Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look mom! My Spiders are in the papers!

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"Come see! These 2 are Dennis spiders." My mom proudly said to my aunt showing her the newspaper article on Tarantulas, this is very unusual because my mother would usually nag me about my tarantula keeping hobby, saying it's not clean and all.
Well, having to share room with my tarantulas is a choice I made, there isn't much space in my house for me to keep my collection, plus with all my uncle aunties' kids coming by once in a while the risk of they hurting the tarantula or themselves makes me feel uneasy.
Many relatives and friends ask me "If the spider come out at night and bite you how?"
Well, If I get bitten by a tarantula that escape it's enclosure then I deserve it, however why would a tarantula bite me while I'm in my sleep? They have much more to gain if they hide behind the closet or under the bed.
Will I ever get rid of my tarantulas? I don't know that answer but it excites me just to look at them.


Eeling said...
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Eeling said...

WOW! Heng heng 大佬! very YING wor! u and ur tarantulas r on the newspaper! hou COOL ar! keep up to the good job! :)

Shin Yin said...

Look mom! Kor kor's retard face is on newspaper!

Sim said...

Dude,why didn't you tell me you were on TV? Spider Heng,Spider Heng....:D Proud of you,my eight legged friend....

Squall said...

great to listen that dude!
Ur effort paid.
proud of u man!

HuonHengChai said...

Thank you all,
except for Shin Yin, coz she's fat as a cow