Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love Got a Bad Name

"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death." – Oscar Wilde

Another friend just broke up with his girlfriend... I've been having friends having break up or having relationship problems for the pass few weeks, but what's bad is how some people give bad love advice and make it all unromantic and cheap.
One day at the mamak, a whole group of friends including myself were giving our ears to a friend who recently break up, we tried to comfort him and give him advice.
One of my friends said confidently.
"No need to worry, if you can earn lots of money girls will sure come to you one. They will Line up even!"

Well, I am sure many of us had heard of this remark before, I personally heard it from my parents and my relatives back when I am much younger, but it is only until recently I think about it.
I must say that I really dislike this remark, I mean must money be an item that people use in order to gain love? The statement also makes is sound as if girls are cheap and they are only after the guy's money.

Think about it seriously, if that is really the case then what's the difference between this and paying for love from a number found at a broken phone booth? I really think that our society had screw itself over because of this line, when the words like love and relationship comes in to play money will automatically becomes a concern and that's pretty F***ed up if you ask me.

Another friend of mine just had his 6 years strong relationship ended unwillingly just because some Medium predicts that they will not be happy in future if they continue to be together, things became bad to worst when the parents made sure that the relationship doesn't go on.
It is such a sad thing to hear because I really do see the passion and sincerity of their relationship and I believe if there is really a God, he wouldn't be so cruel as to separate the 2 of them.
As a believer of God, I really don't know what to say to comfort my friend. I can't tell him to screw God and not to believe or just tell him that the words are true and he have to listen to each and every word of God too.
If I was in the same situation, I would had already gone crazy.

Have a Great Day

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Tale of Eddie Dilbo

Eddie Dilbo is a male 16 months old Beagle I recently adopted, lost and found.
His previous owner put him up for adoption because her children were too young and Eddie could get too excited and hurt the children by jumping on them. Eddie was actually bought from a breeder who tried to use him for breeding purposes but given up. Was kept by the owner for a month until I came along and ... (you know the story).

I received a called last week, the caller told me that Eddie is alright and is being kept by her friend, apprently Eddie was at ther place at the day he gone missing and the next day the friend brought Eddie back to her home at Bangsar where he's well taken care of.

Eddie is still quite a menace, he bites and eats just about anything, he even pulled down a metal bar from the sliding door grill at the office and destroyed the art area. I'm still training it so hopefully I will be able to bring him for a trekking trip sometime in September or October.

Eddie taking a nap while I work

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gunung Senyum: Caving with a Smile

Tried something different over the weekends, instead of the usual waterfall trips my group and I always do, we spent the weekend caving at Gunung Senyum, this trip was planned by Chelsina and co organized by Aurelius, before I move on writing more about the trip, let's go back for a little history.

Between the 15th and 16th century, The Sultan of Pahang was taking a break from visiting his people with his Parliament members at present day Taman Negara. While resting, the Sultan was attracted by a beautiful mountain in a distance; awe by its beauty the Sultan asked his Parliament members."What is the name of that mountain over there?" No one could answer his question so all they did was smile at each other and think of an answer. Amused by his Parliament member's reaction, the Sultan said to them."Tell you what. I shall call this Gunung Senyum (Mount. Smile)."

Gunung Senyum is located within the vicinities of Jenka Forest Reserves at the southwest of Jenka,it's a good 2 hours drive from PJ/KL, as usual we (KL group) meet up at 6.30am and had our breakfast at Devi's corner (TTDI), we then head down to Chenor Toll to group up with the rest of the group which consist of members mainly from Kuantan region.After meeting up with them and begging them to forgive Aurelius for being late, we then head down to Gunung Senyum.

Henry eyes are closing

Long long time ago, there was a warrior called Tok Long who have a Magical Golden Feather. Using the feather, Tok Long is able to capture a mystical Silver Bird which he kept as a pet and was so proud of.

Group Picture with Josen pooping in the toilet

It didn't take long to reach Gunung Senyum from the toll, once there everyone got all geared up and ready to cam whore first then move out to the entrance of the cave. One thing we didn't know is that this mountain have hundreds of caves, only a few of them are accessible for visitors.We got ourselves a guide for this trip, so we don't need to worry about getting lost.The guide lead us in to an oil palm plantation and told us some histories of Gunung Senyum."It used to be a very beautiful and very green mountain..." He said while leading the group across the oil palm estate road covered in dung.
"But in the year 1984, an English man who camp on the peak forgotten to put out his camp fire and burned down all the trees."
Such a pity that we couldn't admire the full beauty that it is back then.

Like in life, the trail to the cave is full of shit

One day, Tok Long's Silver bird managed to escaped, Tok Long chased the bird and stumbles upon a fairy village in side a cave, marveled at his finding he wandered in the village and met a Fairy Princess, they fall in love and married but by doing so Tok Long is no longer allowed to return to the human world, which might risk exposing the Fairy Village, in return for his sacrifice the princess gave Tok Long magical powers one can only dream of.

View from the plantation

After a short walk in the plantation, we reached a jungle trail that leads to the 1st cave but to reach this trail, we are all required to make a little leap before we can start. The Jungle trail got me all excited but I am not needed in the front since we got a guide so I take on the role which I usually avoid like a plague, the sweeper, making sure no one is left behind.
We reach the first cave and we noticed that there are 2 pits dug at the entrance, the guide explains that long ago, this entire landscape is under the sea (in shallow waters), the 2 pits that we see are actually dug by the archaeologists from the museum, and in the pit they found sea shells from long ago.

View in a cave

Times passed and Tok Long starts to miss the human world especially his village. He asked for the princess permission to return to the human world to visit his village, reluctantly she agrees to his request on one condition. Tok Long must not mention anything about the existence of the fairy village and how he got his powers, also he must return on the coming night when the moon is the fullest or he will not be able to return forever.

Vicious Cave Cricket Main Diet : Little Girls

Posing in a cave full of bats

I used to think that caves are place where no life could be found or kinda dead, but that perception I had is now gone. Sign of life could be found all over the place, not only insects but also some animals roots of plants could also be found in the ground of the caves. Bats, frogs, spiders, crickets are among the commonly seen animals, some parts of the cave, crabs or even colony of cockroaches can be found co existing with the bats, and they mainly feed off from the bats dropping.

The huge rock in the middle used to be a huge coral

Tok Long was so excited to be able to see his village and his friends again he quickly return to the human world and meet up with all his friends, in his excitement he told a few of his friend about his magic powers and the fairy village breaking the promise that he made to the princess. On the night when he wants to return to the fairy village, Tok Long realized that he could no longer return to the fairy village no matter what he does even thou he is able to see it. He became sadder when he realized that he could no longer be with the princess even thou he could see her. Heart broken and sad, Tok Long regrets his actions. He dug a hole next to the cave and waited in it, hoping one day he can eventually return to the fairy village and back to his love one. Unfortunately, his wait only brought him to his death.

I can't help but to wonder how long did he wait?

3 archaeologists wanna be

One of the interesting caves to me is Tok Long Burial Cave, there were several pits around the that were also dug by the museum, the guide said that the museum found various sea shells and remains of animals, also found at the site are tools and human remains from the middle stone age.
I jumped in to one of the pits after asking permission from the guide to mess around which I regretted later on because the soil was so fine that it really messed up my boots, had a hard time cleaning it.
I didn't enjoy this trip fully because I missed out on most of the stories told by the guide but overall it is a fun trip. I'm definitely going back there again, hopefully to summit Gunung Senyum with a smile.

Have A Great Day

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The World is Just Awesome

Saw this advertisement in the cinema recently and I find it beautifully done, makes me loves the world even more.
Watch it.

I love the mountains,
I love the clear blue skies,
I love big bridges,
I love when great whites fly,
I love the whole world,
And all its sight and sounds,

Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da

I love the ocean,
I love real dirty things,
I love to go fast,
I love Egyptian Kings,
I love the whole world,
and all it's craziness,

Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da

I love tornadoes,
I love arachnids,
I love hot magma,
I love the Giant Squid,
I love the whole world,
Its such a brilliant place

Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da
Boom De Ah Da

Have A Great Day

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sungai Ampang Disaster?

Paying everywhere we go

Aurelius and I has made plan to make a 2 man trip to Sungai Ampang Falls earlier and Saturday was the day we choose to execute our plan, left early for Setapak and had our breakfast by the road on the way to the entrance of the trail to the waterfall.
At the guardhouse near the entrance we got in to our gears, not knowing that this time there are people in our way. Usually we need to sign our names and details at the guardhouse before we can proceed, but this time it's not as simple as that. The guard asked us to call a phone number written on a signboard and inform the person that we are going to the falls. We couldn't make the call so we leave it to the guard to do it because some tel co thinks that it is important to have coverage in the jungle for some reason. After the call the guard asked us to wait for a while as somebody is coming to meet us.
Within 15 minutes a Malay man riding on a motorcycle came, he introduced himself (but I didn't want to remember his name) and before he can say anything else I asked him what is going on here?
He explains that he's is from the village near by and the village chief has made it a point for visitors to pay to enter the waterfall saying that it is needed for the trail up keeping cost. He explains that the villagers had took up the responsibility to remove any waste, fallen trees and clear the path so that the visitors will have easier access. I actually think that it's fair so I asked how much are they charging but I got the shock of my life when he asked for RM35 per person. Aurelius and I complained that it is too much however the guy told us that a guide is provided for the price.

"We don't need a guide! We've done this trek before and we have everything we need." I said
"Without guide we charge RM15." He replied
"Still you have no document that states that you can collect money from visitors and this is no private property" Aurelius argued.
"We are waiting for approval for that, it's up to you, if you want to pay a lower price you can go see our village chief." The guy said to us.

At that point, Aurelius and I were already pretty weird out by the situation, having to pay for a waterfall trekking trip is unheard of and the last time we visit the place, the trail don't have much plants to clear and I prefer that they just leave the fallen trees alone.
After a long talk with the fella, Aurelius and I decided not to go because it makes no sense for us to pay for something like that. So instead of trekking, we go hunting for the chief of the village to get more details on this and give him our feedback.
Along the way we asked some of the villagers opinion about the fee that is imposed to go to the waterfall and we found out that only the village committee members knows about the fees while most of the villagers know nothing about it.
"Mahal tu! Mana boleh macam ini?" One of the villager said.

Have a Great Day

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have You Seen This Dog?

Dude, can you lock up the gate? I dont want to lose Eddie within a day of adoption.
Those were the exact words I said to Linus before we go out for lunch, fate or jinxed, I now learn that sometimes I got to keep my big mouth shut.
That morning I got a phone call from Eddie's owner who had him put up for adoption, I made an appointment with the owner and gone out to see Eddie right away.
Long story short, I decided to adopt Eddie it was near lunch time so I brought Eddie to the office and allow him to run around and "play" with Foot Stool while waiting for the rest to get ready to go out for lunch.
When we got back from lunch Eddie was already missing, I suspect that he may have squeeze out of the gate. Spent the rest of the day driving around looking for Eddie with no luck.
I am still pissed at myself for taking things for granted and being so reckless.

Call me if you seen Eddie.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

SkyTrek Adventure @ Bukit Cahaya

Lazy to flip, tilt your head to view

Lack of sleep, legs with multiple swollen wounds that have blood oozing out off which is also itching madly and starting to hurt in some part. What can I do in a condition that I'm in now?
Normally people would rest, take a break until they are fully recovered but no! I cannot do this as it is against the "Dumb Ass Code of Conduct". the consequences of breaking this code is a punishment so bad that no one can imagine. (Which is nothing, because no one can imagine one.)
That's why I decided to go do Sky trek adventure at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam organized by Aurelius (aka Kung Fu Panda).
It is basically a series of elevated obstacle course high up the trees, one must move from 1 check point to another, basically from tree to tree until you reach the end "lah".
At the place we were given harness and a briefing on the basic use, methods, do and don't. While we were at it, we had out hands on a "closer-to-ground" version in order for us to get a better understanding before the real deal.
The obstacles are quite simple but I must say that it's a bit of a challenge for me because I am afraid of heights(that's why I'm short), and I hate the feeling of having my feet off the ground.
I was having second thoughts right after the first obstacle, as I watch the others going from point to point my mind kept playing tricks on me, I kept imagining that something bad might happen.
"Dennis! You can come over now!" A friend yell out to me, signaling that it's clear to take the challenge.
I replied and prepare myself for the challenge, made it clear that whatever that's in my mind isn't real unless it happen, it didn't take me long to clear my mind and make my move.

Nothing can boost my morale more then being with my friends

Pictures by Vit Ping

Have a Great Day

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Valley of the Leeches

Both my feet are in pain, some parts are swollen, it's itching badly and spots of blood and liquid are flowing out of my wounds that I got from my trip to Jeram Perlus, or like I prefer to call it "The blood falls".
Despite the restless night, I manage to wake up for the waterfall trip to Jeram Perlus, located in the Hulu Langat region of Selangor. I admit that I was a bit late and because of that the 8 of us group up at about 7am and proceed to have our breakfast in a little stall at Hulu Langat where we had our roti canai and nasi lemak, after satisfying our need for food we made our way to the starting point located near Sungai Gabai Waterfall, where a small native village is found.

Welcoming party for Josen

We had the cars parked at the native village and then proceed to head to the starting point, which can be identified in a form of a spiky rodent called the porcupine, it is actually a pet to the farmer who lives in the house at the starting point and to me, an exotic pet keeper, this has to be one of the coolest thing a person can keep especially for this one because it actually interacts and responds to people.

Seems to be smarter compared to Foot Stool the Basset Hound

We started off in a farm trail which quickly leads to the jungle, it is said that this trail is used mainly by the natives for hunting however trekking on this trail would be challenging to people who have low stamina and patience because this trail is mainly uphill climb and to make things interesting it is slippery, it is a good thing that everyone was in good spirit, the most important thing in every trip.

Like in life, sometimes you gotta really make that climb

Posers in the jungle
from right to left Aurelius, Aries, Ping and myself (Dennis)

"Aurelius, I regret poking fun at how horribly ugly and sissy looking you are when you put on your leech socks will you forgive me?" I said to Aurelius as we trek on the leech infested trail.

I dislike leeches but usually I wouldn't even worry about leeches because I don't get them on me, but this trip was turning out to be different, the leeches were everywhere on this trail it's as if someone bought a million leeches and litter them all over the trail. Linus who is like some sort of lover of all lifeforms and the environment who usually welcome and allow the leeches to drink his blood (Sounds like Jesus), however this time I guess it was unbearable because he too was complaining and pulling out leeches. It was insanity! The leeches never stop coming and there was no way to avoid them, even those with leech socks too have their blood sucked out of them

Leech inspection

Salted leech and pool of blood

It is a good thing that Aurelius had his hand held GPS. Probably the main reason why we no longer get lost for anymore waterfall trips nowadays although sometimes we still wander off course thanks to Aurelius, will take him some time to get used to his new GPS.
The torture last for a good 2 hour and 30 minutes, and finally saw a wall of white hidden by the trees, at that point I was paralyzed with the the view, It was what we came for...

Worth the blood we lost? You decide

The Hardcore posing with the falls
from right Josen, Linus, Aurelius, Chris, Vit Ping, Donny, Dennis and Aries

There it was ,Jeram Perlus waterfall, tall, strong, and beautiful. To me it was worth the blood I lost during the trek, every single drop of it. Right after posing for the group picture, everyone got in the pool to cool off, cam whore and do things people usually do at waterfalls. (You can tell I'm quite lazy to type now)
we spent about an hour and it was about time to leave, the one part I dislike, going back to civilization, we got even more leeches while trekking back since it was raining this time.
I look at my leech ridden legs, instead of pulling leeches off I moved on and quietly say to myself
"The blood I lost this time is not worth losing for the trip back to the Hell called civilization."

Have a Great Day

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jakun in the car

Drop by my aunt's house to have a look at her computer problem just now, nothing much i can do about it since I didn't have an extra network card or a network cable. When I was about to leave my aunt mentioned to me that she needs to go pick up her children, and since I haven't had the chance to check out her new ride I asked if I could come along.
Riding in her new Toyota Estima, I can't help but to look like a "Jakun" who just came out from the forest sitting in a car for the 1st time.
"You all can come down now." my aunt said.
"Okie, coming down" voice of her children came out through the car's sound system and it's so clear that there is hardly any static, I then learned that her cellphone is connected to her car audio system via bluetooth and that enables her to pick up phone calls without touching her phone.
Bewildered with the technology that is in the car, I grew even more curious with what is in the car and what it could do, I know that the technology exist, yet I prefer to experience it myself rather then just knowing.
"Show you something" My aunt said while engaging her gear to reverse, the display comes to life showing a view of the camera located at the back of the vehicle with red, yellow and green lines guiding the car in reversing. She then push a button on the touch screen display and a female Japanese voice is heard. I couldn't understand what it means but my aunt said that it is now in Automatic side parking mode. She explains that the sensors around the car will scan the space and if there is enough room it will then move itself into the parking space.

Rear Camera view: the yellow box actually moves and guides the driver

Auto side parking mode

"There is a Hard Disc in the car, I could record from CDs to my car's Hard Disc and play it later too." My aunt added.
I now know how silly my car CD player is, gonna work really hard for a kick ass car with hardware like that.

Have A Great Day

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where's Doggie?

It's a gloomy Thursday morning, I didn't need to get off bed early since work doesn't begin till after lunch time. Suddenly I heard...
"Dennis! I think I saw Doggie!"
My mother yelled with her paranormal high pitch voice, while she look for a picture of Doggie she took on her phone.

Doggie is a Labrador mix who had been with my family for a decade or more, he was brought back home by my father when it's still a puppy. Now it's been 7 months since I last saw Doggie.

"He ran off when I tried catching him but I managed to take his picture" my mom said while showing me a picture of the back of a dog running away.
The sun is shining again, I have 10 minutes before work. I think I'll go try my luck looking for Doggie before checking in.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The attack of the "Banana" Raiders

I'm gonna come for you Henry!

It's Sunday, I got my usual trekking gears checked and packed, the difference this time. I retired the super heavy duty machete which I usually carry and now carry a shiny new 18" machete perfect for cutting down overgrown bushes that gets in the way. Also I decided that this trip I would go extra light, which means I am not gonna carry a bag like I usually do for my previous trips.
The journey to the location had a few hiccups, for example: I totally forgotten that Wendy is gonna meet us at Linus's place and follow our car and SOMEBODY OVERSLEPT + FFK US!!!

We gathered at Batu Caves for breakfast and ice breaking session (+ a bit of cam whoring), the participants of this trip are:

  1. Mei San
  2. Samantha
  3. Darien
  4. Josen
  5. Wendy
  6. Donovan
  7. William
  8. Suresh
  9. Adila
  10. Timmy
  11. Rebecca
  12. YY
  13. Linus (Photographer + cam whore)
  14. Seng Keong (Sweeper)
  15. Aurelius (Organizer + navigator + cam whore)
  16. and Myself (Lead bush whacker + Scout)

Finishing our roti canai and the half boiled and half wrong eggs we started heading towards Gombak where the waterfall is located. We reached the pump station where the trail is supposed to start and after everyone have their gears on, we started by heading into the jungle crossing the river hoping that the trail is there, fortunately it is. We followed the trail which runs along the river and caught sight of KARAK highway. This is an unusual sight but it is a good sign that says "You are on the right path.".
The trail ended near a drain by the river, I knew that the river crossing isn't going to be easy since the river is about waist deep and especially in a group of 16 people so I told Aurelius that I'll go scout for a possible path by walking up the drain while the rest wait.
Running and following a possible path that runs between the river and KARAK highway on the the right hand side of the drain I found an unmistakable land mark.
"HOOAH!" I shouted to signal the rest to follow, some people asked me why do I shout in the jungle, the purpose is to signal and check everyone in the group in a fun, positive and purposeful way. (You can wikipedia HOOAH to find out more)

The land mark: Tunnels under the KARAK highway

We spent sometime (TRY) taking pictures, shouting and screaming in the tunnel for fun while getting to the other side of the tunnel. Right after we made it pass the tunnel, an eerie scream and laughter is heard coming from across the tunnel, to our horror we saw... OH S***! RUN!!!

We try to make our way to the waterfall as quick as we can as the horror follows behind stalking and following us, the condition of the trail is slowing us down rapidly due to the amount of mud.

Mud is good~~~

The shouting and laughing of the horror behind becomes louder and clearer and it is clearly closing in on us very rapidly, just when we thought it's over for us, we caught sight of the beautiful Sungai Pisang Waterfall. We stood there and admire the power of the beauty for a moment, while "The Horror" close in for it's kill, laughing and shouting to intimate it's prey putting an end to a 30 minutes chase.

"The Horror" with puppies eyes

Aurelius's final moments: He's all right, just cam whoring as usual

Truth is, another group mainly primary school children was brought to the waterfall by some of their teachers. There were at least 70 to 80 of them and I think it's only fair that, we, the smaller group to find another location to chill in the water. So we climbed up a path opposite the waterfall and start to try looking a place of our own, and to our delight we manage to find one right above the waterfall, it's the perfect place to be if you want to have your revenge. (I'm just kidding)

Playing and cam whoring at the top of the falls

We spent the time playing water at the top of the waterfall while waiting for the children to go back so that we can have the bottom pool for ourselves. I spent some time to explore the surroundings too, hoping to find anything interesting didn't manage to find much but a few camping sites littered with garbage, a very sad sight to see indeed.

This is a clear sign that somebdy forgotten his underwear

One with the force

Overall, this trip was very easy (for me at least) but enjoyable. The waterfall itself is beautiful, however its accessability might have been it's downfall, people frequently visits the place and some irresponsible ones do not take care of their waste and there is too much cam whoring, I hope that it won't be like that for the next trip.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Machete

Wanted to retire my old machete, it has come to a point that if I were to lose it in the jungle or anything I might just die of heartache. Even thou I have been to many hiking and camping trips with it, the main reason is still because it is a gift from my late uncle.
Without a machete, an outdoor trip would be weird for me especially when I love taking the lead. Taking the lead doesn't just means that the person will merely walk in front of the group, the lead to me is very important role to play, not only he/she has to make sure that the group are on the right path and also clear the path, he/she must also make sure the surroundings is safe and nobody is left out.
So I hunted for a new machete in an uniform and outdoor adventure outlet called Outpost located in One Utama and here's what I got:

18 inches blade of horror

A 23" overall, 18" carbon steel blade Tramontina Machete with hardwood handle. How can one resist getting one of this? Anyone wielding this monster will look intimidating, besides, this baby's sheer size alone is enough to put the others machete freaks in my group to shame.

Yet for me is it still far from perfect, the machete comes with an ugly canvas sheath that couldn't completely hold the blade properly and it looks really bad, I hated it so much that I decided to make my own sheath. But with what? At first I thought leather would make a good material but it would be an ass to find the material and I won't be good at stitching it in to a sheath. Then I remembered during the time I acted in a short film as a communist, one of the prop was a fake sword in a wooden sheath, did a little research on wooden sheath and got a general idea how it's made, I when on to look for the materials I need to construct the sheath for my machete.

Wood cleaned and ready for a new life

Day one of construction, collected the wood of the right size and have them both sawed to the shape I want and grind clean, then I measured the shape and size of the blade, draw the outline of the blade on the wood then more grinding follows, grind/carve out the shape of the blade on both wood. I glued both wood together using glue and had them held together using clamps, I didn't want to use nails because it might damage the wood, creating unwanted splits or cracks.

Watching glue dry

That night I showed my unfinished work to a few friends, and they were laughing their heads off because of the thickness and how crude it looked at that point. They were even teasing me about using it as a chopping board and some other stuff. I tried to convince them that it is not finished and it will be smaller and much nicer when I am done with it, but then we were all still drowned in laughter.

Day 2:
Spent at least an hour grinding the wood to make it thinner and smoother, next I sand it to make it even smoother, filled up the cavities with glue and sawdust mixture and left dry, sand it again and then give it a nice finishing using shoe polish.

Here's the result

Both Machete

I just can't wait to put it to action for my trip to Pisang waterfall this Sunday!

Have A Great Weekend

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PC Setup

Hazard Box: Old rig that once served me

Just got a new PC and have been setting it up since evening, had to look through my old Hard Disc Drives, for any documents, pictures, music and other files, I got about 7 HDD of various capacity, 2 had been destroyed by my curiosity so now I only left 5 to check.
Found many old and interesting things, the one that caught my attention the most are some pictures that dates back the time when Henry and I were quite crazy about modding our computers turning the boring cream / white colored casing into something else, here are some pictures of the PCs that I modded.

Before Modding

Planning Stage

Result: CamoPillBox

In the dark

Power supply casing mod + cable sleeve

Sadly these 2 casing are laying around in my room and might end up at the scrap metal yard, I'm still trying to decide their fate.

Have a Great Day