Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sungai Ampang Falls

I'm back from Sungai Ampang Falls! I have to say things didn't go as well as planned.

First off, the GPS's batteries died on our way there, and there goes our only guide to the falls. No one else had been to the place so we are going there pratically blindfolded.

Luckily there got Pak guard to give us the directions on how to go to the falls, using a pen he drew a "S" on my palm and tell me that the waterfall is at the end of the "S". Helpful I guess...

Following his instructions we trek, and we were lost... according to the Pak Guard, we are supposed to hear the sound of waterfall at about 45 minutes of trekking, we treked for more then an hour and there is no slightest sound of water flowing. BAH! WRONG Trail!

We turned back and try a diffrent way.

I was leading the group and I believe I walked a little too fast, so I came to a clearing near the path and waited there for the rest to arrive, it didn't take long for 2 guys from the group to reach where I was waiting. We were messing around with a captured giant ant when all of a sudden I heard people running and screaming behind me, It was the other 4 from our group and they look really terrified as if something is going to eat them. I quickly reach for my machete and waited for the "thing" to appear, I didn't know what to expect but I think I was already in killing mode.

A large breed dog appear, and it was wagging it's tail having fun chasing people. (I was hoping for a wild boar!!! Curry Wild Boar!)

It stood there playfully and a human voice could be heard from a distant, it's the dog's owner saying sorry and that his dog is tame and it's just very playful.

The place is a really nice place except for the noise pollution from the construction site near by.

Friday, November 23, 2007

After so long... finally...

Many times I open my email or while chatting to a friend, I get requests to join (or always get the question if i'm in) a social network group called "facebook". Now thanks to those who have bug me to sign up or had send me email request - I surrender.

Here's the link

Trekking preparation

Am I an Internet addict?
They may look old but they are loyal

Seng Keong invited me to join him and his gang to trek at Sungai Ampang Falls, Selangor (Bearing: N03 12.69' E101 47.72') this Saturday, just to let you all know just in case I go missing for a week then you'll know where to find me.
If you wonder why am I bringing machete and a dagger along, well I rarely go camping or trekking with out my machete it has been with me in a lot of trips, it bring back a considerable amount of memories, let's just say it's a good luck charm I use to cut down things that gets in my way.
The dagger is for self defence, bears and wild cats has been spotted in the area gotta be prepare even thou I do respect animals, especially in their own territory still there is no knowing what could possibly happen still I do hope to see these creatures without the need of using the dagger.
Not only that I have to beware of animals, humans are also what I must look out for, poachers are known to hunt in the area, there are cases where hunters mistaken a human being for a deer or a boar, some of them end up killing their own hunting partner.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Birthday shoutouts

Happy Birthday to Mandy and Kin Hoo

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tarantulas for dummies

I posted this in a forum and I figured since I've spent so much time giving this answer for the past 2 years or more, I might as well put it in my blog and when someone ask me the question on how to choose a tarantula, it will be easier for me to answer.

Before you choose, there is somethings to do, like doing some basic research by reading the following links:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

After reading about the basic things that you need/want to know about tarantulas you get to go to the next step which is choose, this step will involve interaction with another human being (Most likely a tarantula keepers or a sellers) what you are going to choose is NOT the tarantula but the tarantula seller(s), find 1 or 2 reputable seller that you can trust, if you have no experience in dealing with that seller, ask a tarantula keeper whom had.
This is to avoid being scam, and yes things like this do happen in the outside world and in this hobby but there are ways to prevent it so nothing to worry there.
After you choose your seller(s), ask him/her what he/she has to offer.
The info he should be providing you should be:
1) Species
2) Size
3) Sex (Not applicable for spider lings)
4) Price

Once you are given these info you can start the next step, this step also involves some research and even more reading but at least this is where the actual fun begins.
It is called "Making a choice", this is where you take what the seller(s) has to offer, look for it's care sheet and requirements then pick one that you like most.

Here are some sample links you can look in to to assist you in making a choice:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

Pick you the species you like, then see which "REPUTABLE" seller has the best deal to offer, contact him and get the deal done.

On novice choosing their first tarantula:
I don't like to take away the trill of choosing what tarantulas people should buy for people because I find it a fun thing to do, I had a lot of fun doing that when choosing my first tarantula, but do ask for suggestions and opinion from "people who THINKS they know everything about tarantula", but choose your tarantula wisely, pick one that you are confident and happy with, if you think you cannot handle tarantulas that are very skittish and defensive, go for one that is docile and calm, or if you think docile tarantulas are for wussies and you have a heart of a lion go for one that can suit your daredevil persona.
Make it your own choice so even if it's a bad choice, it's still your choice.
If good choice then you get to boost about it. You don't get to complain thou.

Lastly, do understand that tarantulas have fangs for a few reason, one of them is to bite tarantula keepers who grants the tarantula chances by handlling it, letting the tarantula crawl on hand, body, head or "where the sun don't shine".
That's not really the tarantula fangs intended purpose but it has to defend itself from itchy hands.
Seriously, tarantulas are called tarantulas because they are not hamsters, it is better to leave the tarantula alone in it's enclosure because they are solitary creatures they like to be lonely. If you need to handle the tarantula, do it with care but do not handle it because your hands are itchy and you want to.

Monday, November 19, 2007

All The Same

Just a simple hug and yet it makes a diffrence in other people's day and life...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What it feels like to touch a heart?

Did community service again last weekend, what's different this time is I was asked a question
"What was it you experienced while doing community service?"
A simple answer to that question would be "I feel good."Yet again, what is it about the experience that makes me feel good?
Limy, Shanker, Sin and Tenten entertaining the orphans
Now, what is the whole reason why I do community service?
Certainly I don't need to do it, even if I stop doing community service no magical bolt of lighting will come down from the heavens and strike me to my death.
The only reason why I do it is because I want to.
Why do I want to do community service?
Not because I want fame, no idea how would that bring me fame if I do community service, yet some how rather I want to do community service because I want to get out there and touch some one's life, because I believe that if I do good to one human being, I'll be empowering them to become hopeful for their life, then they will know that there are people willing to give them support and this will allow them to become passionate about their life and by doing that they will do the same and reach out to other human beings. So from one I can reach out to many, it may sounds like a pyramid scheme, I agree to that. It is what it is and at least I believe that it is good.

Limy and Tenten writing name tags for everyone

Back to the main question of what is my experience when doing community service?
Simple, when ever I do community service I experience gratitude the most.
Gratitude because I could move around freely without the need of a wheelchair, gratitude because I still have my family and friends, gratitude because I am not bed ridden or having a deadly disease.
I may sound like a bastard for comparing my life with theirs, but quite frankly I am a bastard who takes the trouble to put himself in the shoes of those who are in need giving them support, love and care.

Sin Playing "Santa"

"Santa" ran out of gifts, go whip the elves!

It may seem hopeless because there are a lot of people whom are in need, I agree to that being a valid reason, and yet if I help one human being to have hope in life, I'm certain that at least I made a difference for that person.
In the end even if I die right at this moment, I'll still be alive in that person's memories.

And after the show, we pose!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Aural Joint's Extended Play

I recently purchased a CD from Kenn, it's actually a CD he and his band (Aural Joint) put together.
Kenn is the lead singer and also one of the tarantula keeper that I know for quite some time so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't support him. Besides, the CD cost only RM10.
The CD consist of 5 tracks, which I find em' pretty good and well worth the RM10, the quality of the recording and song is pretty good.
I don't want to describe what their work sound like and what genre do they belong to because my experience may be different to yours and secondly I got no clue, but if you want a preview of their work do visit their website (Link below)
I'm sure that they worked hard to put this CD together, RM10 to support our local music talent isn't too much to ask for. So go and visit their website and have a look.

P.S.: Kenn did not bribe me to put up this post.

Friday, November 2, 2007

What is it like to be free?

Was awake this morning to attend some short event and by the time I got home, everyone was out, Mom has gone to Korea, sis is in school and aunt gone to work. I was feeling really bored and tired so I hang around in the garden to enjoy the morning air.
Lying on the grass looking up in the sky, I close my eye and get myself to relax from the things running in my head. Listening to the birds chirping, I was wondering how nice would it be if I could fly like the birds.
A sense of peace overwhelmed me, and it is clear to me that something is missing with this life of mine. I could only fly if I choose to fly...