Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tarantulas for dummies

I posted this in a forum and I figured since I've spent so much time giving this answer for the past 2 years or more, I might as well put it in my blog and when someone ask me the question on how to choose a tarantula, it will be easier for me to answer.

Before you choose, there is somethings to do, like doing some basic research by reading the following links:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

After reading about the basic things that you need/want to know about tarantulas you get to go to the next step which is choose, this step will involve interaction with another human being (Most likely a tarantula keepers or a sellers) what you are going to choose is NOT the tarantula but the tarantula seller(s), find 1 or 2 reputable seller that you can trust, if you have no experience in dealing with that seller, ask a tarantula keeper whom had.
This is to avoid being scam, and yes things like this do happen in the outside world and in this hobby but there are ways to prevent it so nothing to worry there.
After you choose your seller(s), ask him/her what he/she has to offer.
The info he should be providing you should be:
1) Species
2) Size
3) Sex (Not applicable for spider lings)
4) Price

Once you are given these info you can start the next step, this step also involves some research and even more reading but at least this is where the actual fun begins.
It is called "Making a choice", this is where you take what the seller(s) has to offer, look for it's care sheet and requirements then pick one that you like most.

Here are some sample links you can look in to to assist you in making a choice:
[There are more out there so try searching using your favorite search engine]

Pick you the species you like, then see which "REPUTABLE" seller has the best deal to offer, contact him and get the deal done.

On novice choosing their first tarantula:
I don't like to take away the trill of choosing what tarantulas people should buy for people because I find it a fun thing to do, I had a lot of fun doing that when choosing my first tarantula, but do ask for suggestions and opinion from "people who THINKS they know everything about tarantula", but choose your tarantula wisely, pick one that you are confident and happy with, if you think you cannot handle tarantulas that are very skittish and defensive, go for one that is docile and calm, or if you think docile tarantulas are for wussies and you have a heart of a lion go for one that can suit your daredevil persona.
Make it your own choice so even if it's a bad choice, it's still your choice.
If good choice then you get to boost about it. You don't get to complain thou.

Lastly, do understand that tarantulas have fangs for a few reason, one of them is to bite tarantula keepers who grants the tarantula chances by handlling it, letting the tarantula crawl on hand, body, head or "where the sun don't shine".
That's not really the tarantula fangs intended purpose but it has to defend itself from itchy hands.
Seriously, tarantulas are called tarantulas because they are not hamsters, it is better to leave the tarantula alone in it's enclosure because they are solitary creatures they like to be lonely. If you need to handle the tarantula, do it with care but do not handle it because your hands are itchy and you want to.

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