Thursday, November 15, 2007

What it feels like to touch a heart?

Did community service again last weekend, what's different this time is I was asked a question
"What was it you experienced while doing community service?"
A simple answer to that question would be "I feel good."Yet again, what is it about the experience that makes me feel good?
Limy, Shanker, Sin and Tenten entertaining the orphans
Now, what is the whole reason why I do community service?
Certainly I don't need to do it, even if I stop doing community service no magical bolt of lighting will come down from the heavens and strike me to my death.
The only reason why I do it is because I want to.
Why do I want to do community service?
Not because I want fame, no idea how would that bring me fame if I do community service, yet some how rather I want to do community service because I want to get out there and touch some one's life, because I believe that if I do good to one human being, I'll be empowering them to become hopeful for their life, then they will know that there are people willing to give them support and this will allow them to become passionate about their life and by doing that they will do the same and reach out to other human beings. So from one I can reach out to many, it may sounds like a pyramid scheme, I agree to that. It is what it is and at least I believe that it is good.

Limy and Tenten writing name tags for everyone

Back to the main question of what is my experience when doing community service?
Simple, when ever I do community service I experience gratitude the most.
Gratitude because I could move around freely without the need of a wheelchair, gratitude because I still have my family and friends, gratitude because I am not bed ridden or having a deadly disease.
I may sound like a bastard for comparing my life with theirs, but quite frankly I am a bastard who takes the trouble to put himself in the shoes of those who are in need giving them support, love and care.

Sin Playing "Santa"

"Santa" ran out of gifts, go whip the elves!

It may seem hopeless because there are a lot of people whom are in need, I agree to that being a valid reason, and yet if I help one human being to have hope in life, I'm certain that at least I made a difference for that person.
In the end even if I die right at this moment, I'll still be alive in that person's memories.

And after the show, we pose!

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pH said...

Proud of you, son... Haha! Long time didn't call u like this wei~ Got this link from ur msn status, so came to have a look ;) Cheers~