Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Be an Angel Treasure Hunt

Took part in a treasure hunt during the weekends, never did anything like this on a car before so my friends and I decided to take part especially since it's for a good cause.
The treasure hunt is held in conjunction to International day for the disabled by Beautiful Gates Foundation for the disabled and Wanita MCA. They were rising funds to purchase motorized or lightweight wheelchairs (Has to be these since some of the disables have weak arms as well), medicated seats, 3 wheel motorcycle, computers and other various necessities.
Lucky Number 11?

A line of cars, the second vehicle is mine

My team arrive at the time that the organizers told us, that is 6.30am and yet we are the second team to arrive, we still had to wait for the other teams, even after the arrival of all the teams I still had to wait for the "politician" who takes the chance to boast about how are they helping the disabled people by doing so and so. (If you are doing it, people will see it and it will save your trouble of boasting about it you prick!)
The flag off time was scheduled at 7.00 am but thanks to the waiting of the "Very Ignorant Politician" we were flagged off at 8.15am, good 'ole Malaysian timing they say.

My friends and I had fun looking for answers and we were very confident in all the answers that we got. It only when we realized that our brains could not match to an Ah Beng with everything to think about. He just had to come out and take away all the fun from us and give us answers that didn't make sense.

Well! At least I enjoyed being with my friends and the money is for a good cause.


heidi said...

Quote: "(If you are doing it, people will see it and it will save your trouble of boasting about it you prick!)"

hahahahahahahaha.... well said! :D

HuonHengChai said...

thank you thank you
*bows to the crowd