the side of the jeep.

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At Kampung Peta, we were given a demonstration on how the aborigines make use of traps to catch animals for food. We were also given the chance to shoot using a blow pipe, our target was a balloon about 10 meters away and it turns out that non of us in the group could hit a target with a blow pipe, the balloon survived to see another day.

The Jeep ride back seems to take longer this time, 2 hours maybe more. Not very comfortable if you sit at the back seat I tell you, it's the bumpiest part of the 4WD. Maybe it's just me feeling a little unwilling to go home but whatever it is, I know that I have a better understanding and a better relationship about the people who shared their time for this trip.

Have a Great Day