Saturday, September 8, 2007

More work?

"Hello Assistant General Manager! When free come out yumcha?"
That was the first thing that my friend, Wang said when he answered my call. Yes, I've changed my job, and this time my job title is Project Engineer cum coordinator.
My job is to plan and coordinate a team to get the project done, I've just finished my 1st week at work and so far I felt that it is a total disaster. I got no experiance in coordinating or managing people so the 1st 3 days, due to my inexperiance the project was in a total mess. Many forms aren't properlly filled, team member not turning up for work, tasks are not properlly distributed and there were more IT equipment then I had expected. In the end of the week, I've only managed to get most of the IT equipment tagged except for the server room and one network room. It will take another 2 days to get that done, I'm not worried because I know it can be done.

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