Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it a sin to love your country?

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I was browsing the Internet after finish calling up golf clubs around Malaysia reminding them to do their data submission and I came upon the blog of 黃明志 namewee (, in case you dont know, namewee is the person who sang Negarakuku which had became a major issue to the goverment, namewee was told to gert ready to go to jail for that... What the Fuck! So now the goverment is putting people in jail for loving the country and speaking the truth? What is wrong with speaking the truth and being honest?

What do you expect us to do, huh? Go about with our lives and pretend that we are happy all the time? In school we learn moral values like honesty, courage, unity ,love , and other values, and now someone is going to jail for having the courage to be honest, and love for the country?
Hey, I got an idea! why dont we just take off moral studies from the schools? It's a bloody waste of time and money anyway since it's not going to be practiced by 60 to 70 percent of the people anyway, we can also sack all the moral teachers so that we can channel the money to some dumb fuck project like, half a bridge to Singapore which lets you drive in to the ocean, or a smart tunnel that so smart it could divert flood water but not traffic. Oh ya, don't forget about the Malaysia version of Buzz Lightyear, we're going to space but we need a ride.

Now is it fair to let the goverment to do all the talking, while all the 'Rakyat' can do is to shut up?
Will there ever be unity in this goes on? Or have we already forgotten country's motto that is written on the crest? If that's the case let me remind everyone:
"Unity is Strength"
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