Monday, August 27, 2007

Wild Weekend Nights

I think I got out of hand this weekend, I was out for nights of parties, loud music, annoying other people, naked people, sex, drugs and alcohol.
It all began on Friday night, I was out for the usual mamak session with my buddies, we were chilling and chatting then suddenly we all agreed (Except Ian because he's still a fan of Kamen Rider) to go to a pub in Hartamas for a little beer.

Biggest Cup of Teh O Ice Limau I had So Far...

I don't usually drink and I got to drive home so I asked for a drink that made everyone laughed, "Hot chocolate". So with a deck of cards and a few games of blackjack, my friends managed to get me to finish my Hot Chocolate and made me drank some "special water".

This proves that beer doesn't glow in the dark

When it was about time to go home, we when to a mamak near the pub to get ourselves "undrunk" or become normal again, while in that process we saw this dude whom was sitting/sleeping near our table. SO... we did what most noble sober guys armed with camera phones would have done in that given situation...

Fat man sleeping (Video By: Not me)

I know it's not a nice thing to do but I really think that if we had another jug of beer or something harder, we would have do terrible things to the sleeping dude for example, tie his shoes laces together, put straws in his ears and nose, put sambal in his drinks, the list goes on. (you don't wanna know what other terrible things me and my friends are capable of)

Saturday night was even more... I don't know how to put it in words, or maybe I just couldn't remember.
My classmates invited me to go clubbing at Rum Jungle KL, I never/don't usually go clubbing, but I don't want to let them down so I joined them.
Once we got in and had a place to sit (or stand, maybe dance), it was vodka cola non stop. Wendy, whom is very eager to see me get drunk made sure I get more vodka and less coke, I don't remember how much I drank that night but I know for sure it was enough to make me drunk. It wasn't a nice feeling I must say, I felt like I've fought with (or being punished by) The Mighty Thor.

Sunday, Timmy finished his training and there was a party in a bar in KL, since he didn't know how to get there, I followed him to show him the way there. This time I didn't get myself involved with alcohol, already drank for the past 2 days plus gotta work tomorrow. So all i did was a little dancing and chilling

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