Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finding Layla

I don't usually use curse words, then again it depends on who I am talking to. However the situation yesterday made it perfectly fine to curse all day.
Audrey's dog, a Siberian husky called Layla went missing! When I got the SMS from her brother, my heart just sank and I wanted to just drop whatever I was doing and just go out to find her. This was the second time it happen, I thought we were lucky that someone found her and actually called us up right after seeing the missing posters we put up. This time I am not so sure we could find her again, due to the fact that we don't know how long she has been missing. It is important to have these details because from that we can tell the estimated search range. Unfortunately, no one seems to know the time she when missing and the maid was either too ignorant or too dumb to answer simple question like who when out or came back between 5pm to 8pm.
Prior to the drama, I was out hiking at Bukit Apeh hills which is tiring but not satisfying at all, I got back home to rest a while and waited for Aurelius to pick me up so that we could go buy some stuff from the digital mall and grab dinner at the same time. It was when we were right in front of the mall when I got the bad news.
I told Aurelius about Layla and that I lost the mood to go to the mall, yet he insisted that we continue on with the plan if we could find a parking. And we did find one, quickly run in and get what we needed and rush over to find Layla. It was actually a good thing that we did go on with the plan, not only I get to save time and got the thing I needed, it helps me with the search as I didn't need to worry about shopping again.
We drove around the area, with our windows down shouting out for Layla as loud as we could. Drive by every street and every park near by but we don't see her anywhere.
We then saw a lady walking her dog so we decided to ask if she seen Layla, "Ya, I saw her by the park just now, she was digging and eating rubbish." I immediately knew it was her, that greedy fella! I gave the lady my number and told her to give me a call if she sees her again. We continue our search for another hour and decided to head back to Audrey's place to get something to drink and at the same time get more details from the maid. It was about 10pm at that point, we were getting drinks and was about to continue the search when someone call up my phone.

"Hello Dennis?"
I didn't know who it was, but in my mind I was hoping that his is not some sales person trying to sell something or someone calling up to ask about tarantulas.
"I heard that your dog missing, I saw her in the rain by the park and bring her back home."
I was so relieve at that point, but where did he got my number? The one thing we didn't do after we found Layla the last time was to give her a dog tag with our phone numbers on it.
Apparently, the lady who I gave my number to earlier was a friend of a friend with the person on the phone and he actually called her asking if she knows anyone lose a dog in the area. It was a complete coincidence that the only person I saw and gave my number to while looking for Layla is an acquaintance of the person who found her.
"You are very lucky." he said after telling me where his place is.

Layla is now safely back at home, sleeping soundly in the living room wearing her make shift dog tag with my number on it, lying right next to the couch I am on while typing this.

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hammer time

Just got myself an 8 pound sledgehammer and a used 4x4 tire recently, I decided to try that instead of going to the gym not only because it's much cheaper than joining a gym. It is also a much interesting method to build up strength and muscles.
I only spend about one hour beating the crap out of the tire switching to different swinging methods after completing every set. Boy can I feel the burn on my back!
Haven't had this sensation for years now!

I do still workout at home or whenever i can after I stopped going to the gym, but it's mostly simply exercises. Nothing as serious as my gym rat days. At my peak, I was pushing 30+kg bench press. Ask me to do it now, I think I'll just become pancake.

I do feel sad looking at old pictures of myself being buffed up, those muscles really shrink if you don't use them and I kept asking myself why didn't I go all the way and keep training. I most likely be able to reach my targeted body weight of 60kg if I did, but as for now my body weight had fell to below the 55kg mark. And yes, I know most people have trouble reducing their body weight yet I am doing the opposite, I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse, but my body weight is always the same, no matter how much or how little I eat. The only time I manage to increase it was by working out with really heavy weights, that only gave me a extra 5kg to my weight.

Hopefully I can gain back the missing 2kg without going to the gym.

Have s great day

Monday, April 18, 2011


I've not written or posted a new post in my blog for so long that some of my friends wonder if I've already forsaken my blog. For myself, I'm not sure of the answer either, let me explain. Sometimes in life, people get lost, either distracted or not sure of their direction, where to go and what to do. To find their way they often look back at the past, comparing now with then, who died? What changed? What made them laugh? What made them cry? I'm actually not in that situation, but the drama helps make this post a little longer.

I think I spend more time reading my older post than writing new ones, not really sure what's the reason but I find that more enjoyable to do but in a way I am trying to find out who I was. It's not like I've got in to an accident and lost my memory but my memory is starting to get bad as I grow older.

Simple things like forgetting my keys or trying to find my wallet in my messy room often fill me with frustration that always make people around me upset. I never have any intention of hurting anyone but sometimes things just happen subconsciously, but I'm really sorry for that.

I remember I used to be very patience in many things I do, well at least much more patience then I am now at least. I cannot stand people telling me what to do when I'm already doing it, like just when I was about to take out the trash, somebody just jumps in and tell me to take out the trash, I know people cannot read my mind but it's just so very annoying. With all that ranting aside, I think the whole point of writing this post is just to write a post and to clearify that this blog is not forsaken, I'm just too damn lazy to write.

Have a Great Day