Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sungai Ampang Falls

I'm back from Sungai Ampang Falls! I have to say things didn't go as well as planned.

First off, the GPS's batteries died on our way there, and there goes our only guide to the falls. No one else had been to the place so we are going there pratically blindfolded.

Luckily there got Pak guard to give us the directions on how to go to the falls, using a pen he drew a "S" on my palm and tell me that the waterfall is at the end of the "S". Helpful I guess...

Following his instructions we trek, and we were lost... according to the Pak Guard, we are supposed to hear the sound of waterfall at about 45 minutes of trekking, we treked for more then an hour and there is no slightest sound of water flowing. BAH! WRONG Trail!

We turned back and try a diffrent way.

I was leading the group and I believe I walked a little too fast, so I came to a clearing near the path and waited there for the rest to arrive, it didn't take long for 2 guys from the group to reach where I was waiting. We were messing around with a captured giant ant when all of a sudden I heard people running and screaming behind me, It was the other 4 from our group and they look really terrified as if something is going to eat them. I quickly reach for my machete and waited for the "thing" to appear, I didn't know what to expect but I think I was already in killing mode.

A large breed dog appear, and it was wagging it's tail having fun chasing people. (I was hoping for a wild boar!!! Curry Wild Boar!)

It stood there playfully and a human voice could be heard from a distant, it's the dog's owner saying sorry and that his dog is tame and it's just very playful.

The place is a really nice place except for the noise pollution from the construction site near by.


heidi said...

hahaha... you sound so macho when the "wild boar" approached. :P

eh, so dangerouslah. Why didn't u guys hire a guide or something? >_<
Later lost then how? >_<

HuonHengChai said...

LOL! I got a name to take care of.

if hire guide then not much fun already, somemore my friends are quite experienced in not getting lost. :P

If lost only hire guide lo ^_^

pH said...

Are u allowed to bring "mama" along? I wanna go i wanna go! Bring me bring me! Bring me next time!

HuonHengChai said...

anytime can organize one, no rules said that i am not allow to bring people in.

Linus Linnaeus said...

Damn it...paddy field trip i wanted to bring you and this you didn't call me????? wei friend...don't me me me me me me me me me me!

bring me!