Monday, October 25, 2010

Aku Orang India

While entering my car today, I saw an Indian man stopping his motorcycle and waving at me. He was waving as he limps towards my direction as I turn my ignition, I'm not sure if he was waving at me the first time I saw him but having him standing by the window of the car clears my doubts.
Since he's limping, I guess he might have fell off his motorcycle or something and is looking for help. I wind down my window to see what help does he need and he started putting his hands together and say.
"Jangan takut, aku orang india juga." he said with a sad tone.
I know I have dark skin but am I really that dark that I could be pass off as an Indian?
"Aku nak minta tolong sikit, saya ada anak tapi tak ada duit nak beli susu bagi dia, lagi tadi saya kena hantam kat kepala" He said it with tears of sorrow flowing from his eyes, I usually don't give money to people who begs because it usually looks like that they make it look like that they have done it a thousand times before, it just doesn't feel authentic at all.
However, this guy is different. In his voice I could feel his sorrow, his expression tells me that this man could use some help, but am I really that dark?
I pulled out 10 Ringgit from my wallet and hand it to the man.
"Thank you bang, saya akan balas balik jika kita jumpa lagi."
I told him not to worry about it, hope that the money does help him.
He then thank me in Cantonese as he walks away, leaving myself confused about my image.

Have a Great Day

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murphy's law

There are no problems, only situations
Just when I need to edit my short film, write scripts, ect my PC monitor decides to make things intresting by having dead pixels and magically turn off for no reason. When I try to turn it back on, it turn off again in 5 seconds. OH! All the fun!
This started after I return from Vietnam, at the time I was waiting to see if I get selected by the organisers of Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta to shoot a short film. They called me on the 26th of May and told me that I am selected and I have to pick up the camera on the 31st May.
Planned the shoot on the 5th of June trying to take advantage of the public holiday (King's Birthday) but was later told to pick up camera on the 7th May because they want to provide me with lighting equipment. I told them that I couldn't delay further and don't need the lighting equipment.
Anyway I'm now busy editing and writing another script, been so busy these days that I didn't even have the time to watch Iron Man 2. Sent the monitor in to Samsung service center, it wasn't comforting to see about 5 monitors show up in the center for service during my one hour wait there.
Hope that my monitor comes back from the service center soon, without any issues or I'll be practicing my rage in a certain service senter.

Have a Great Day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Whenever i get caught in a traffic jam or got stuck in a crowded place, the one thing that's is in my mind is "Where did all these people come from?"
The members of the website I'm about to share have a different idea. - The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

No, they are not out bombing or killing people, however these guys seems to have a different idea, That is to convince people to stop breeding. Interesting idea but don't see how it will work without killing people.

“May we live long and die out” - vhemt motto

Have a Great Day,