Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Away from Home

MSN Chat Log with Mom
Me: Hi mom
Mom: Wa, you no need to come back home one ar
Me: Actually I'm thinking of staying our for a month or 2 to see what it's like.
Mom: Make sure you behave yourself, remember to bring back allowence

I've been staying at frog's place for about a month now, not that I am in trouble and hiding myself away from home.
I just wanted to see what it's like to live alone and with frog away from the country I couldn't find any better chance then this even thou its not really that far away from home but I've restrict myself from going back for no reasons.
The first 2 weeks was real hell for me, had been working late and everytime I become hungry I either had to go out for food or starve, so right when I managed to free up some time it was grocery shopping for me.

cheezels in frog's house, best way to insult "Super Ring"

Filling up the Fridge

Did a little* cleanup while loading the groceries, that ... well, let's not go to the cleaning part. Anyway, the fridge looks more like a fridge now that there is food, milk and beer that starts with the word "Root".

Maybe they should share with me

In my shopping list I also included a 17 KG big bag of dog food, I bought a smaller 2KG bag previously and the darn thing finished in less then a week, most probabaly because I'm trying to get Foot Stool to put on some weight and there is Eddie to feed too, so it is more economical for me to buy a huge bag for them.

Time to go back to work now

Have A Great Day

Monday, August 4, 2008

Journey to the Siong

One of the 2 monkeys we found, this one's call Linus
A job recently got postponed to a later week so I decided to go on the trip to Siong waterfall along with the gang, Siong is located off the road to Kuala Kelawang, near the borders between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, it is a relatively short and easy track what makes it fun are the wild boar traps in the area.
We meet up again at the usual meeting point at Damansara Perdana at 6.00AM 6.30AM (Sorry "Lah", I over slept) and head towards Ulu Langat for breakfast.
Orang Asli Village with tall durian tree
After satisfying our need for food, we head towards Kampung Rembai to satisfy our need for adventure and to escape the usual garbage we see in our everyday life.
So a short drive later we found ourselves in the starting point which is the orang asli village (A big thanks to Suresh for his navigation skills and the GPS), parked the car under the durian tree (I know, it's insane) and got ourselves geared up, ready for some torture.
The Trail: clear and easy
Unlike the other trails, we got ourselves a guide from the Orang Asli (aboriginal people) village, it makes it even more easier for us especially when it comes to the wild boar traps, they'll know where they place it for sure.
Within an hour later, we've reach a beautiful tall cascading waterfall, close to civilization yet pristine, since it lacks a pool to dip in, everyone did the next best thing that can be done at a waterfall like this, cam whoring.
The goal
The team
I'm not gonna post the cam whoring pictures or pictures of the mountain gorilla due to personal reasons such as shyness and fear of apes. This will be my final outdoor activity for the month of August, got to commit to other things plus the Chinese believe that this is not a good month to be out, there might be hungry things out there [Playing X-files theme].
Have a Great Day