Friday, November 23, 2007

Trekking preparation

Am I an Internet addict?
They may look old but they are loyal

Seng Keong invited me to join him and his gang to trek at Sungai Ampang Falls, Selangor (Bearing: N03 12.69' E101 47.72') this Saturday, just to let you all know just in case I go missing for a week then you'll know where to find me.
If you wonder why am I bringing machete and a dagger along, well I rarely go camping or trekking with out my machete it has been with me in a lot of trips, it bring back a considerable amount of memories, let's just say it's a good luck charm I use to cut down things that gets in my way.
The dagger is for self defence, bears and wild cats has been spotted in the area gotta be prepare even thou I do respect animals, especially in their own territory still there is no knowing what could possibly happen still I do hope to see these creatures without the need of using the dagger.
Not only that I have to beware of animals, humans are also what I must look out for, poachers are known to hunt in the area, there are cases where hunters mistaken a human being for a deer or a boar, some of them end up killing their own hunting partner.

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