Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look mom! My Spiders are in the papers!

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"Come see! These 2 are Dennis spiders." My mom proudly said to my aunt showing her the newspaper article on Tarantulas, this is very unusual because my mother would usually nag me about my tarantula keeping hobby, saying it's not clean and all.
Well, having to share room with my tarantulas is a choice I made, there isn't much space in my house for me to keep my collection, plus with all my uncle aunties' kids coming by once in a while the risk of they hurting the tarantula or themselves makes me feel uneasy.
Many relatives and friends ask me "If the spider come out at night and bite you how?"
Well, If I get bitten by a tarantula that escape it's enclosure then I deserve it, however why would a tarantula bite me while I'm in my sleep? They have much more to gain if they hide behind the closet or under the bed.
Will I ever get rid of my tarantulas? I don't know that answer but it excites me just to look at them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wild Weekend Nights

I think I got out of hand this weekend, I was out for nights of parties, loud music, annoying other people, naked people, sex, drugs and alcohol.
It all began on Friday night, I was out for the usual mamak session with my buddies, we were chilling and chatting then suddenly we all agreed (Except Ian because he's still a fan of Kamen Rider) to go to a pub in Hartamas for a little beer.

Biggest Cup of Teh O Ice Limau I had So Far...

I don't usually drink and I got to drive home so I asked for a drink that made everyone laughed, "Hot chocolate". So with a deck of cards and a few games of blackjack, my friends managed to get me to finish my Hot Chocolate and made me drank some "special water".

This proves that beer doesn't glow in the dark

When it was about time to go home, we when to a mamak near the pub to get ourselves "undrunk" or become normal again, while in that process we saw this dude whom was sitting/sleeping near our table. SO... we did what most noble sober guys armed with camera phones would have done in that given situation...

Fat man sleeping (Video By: Not me)

I know it's not a nice thing to do but I really think that if we had another jug of beer or something harder, we would have do terrible things to the sleeping dude for example, tie his shoes laces together, put straws in his ears and nose, put sambal in his drinks, the list goes on. (you don't wanna know what other terrible things me and my friends are capable of)

Saturday night was even more... I don't know how to put it in words, or maybe I just couldn't remember.
My classmates invited me to go clubbing at Rum Jungle KL, I never/don't usually go clubbing, but I don't want to let them down so I joined them.
Once we got in and had a place to sit (or stand, maybe dance), it was vodka cola non stop. Wendy, whom is very eager to see me get drunk made sure I get more vodka and less coke, I don't remember how much I drank that night but I know for sure it was enough to make me drunk. It wasn't a nice feeling I must say, I felt like I've fought with (or being punished by) The Mighty Thor.

Sunday, Timmy finished his training and there was a party in a bar in KL, since he didn't know how to get there, I followed him to show him the way there. This time I didn't get myself involved with alcohol, already drank for the past 2 days plus gotta work tomorrow. So all i did was a little dancing and chilling

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The end is the begining of the end.

Finally! Month end is closing in, this month processing is half way done. All there is to do now is to wait for the data to get processed and back to my side where I'll do the cross checks and then print the handicap cards. Pack them and ship them to the golf clubs. Apart from that, I have to pack the invoices, test out a custom build software which has some issues with the newer version of windows, prepare letters to inform the chairman that the testing on the new system has been done and ask for permission to roll it out. Oh ya! I gotta write meeting minutes, get 2 new PCs from a choice of 3 quotation. I ain't bitching about my job, leaving soon anyway, just want to get things sorted out before I leave

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Longest Post yet!

Yea, I know, I've misbehaved. I've not been writing/posting/updating my blog recently, my friends are asking why didn't I update. I have no reason to that and I admit that I have become lazy.
I deserved to be punish and my first choice of punishment is to be kidnap by a group of vixens wearing kinky tight leather outfit and allowing them to have their ways on me.
However, it's sounds more like a fantasy then punishment and it's very difficult to find enough leather outfits let alone to get a group of vixens so I took on my second choice of punishment, which happens to be to write or make this post as long as possible.
It sounds very easy doesn't it? Well I don't really know how hard it is since I only just started writing.
Lets see now... there are so many things going on since the last time I made my last post, some good, some bad but mostly really boring but some how I know that I am able to entertain some bored souls some where in the planet.
Now. I shall start by congratulating my buddy Timmy.
My brother from another mother

Timmy has graduated from his training, it's the same training I did before and I can see that it has made an impact in his life, he now has a brand spanking new way of seeing things, people and situation. However, he better remember the challenge I have for him.

While Timmy was in training, I was in the battlefield fighting the evil Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun whom decide to have a group of novice/beginner/1st timer armed with crappy ass rented paint ball guns and equipped with goggles that works like much better then a blind fold.
Honestly, I find the experience extremely disappointing, not because my light brown shirt got lots of paint nor because I got shot so many times that I might as well stand in the open. Like I say, most of us were practically wearing a blindfold while Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Paintball-Gun armed with his own custom made to jam the trigger when firing (I'll never forget how many shots hit me in the fucking back just because that custom piece of crap decided to jam up and go full auto), carbon fiber barrel, electric powered round feeder FULLY equipped with sponsored paintball jersey, and a very stylish goggles. All design to allow paint ball pallets to bounce off if they get hit, bloody pussies!

Eugene got shot in the head, proved to us that he got a very hard head

Despite getting shot a few million times, the worst mark I got is just this unnoticeable red mark

I was having lunch at McDonald's during my lunch break a few days back, and I couldn't help but to notice this guy in red sitting outside where I was having my lunch.

God of Gambler?

He may not be the God of Gambler but while I was half way chowing down my Big Mac, he had earned roughly RM20 in just 15 minutes and all he does is repair shoes. I don't know why but one thing I respect the most about this man is that he's determine to just sit there and make a living out of repairing shoes, try asking me to sit still by the sidewalk for 5 minutes, I'll be missing in 15 seconds.

Speaking about missing, I've written my resignation letter and gave it to my "boss". It's not an easy decision to make, plus I believed that someone up there is mocking me, while I was making the decision my managers were talking about young employees leaving once they got a better offer (AKA Job Hopping) , then I got to know that someone in my workplace is gonna get a warning letter (Wasn't me), on the day I intended to hand in my resignation notice my colleague asked me how long I intended to stay with the company while we were having breakfast.
I didn't decide to leave the company because I am not happy with my work place, colleague, etc, nor did I get a better offer from another company.
Reason why I quit? Well, it's not the job I want.

Since we are talking about "Job", my aunt from Penang got to know that I told my mother that I wasn't going to consider the job offer from the Australian embassy, she gave me a call and talk to me about "If I were you ... ", "What you should do...", "If you don't do this, you'll end up like so and so."
While she's still telling me what to do, a song was playing in my mind and it was Jon Bon Jovi's It's My Life. I kept resisting singing out loud the whole time when she trying to drill my skull, trying to make get me to do what's best for myself, or something like that...

Look at the Pretty Flower

About this flower... no comment, saw it in the garden, like it, take out phone, set to camera, and snap.



Last weekend, Randy organized a gathering because some reporter dude wants to interview him on keeping tarantula, looking at the reporter face when he sees the tarantula really makes me laugh, he was kinda freaked out while the photographer he brought along was like "Wow! Neat!"*Snap Snap*
The gathering wasn't too great IMO, there were a lot of thing that made me unhappy there but the worst one is having the staff from McDonald to chase us off saying that our pets are not clean and etc. I wonder how much that fool know about tarantulas to make that statement, plus we spotted crap load of roaches running about. How clean is that?

Lastly, I got a love confession to make.....

I want to confess my love...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

And along comes a spider...

Everyone! Say hello to "fireball", she is one of the many tarantulas that can be found in my collection. Actually I don't name any of my pet tarantulas, however I'll be calling her Fireball just for fun now.
Fireball is actually a Mexican Fire Leg (brachypelma boehmei) she's about 5 inches in leg span and is about 2 years old. Fireball is a very shy and quiet girl, her favorite pass time includes hiding in the dark and pouncing on moving insects like crickets, meal worm and cockroaches.
Fireball may look very intimidating to most people, but she is just like an old angry
spinster, looks scary and the only difference is that Fireball isn't annoying or harmful.
Even thou Fireball isn't as harmful as a spinster, is it not recommended to lay your hands on her, she runs a strictly see but no touch policy. I must warn you, she bites!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cheap plastic crap

I believe most of us know seen a similar water dispenser before but how many of you ever wonder how the hell does that cheap plastic crap carry the weight of the water?

This unit here is the one that the company I work for have in the pantry, and guess what? I broke it! How? Well, it was empty and I wanted to put on a new giant bottle/keg/whatever so that everyone (including myself) could have "fresh" hot and warm water.
However, the weight of the water + me pushing the damn thing in place caused the top plastic cover to crack and the back cover to break open.

The back of the dispenser

I say: 'It's time to get a new one.'

Monday, August 6, 2007

OK GO - Do what you want

The song says it all, and that's how I operate.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Where is the flag?

No Flag No Love? (Click to enlarge)

It's August now, and this is the time where everyone will be putting up the Malaysia flag in front of their buildings, shop, etc... I can't help but to question, why are they putting up the flag? Is it because that they really love the country? or did they put it up just because the shop next door is having one? or is it because if they don't put the flag up, business will turn bad?
Is it really true that if I don't put up a flag in front of my building, that makes me a non-patriotic person?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm sorry spidey

Magic shroom!?

Ever since I started working, I didn't had anytime for anything else, not even for my pets tarantulas... and as you can see, I'm running a mushroom farm even with my lack of time.
Golfers handicap cards: For 135 golf clubs around Malaysia

I have been giving my tarantulas very little attention now, some that usually hide in their burrow and unseen for months are now out, obvious sign that I haven't been feeding them enough, my meal worm tin is drying up too, guess it's about time I go to the pet shop again before any of them die.