Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life on Cameron Highland

Looking out a window in the house of an Orang Asli
Gone away to Cameron Highland early this morning to meet a few people there today, some how this trip feels more like an escape from city life.

Being with the people there is like getting high on drugs, everyone is so happy and relax there that I got no option but to surrender whatever is ticking in my mind because it doesn't matter anymore since I am now at Cameron Highland.
Almost there

Spider was here!

Wall of butterflies

What size?

Funky flower

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is a wheelchair

A standard wheelchair
I have a wheelchair at home. How come I got a wheelchair at home? Let's just say a 2 wheel scooter is no match for a lorry.
Well... the real reason why it is here is because a relative have a bad leg and needed to be on a wheelchair for some time however she refuse to been seen on a wheelchair as if it's a curse.
One of the silly things that I do sometimes is sit in the wheelchair just to have a feel of what it's like, when I was younger I used to think it's fun to sit in a wheelchair and move around without the need to walk, it's no fun at all going places is like going trough an obstacle course. Stairs and platforms becomes out of bound, going from point A to point B needs alot of consideration and I managed to get myself stuck in the toilet.
I've asked a few disabled people and they told me that when they started using the wheelchair, it was't easy to move around at all, it takes alot of practice to get used to the thing but the thing is not everyone knows this, the standard wheelchair itself is not light, it is ass heavy and takes alot of energy to move around in one. Well at least now that you've read this you'ld know.

Actually you can have fun in any given situation.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When everything is wrong...

Off topic:
3 younger cousins says:
oh tell me when you post it . i wanna read.. do something with humans.
Me says:
I'm doing something about myself
Me says:
will tell you once i post
3 younger cousins says:
and in your blog, type there "i have three absolutely smart younger cousins. i can't tell you their names though. but they're very very brilliant!":P

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sungei Perting Fall Trip

Saturday morning, the trekking group meet up at Seng Keong's place all ready to go in to the jungle to feed leeches and find a waterfall. However one thing wasn't decided yet... where to go?
After a very short decision making, we found ourselves having breakfast at Bukit tinggi village ready to trek to Sungai Perting Falls.
The group consist of:

  • Seng Keong (Fisherman accountant)
  • Yee Leng (SK's GF)
  • De Way (unnamed)
  • Aurelius (Crocs lover)
  • Voon Loong (Lost Slipper to river)
  • Linus (Frog)
  • Chen Kim (Karete Girl from Penang)
  • Justin (Penang dude)
  • and myself (Spider)

The trek there is quite easy, we spent less then an hour and there were only some parts we needed to climb over or under some trees that fell because of a landslide.
The place itself is beautiful, the spot we rest and kept our things is just like like a sandy beach facing the waterfall, the plungpool is enormous and really deep, it's an excellent place to swim as long as you don't go too near the fall, I regret not bringing my goggles! It would have been nice to explore the bottom of the pool since the water is clear and there were plenty of drift wood at the bottom, will bring one on my next trip.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The World I Know...

I had lost my understanding on humanity, every single day there is murder, rape, killing, kidnapping and other crimes in the news. I couldn't understand why would human beings would continuously harm their own kind, most animals wouldn't even harm their own kind to ensure the survival of their own species. Have we as human beings forgotten this simple rule and become selfish for our own benefit? It is already bad enough that we are still TRYING to save or preserve our environment, still there are people out there harming others. (Smokers INCLUDED! Yes you!)
Is there a way to make it all stop without the destruction of mankind?
I don't know what else can be done, so while some kid somewhere play with his xbox, or while some guy complaining his car isn't sporty enough, or while some politician is getting VIP threatment just because he have a title before his name, while they pretend that all the trouble the world face will not affect them or their love ones. I'll pray...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things to do before I die

1. Become International Man of Mystery
2. Save World from Certain Doom
3. Find True Love
4. Go To Outer Space
5. Travel Through Time, Backward and Forward
6. Be Cryogenically Frozen
7. Catch Dr. Evil in the First Act
8. Threesome with Japanese Twins
9. Earn Daddy's Respect

(Austin Powers List in Goldmember, 2002)

Standing in front of 170 people, Matt was reading the life goals of John Goddard, and at one part he said...
"This one is specially for Dennis. 'Study dragon lizards on Komodo Island.'"

I still can remember what Matt said during the LP rally on goals, and one of the things that inspires me the most that day was the story of John Goddard.
John is an adventurer, at the age of 15 (1940) he sat in his kitchen and wrote 127 things that he wanted to do troughout his life. Some of the goals are to circumnavigate the globe, light a match with .22 rifle, climb Mt. Everest, type 50 words a minute and so on. His original goal list can be found on his website, today he has more then 400 goals and 80% or more accomplished.
It must have feel great to accomplish so many thing, imagine doing half the things on his list!Then again I guess I'll start my own list.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Beekeeper Who Stood on the World

On 29th May 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reach the peak of Mount Everest putting their names in a chapter of the history book as the first people to reach the world's highest peak

On 11th January 2008, Sir Edmund Hillary who is the icon of Mount Everest passed away.
The world moans for the loss of Sir Edmund Hillary however the legend of the Beekeeper, Mountaineer, World explorer... Hero, will forever be remembered and will continue to be an inspiration for many generations to come.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Put away your phone!

I was driving my mom earlier this afternoon and while waiting at the traffic light I got an SMS, since it's a RED LIGHT I decided to take a quick look at the SMS.
"Put away your phone while driving! later kena saman how?" My mom shouted.
Instead of putting away my phone I gave her a big smile and started to debate about what she just said.
I agree that it is not safe to drive while holding or pushing buttons on a cellphone and it should not be done at all, however the reason I debated about my mother's comment is because I feel that the reason isn't the right one. Instead of saying that it is not safe to drive with a cellphone bacause that action may cause an accident, she strongly stated that getting a ticket is the main concern. It just makes it sounds to me as if money is more important then a person's safety or life. It's not only my mom, many family members and friends do say something like that too sometimes, i.e. Put on your seat belt, this area got alot of police or Don't run red light, who knows if the place got camera. Are people now putting on seat belts for the wrong reason? Have we come to a time where safety is not our concern but getting a ticket is?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goodbye old friends! Hello... what's your name?

Good Bye Number 1

It' been more then a month now since I last seen Doggie, on the day before he gone missing I already felt uncomfortable as if something very bad has happen but I don't know what.
Only when I reach home I learned that my old friend has gone missing...
I don't know where you are old pal I really ran out of places to search for you, I'm sorry if I had mistreated you and I will always remember you and the time we've spent together.

Good Bye Number 2

The Tank!

Since the 1st day I got my drivers license, I've been driving an oversized vehicle which I nick named it "The Tank".
There is something very special about this vehicle that actually made me care for it so much, it is actually the last vehicle my dad got before leaving to a better place.
For the past 10 years, The Tank never did give us any problems at all, driving it fills me with a sense of security as if there is a Guardian protecting anyone who is in it.

And the Hello, What's your name...

Mom brought back a dog from her trip to Malacca, reason for it that she don't feel safe if there is no dog in the house since Doggie has gone missing. And since grandpa wanted to give away one, my mom took it back home with her.
Mom is not really creative when it comes to giving names, all her suggestions are limited to Nini, Bibi, Gigi, Lili, Didi and anything else with 2 "I".
I'm just gonna call it 'Null' for now unless my mom or someone comes up with a better name for her.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

What top secret mission?

OK, I must admit that I have been secretive to my friends and family about some of the activities that I've been involved in. It's not that I do not want to tell you what I am up to before I go but the organisers did not tell me where and what am I going for, not that I didn't ask. However, I only know that it's is going to be something worth going and I trust them enough to pay and do what they have installed.
Unfortunately, it's not a 24 hour sex exercise with a hot babe like some of you think. Let me use this post to tell you what has happen for me this weekend and you'll understand (Then again, you might not but I'm gonna go on and blog about it anyway)
The boy in the picture above is Zul Hairy, I call him Zul for short. Zul is an orphan from Darul Izzah Orphanage.

I do not need to prove anything but here it is anyway

Why do I introduce Zul?
The reason is that the organizers has arranged for us to meet 130+ orphans to have them to enjoy a day in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, and the first thing we did is get on the "Eye on Malaysia".

They don't look so happy cause it is hot in that thing and it's our 8th round in the Ferris wheel.

Actually I was disrupted from taking care of Zul, another boy was being... a little boy! Well actually his caretaker teased him and he ran away from her, I saw him climbing the fence while waiting for our turn so I carried him so that he can sit on the fence but he didn't let go of me... He just wants to be carried! It's OK to carry him since he's young and not that heavy but then I'll have to pay attention to 2 person at the same time. 1 run left, 1 run right, sure die.

Thank goodness that later after the ride I manage to hand the boy back to his caretaker and have my attention focus on Zul. Second thing on the agenda was T-shirt painting, I asked Zul to draw on an A4 of what he want on his T-shirt so that I can draw it out on the shirt and later we could paint it together.

Zul's Painted T-Shirt

Ninja Turtle vs Some guy with colors in his face.

Every one's high on balloons

Well, you get the picture. I don't want to continue to explain because it's just too long winded to just talk about 1st part of day one. I'll just say Zul enjoyed his time, same goes to the others 130+ orphans.
Now, after that we are asked to go on the bus to go to another location, I have no idea where we are going, even the bus driver wouldn't tell us but we soon find ourselves at Genting View Resort for...

All LP Rally T Shirt logo design

...Non other then the All LP Rally. I'm a little too lazy to go in to the details on what happend during the Rally so I'm just gonna use some keywords:
-Treasure Hunt
-Learned how to fold origami crane
-Ropes course
-One of a kind bond fire
-Ate whole watermelon
-Drank coke using small straw
-Giant Jigsaw Puzzle
-Dance and Performance
-Another Poem

I'm willing to talk about it but I'm too lazy to type it out so if your curiosity is killing you, do whatever it takes to cure it :P

All LP Rally pendents, 2 piece combines to become one

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tarantula Run!

I turn my room upside down not because I was cleaning it but...

...because this little guy manage to escape.

This is my second tarantula escape this week and before this I never had any tarantula escape, the one that escaped today is a Brachypelma auratum (Mexican Flame Knee), this bugger manage to push open the cover of it's enclosure and escape. Luckily I was able find it under my bed.
The first escapee isn't that lucky thou, 6 inches female Haplopelma Lividum (Cobalt Blue Tarantula), somehow she manage to rip apart the silicon that was holding the hinges and squeeze out from a small opening.
My mom spotted it walking out of my room and yelled for me to recapture it, I ran upstairs and try to stop it from entering my mother's room and it made a quick dash and fell off the stairs. The fall results in a badly ruptured abdomen, the tarantula died an hour later after a few attempts to save it.
It's really sad to see it go like that, it was one of the tarantula that I had when I first started, watching it grow to it's size now and it is quite huge in size really, I've never seen any other specimen of the same species as big as the one I had.
It wouldn't end up this way if I were to make sure my enclosures are secured.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The smoker told me that softdrinks are bad for health

Timmy invited the gang for steamboat at his place last night, he told everyone to bring something and Chicken was in charge of bringing the drinks.

Dennis: what drinks are you bringing?
Chicken: Ribena...
Chicken: okie ar?
Dennis: nothing else ar?
Chicken: Ribena + nana decoco + fruit brunch
Dennis: okie
Chicken: i really dont know what 7 to buy...
Dennis: root beer, Kickapoo
Chicken: i dont wan to bring soft drink... not good for health.
Dennis: LOL, coming from a smoker!!!

I do this all the time, if you smoke and you want to talk to me about healthy lifestyle, you are asking me to mock you. It's not that smokers don't have the right to talk about living healthy but talking about it while smoking death sticks is not going to help improve your health, and that action speaks louder then whatever "I must eat more green, jog 5 hours a day blah blah blah.", *puff puff*.

But seriously... what makes people smoke?
Some people told me that they smoke to socialize.
Does that means I that if I don't smoke I can't meet people and make new friends?

Horse poop!

The usual smoker's answer would be: "No no, It will be much easier for you to socialize with people."
Right... In what way does it make it easier? I wouldn't approch someone who not only has the intention to kill himself/herself but also who is ignorent enough make the people around them suffer. Plus I don't find it hard to socialize with people even thou I'm not an expert in that, but I think it will be a challenge for me to talk with something burning sticking out of my mouth.

Some say to reduce stress,
STRESS? Smoking stresses your body immune system, in the long run more stress will come from the medical bills.

Why am I against smoking so much?
This you got to ask my father.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



Good Bye 2007, it was a a great year and I sure did learned alot about myself, family, friendship, and life.
Hello 2008, I don't know what to expect but whatever it is.

Bring it on!