Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Look Ma! I'm on TV!

My boss called up at 8.45am asking me where was I as he was expecting me to be at the job site. "Oh! I'm still at home watching TV." Only day 2 on my new job and I'm already saying things like that to my boss, well at least I'm being honest.
Now, why would I be late for work and watch TV when I don't usually watch it?
That's because I was on it, last week I've attended a tarantula gathering cum interview by RTM2 at Asia Cafe, they didn't interview all of us but I was one of the people whom got interviewed.
I told my mom about my little tarantula meet up and the interview I've also informed her the channel and time (8.00am) they will air it, 7.30am she's already at the TV standing by, waiting for her son to make an appearance on TV. She's still proud that I got my face on the papers, carrying a copy everywhere she goes, showing it to friends and relatives.
It's good to see her so proud and happy, I'd do it more often just to make her happy.

Credits to Adam


Timmy said...

Be the next steve irwin....!
"You're alright"

I'll be proud of u too

heidi said...


hehehe... your mom is so cute! :)

Any chance of catching the interview on youtube or something? Ain't got no TV here in Cyberjaya... T_T

HuonHengChai said...

Timmy:I'm not going to be the next Steve Irwin. I'm gonna be myself.

Heidi: You want it, you got it.

heidi said...

Thanks!!! :D

quite long wei the interview...not bad. haha. :)

who were the others being interviewed?

HuonHengChai said...

Your welcome. :)

The original video is about 12 minutes long, I cut it to 2 parts so that it's easier to post.

Those whom were interviewed were Kenn, Iris, CherLin and myself.

sillyboy said...

so handsome wo got up to tv...

sillyboy drop by...!

Joe Xavier said...

hey! dammit! i envy you guys! hope the meet went well!

HuonHengChai said...

SAM! Guess what? Your Red knee was on TV!!!

Joe: There is always another time