Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My journey so far

Landed on a different ground,
confusions sparks all around,
people I love couldn't understand,
the choice I made was never planned.

Regret not with my choice,
but grateful that my soul is poise,
knowledge and respect given and earned,
yet success and achievement I still yearn.

Living in this world of drought,
one cannot afford a life of doubts,
a meaningful life I once seek,
at least now I can see the peak.

Have a Great Day

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chemperoh falls: The Second trip

Here we start

Made the second attempt for Cemperoh on Saturday after failing to complete it on February (More Details here). This time we were more prepared, all thanks to Aurelius efforts in getting a better and more detailed description of the trail, yet the chances of getting lost is still high and I must say that this has to be one of the most challenging trail I had ever done.
The first leg of the trail involves walking across a massive vegetable farm and an open field for 45 minutes to an hour, the reason why this is a torture is that there were no cover from the sun and the trail were mostly uphill climbs, the open field (full of bushes) after the farm was even more of a torture all thanks to its thick and thorny overgrowth, trying to cut our way through is a waste of effort because it will be slow and will waste valuable body energy, no complains thou. never expect a walk in the park with this bunch of suckers for pain.

Posing with bamboos
(Linus face was intentionally censored due to cam whore rules violation: Excessive cam whoring)

After walking pass the open field we found "Hope", a real jungle trail which spells the end of the thorns and the hot sun. Yet we have another 2 problems, first is that we are still unsure about the track that we are taking and the next one is leeches, there were unbelievable amount of leeches for this track (according to some of the group members), While most of the group were pulling off and killing the leeches, Linus was the only one who is weird to allow the leeches to cling on to him and suck his blood until it is full, his reason to this is funny thou.
"We are visitors to their home, you don't go to some one's home and kill them." - Linus
Quite true but that's the reason why there were 3 leeches up in his pants, plus we also don't suck our guests blood when they come to our home too.
I don't know why but for some reasons I didn't get any leech bite on me.
After a while I noticed that along the trail that we are taking has a long water pipe, which heads back to the farm, at that point we were still unsure of the path we still can't hear the waterfall and we were no where near a river, but following the water pipe makes a whole lot of sense because it must lead to a water source, even if it leads us to a river it will be safe for us because the river will eventually leads us to the waterfall.
Not long after following the water pipe, we discovered a marker (a red and white ribbon which tells you that you are on the right track). It was such a relief to know that we are on the right track that point on it was looking out and checking for marker after marker and before we know it, we hear the sound of water flowing and there is was...

The Reward: Chemperoh falls

Cool and refreshing crystal clear water

Back massage nature style

The whole group excited with the waterfall walk towards it without waiting after waiting like 10 or 15 minutes trying get everyone together to take a nice group picture.
After resting, chilling, swimming and cam whoring for a little more then an hour someone suggest to head back home, I wanted to stay longer because I still don't feel satisfied, I feel that for the effort of tracking for the past 2 hours, even thou we did stay a bit longer but I still wished the the group spent more time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the reward.
A video of this trip will be release soon.
Have a Great Day

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Extra actor for a day

The director (Kabir) scratching his head wondering what's this lousy extra is doing

A friend's friend needed an extra for a shoot and I was asked if I want to take on the role, it actually sounds like fun and it's one way to escape from editing videos. It's actually a shoot for erm... well... not too sure but I remember it's something to do with The Star and it's called Frontpage or something like that. I play the guy in the office who only appears in the background.

My back is all you'll see from me

Have a Great Day

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Petrol rebate

The Form

Spent the whole morning asleep, been up for the pass few days working and editing charity video for a gift-from-the-God-organization. Don't have much to do until later evening so I decided to drop by the post office and get my petrol rebate. I have the forms back at home, fill them up and then rode off to the post office on my scooter.

57 people are waiting before me

1 crowded post office

I walked in the post office unsurprised thanks to the slow service provided by the post office. I took a ticket and waited for my turn. For one hour I hear unhappy people all around me swearing at the government's action to hike up petrol price and have this system where we gotta collect rebate from the post office. I wasn't interested to join in and talk about it, might as well just deal with it for now.
One hour pass and it's finally my turn, the process was pretty quick to my surprise I just hand in the forms, one for my scooter and another for the car, presented my I.C., have my thumb print on the forms and it's done, take money and leave. However, I only manage to get the rebate for my car but not for my scooter because I had my road tax renewed in January, have to wait next year for that one.

If you are going to get your rebate at the post office, just remember to bring your I.C. and your thumb.

Have a Great Day

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy father's day

Drove pass my father's former office yesterday, and I soon realized that I'm trying to hold back my tears, not really safe to drive with wet eyes because was thinking about my father who passed away almost 10 years ago.

Father and me

My father was a carpenter when he was younger, he makes furniture and small structures, he then applied to work as a clerk in Matsushita when the japanese firm started in Malaysia, and for the next 25 years of his life, he worked his way up and stay with the firm even during the time of his death.
I still remember him as "the man who can", because I really don't know what he couldn't do other then quit smoking. (At least he tried)
I regrat because I cannot recall giving my father a hug and tell how much love and respect I have for him, I do envy people who still have the chance to.

Have a Great Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hardest Super Mario Game

It's a voice over but the things that the guy say is ass funny

Enjoy and Have a Great Weekend,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Illegal Cock Fighting

Was on an assignment about illegal cock fighting (The chicken type, not the male private part kind), been looking around for weeks until a friend conveniently says "Hey! I know a place", should had ask around more often. Our lead bring us to the location which some god forsaken place in the middle of no where, we were there quite early and there were people setting up shelters and the fighting ring, there weren't much people the time we arrive, but not long after people are starting to pour in and near the ring there is already a group of people gambling in a game of Sic-Bo (A form of dice game).
What's interesting is the people who actually came with their fighting cocks, some of them treats their bird very well and you can actually see that these guys loves their birds (hmm... sounds wrong there...), while waiting for more contenders to come they keep stroking their cock with a wet sponge or cloth to cool it's body temperature down to make the chicken feel comfortable.
Once there are enough contenders, all owners will bring their bird into the ring and find themselves a worthy opponent or pick a fight, bets and agreements are done in the ring and sealed with a handshake, all done like gentlemen.
After the deal is set, the owners will bring their fighting cock outside the ring where his team will assist him with combat preparations, one man will cool the chicken, while another man attach the cock spur (a long curved spike) on the bird's leg, there is also a standby medic for each team in case their fighter gets injured.
Very blur picture of a cock fight

Tried to take some pictures of the match a few times however got several warnings from some of the people there, best not to try pushing my luck especially when I know that Lady Luck ain't with me. So the best thing for me to do is to watch and experience a few fights then get back to the car and rest since my head is starting to hurt more due to dehydration.
One of the exciting match which I managed to watch lasted only 5 seconds, the 2 cock started the fight by trying to jump on to each other, one managed to do so sending it's spur into the chest of the other cock, it fell instantly and stopped moving... I guess that strike manage to puncture a vital organ. The owner quickly picked up his cock and rushes out the ring where the team is to attempt saving the cock,they had a whole toolbox with medical supplies like stitches, bandages, needles, surgical knifes and syringe are among the things I saw, sadly their efforts seem futile and the bird is no more...

Cock that died after a 5 seconds match

This post just sounds wrong... oh well.

Have A Great Day

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Walk into a cyber cafe

I can't recall when was the last time I walked into a cyber cafe for games, must have been for like ages cause I got no idea what the hell is everyone is playing or yelling about in here. As I am writing, there are a few guys near me playing some form of MMORPG, shouting and screaming commands to their friends for assistance etc.
"Check out my sword!"
"Help me!!!"
"I'm Tanking! Kill em!"

I just find it weird how these people are so into their virtual character which only exist in the form of wireframes and pixels, but then who am I to say? I used to be like them at one point, even thou I don't spend alot of time in the cyber cafe, I used to play a lot of computer games, as a matter of fact I still play em once in a while, there is no better way to vent off anger and stress then to shoot heads off your enemies, blow them up with the biggest weapon or simply cutting them into half with a chainsaw.
Yes I know it's violent but every human being needs to cool down one way or another and you can't expect me to do things like chopping people on the streets in reality, right?
I'll stop here, the gamers here are looking at me with their "WTF is this guy doing blogging in a cyber cafe" look.

Have A Great Weekend

Thursday, June 5, 2008

R.I.P Laptop

Zeus has unleash his wrath on the laptop back at home. I'm not sure how badly damage the thing is because I was really tired when I got back home last night, things worsen when my mom show me her wrath, putting the blame of the laptop damage on me which got hit while I was at work.
No time for feeling bad thou.

Have a GREAT Day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Working hard or hardly working?

Here's something for those who reads blogs at their work place. I hope your boss is not standing behind you while you surf the internet. :p

Have a Great Day