Saturday, June 30, 2007

Penang Island wedding (Part I)

Drove up to Penang this morning to attend my half sister's wedding dinner, the journey was boring as I was feeling tired and very sleepy, tried to talk to my mom so that I could put my mind into working mode and keep myself awake but sadly all the topics that I created are answered with very simple and short answers. Ran out of topic plus I was feeling too tired to drive on so I told my mom to take over the wheel.
Weather here in Penang is crazy, it's extremely hot, I've soak my shirt with sweat and all I want to do is just take a nap. The sore throat is not helping here too, thank goodness grandma made me her special miracle tea (It's just honey water), only one cup and I'm eating durian again! It's really great to be in Penang seeing all my relatives.

Check out how united are we at eating

The wedding dinner was fantastic! The food was good, the company better and the stage performers was OK but I can see that they are doing their best to entertain the guests. At least I know I had fun dancing and getting myself "partially" drunk. Yes! I'm drinking even thou the sore throat is strong in me. It's not like a little bit of wine is going to kill me.

Sway with you I shall

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why would anyone wants to rent a store room?

Wasn't feeling well for the past 2 days, got no idea why but I "blame" the prawns in Tesco, my finger got quite a bad cut from the shrimp's telson (The sharp thing located at the rear end of the shrimp) while I was taking the groceries out of the shopping cart. I was down with fever, sore throat, and cough (Headache too because it comes with the package). On Tuesday I was starting to feel weak, using a hammer proved to be a challenge and my buddy (Ian) could see that a dead fish is much more alive then I was then, slept for a few hours cause I wanted to attend my friends fell well party at 8pm.
The next day, I stayed in bed most of the time, the only time I get off from bed is when I needed to go to the washroom, get a fresh ice pack for the head, something to drink and when my Grand Aunt shouted for me to open the door non stop for God-knows-how-long. It was until Ian came over and nearly broke my door down that got me awake, he wanted to finish up his Kamen Rider display and worships me as handyman so that I would help him with the dirty work.
What really got me going was him asking me if I wanted to head to the gym that night itself something that I wanted to do while I was still feeling sick, and I am not ready to allow a little headache and a sore throat to stop me from a session in the gym.
Unfortunately, chick got in the way and the gym session wasn't possible, to cut long story short, girl needed to find a place for boyfriend to stay, boyfriend is one of the picky kinda, girl was discussing the rental with the landlord while communicating with picky boy friend which is a time consuming process, Ian being a gentle man wasn't gonna allow the girl(s) to walk home on their own that late.
Why can't the guy find a place to stay on his own? Yea, he stays in JB, so? it's not like there are no buses that comes down to KL from JB and I don't recall any oceans between KL and JB either. I know this actually proves nothing but I just want to bitch about not being able to go to the gym plus I stepped on dog poop after visiting the dumb "cina-pek" (As Ian calls it) landlord's place.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Claymation try out

When I was still in primary school, I used to play with modelling clay (or better known as Plasticine) I've made a landscape with flowing water (River) and dinosaurs for my school's science project, it's only until a few weeks back a friend of mine show me his work on claymation which inspires me and made me want to try it myself. So I bought 3 pack of modelling clay and using an old web cam, this was the first thing that came up.

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Yay! It's moving! And yes, I know there is no sound (Animated Gif Mah!), will work on that department once I get the hang of this.
First try was a walk in the park, so I decided to try something more challenging, which is to make the clay figure move around more, and this is how it turned out;

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(WARNING! Slow Loading Content)

The result is a 3 mb+ animated Gif of a headless yellow man looking for his head, quite easy to make still there are alot of technics that I had to learn (that means get more clay to play with).

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Smashing Pumpkins are BACK!!!

HELL YEAH! The Pumpkins are Back! After so long they finally got back together and are about to release their first album since they returned in 2006, the album is called Zeitgeist and it is to be released on July 10, 2007 which includes tracks like;

1.Doomsday Clock
2.7 Shades of Black
3.Bleeding the Orchid
4.That's The Way (My Love Is)
7.United States
9.Bring the Light
10.(Come On) Let's Go!
11.For God and Country
12.Pomp and Circumstances

The first single of this album is "Tarantula" and their track (Doomsday Clock) is one of the feature track of the Transformer movie soundtrack.

Talk about tarantula...
Helped a friend to deliver a tarantula this evening and something struck my mind. People are staring at me and the tarantula, they were looking at us as if were just came off an alien space craft... and I was wondering who's getting all the attention, so me (The self proclaim quite good looking 4 eyed geek) and the tarantula (freak with 8 eyes and legs) had a attention whore show down.
OK fine, I lose hands down actually, the tarantula on the restaurant table bring waves and waves of people over to my table asking me about the tarantula, there were even girls who did purposely walk by my table a few times trying to take a look at the container on the table, next time I gotta tell them it's easier for them to just talk to me and ask if they could have a look.
Yes, I know it's not usual for people to carry a 4 to 5 inches spider in a container walking around or eating in the restaurant, but the amount of people looking was very much like standing on stage in front of 300 people.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Look alike?

Messing around and found this site that will recognize your face and compare it with a bunch of famous people.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

All work but no bones

Gone all the way to Ampang Jaya for work, I've never drove there alone before and I'm not really good with roads outside of Petaling Jaya so armed with a map drawn by my mom, I ventured to "uncharted" territory and as usual I got lost but I managed to find the site.
My work today is very simple, go to site, check all PCs' software product ID and run disk defragmentation.
There is about 18 PC at the location which is very little compared to the sites I've been assigned to in the past. The site have mostly clones except for a MAC running Windows XP and a few units of Acer PCs, this is very different from what I've done, all these while I've been dealing with branded PCs like IBM, Dell, lenovo and etc, big companies can afford to buy PC's in bulk or getting a lease from the PC manufacturers.
This company that I was assigned to however, is considered as a small business, this means there is no stupid policies that I have to deal with. Usually big companies have their own set of rules or so called policies before you can do something, say example a user wants me to install a software on his/her PC, he/she have to first request and had it approved by the manager or department head, the manager then will request this by e-mail or letter sent to the I.T. department and the I.T. department will take action depending on the situation, if they already have the software then they will install it or if they don't have it they will write to the accounts department to seek approval on the purchase from vendors.
The waiting time is a pain in the ass, even if you are ready to install the software, you will have to wait until the company approves it. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with that kind of rubbish today, or else it will take dacades to finish up my work, having to wait for users is already bad enough but this can be overcome by making use of their lunch time as time for action.
The hard part of this job is because they lack policies they dont really keep their software CDs properlly, most of the time I spent today goes there, the non technical work which involves matching 25 digits product keys from the PCs to the actual installation CDs, and it's always the simple work that gets you out of your mind, the company have a thing at not keeping their inventories and it took me ages to find a few CDs.
I got home at about 6 and work doesn't stop there, there is paper work I must attend to and the report must reach the company as soon as possible, it didn't take me long to get it done, had dinner and take a nap since I want to make sure that I'm alert when I meet my friends for a drink later, taking that as a reward for myself since I've been out working the whole day. It's a sad thing that I woke up at 10.40pm and my friends usually hang out until 11pm, I feel very disappointed for not being able to make it, I haven't seen my friends for a long time and I've just missed the chance to see them today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paper mache attempt

About a week ago, I found a whole lots of paper under my bed, I don't know where they come from but I had to clean up my room, I didn't want to just throw them away wasn't a good thing to do for the environment and I was feeling a little artistic so I put them all in a big plastic bin and mix it with water so that the paper could break down and become clay-like.
I now have a bin full of paper waiting to become something, I just hope it wont become smelly or something.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Dad has been gone for 9 years 7 months now, but it feels like that he's been gone just yesterday.
I know that he's shining down on me up above so I want to say this to my Dad
"Happy Father's day, I love you and I miss you, it has been a pleasure to be your son and I regret that I've never told you how I feel when you were around."

Anyway, I've completed my training, best 5 days of my life.


This (the title) may mean nothing to most people but I just want it posted here so I could remember it

Saturday, June 16, 2007

10+ years friendship vs 3 days friendship

Third day of the training, I've begin to become aware of many things and one of it is the people around me, people who are in my life, friends to be more specific. Well yea, I got a lot of friends but I’m not sure how many even care to know what’s going on with my life. I made a lot of friends during the training, and these are not “I’m your friend because I know who you are” friends, believe it or not, these people are friends because they care, these people are not afraid to show it, they are willing to do whatever takes to create a good relationship with the people around them. NO SHIT ABOUT IT!!!!
My buddy from the training calls me to make sure that I woke up and ready to go for the training for the past few days. I doubt more then 80% of my friends would do the same thing for me and I’m not joking here! It really reflects where I have been in my friendships.
On another event, I called a friend whom I knew for a decade now to do me a favor, I needed to get a RM10 top up card and since I couldn’t leave the training I called him up and trusting him that he would help me with it and SMS me the top up code and guess what!? He didn’t do it… reason being is he thinks that I would call another person to do it (WTF!?) and I didn’t answer my call (I’m attending training, Hello…?).
Seriously, I don’t know who can I trust and relay on anymore, I was insignificant to my friend, I’ve forgive him for a past mistake and today it happened again, based on result he’s telling me that “OH! My friendship with Dennis is not IMPORTANT! I’ll just forget what he asked me to do and do what I want to do”.
I guess I have to rethink about my relationship with the people around me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scared Shitless... Me?

Non of my friends would believe it if I told them I'm afraid of something, I'd even bet a hundred bucks that they would say that I'm lying if i said that. However I was scared shit-less the whole day today and it's only the first day of my 5 days training. There are already people who were asked to leave/quit/escape the training, 12 hours of military style bashing by a huge American, this shit is really fucking scary and I must say that you DO NOT WANT to mess with this guy.

Now I fully understand why Alvin advised me to "hang in there", it is bloody difficult and scary at the same time, sadly that advice isn't really much of an advice because just by "Hanging in there" I'm not going to be a source nor am I going have experience this as it is.

I really don't think everyone will return for the training, everyone was pissed, angry and scared. One must have real strong will and balls of fucking steel (and I mean indestructible balls!) to pull through this kind of training, I'm not kidding! This American trainer/coach makes HELL looks like Disneyland, it's only the first day and I'm already going crazy... yet I want to complete this only 4 more days until it's done.
Got to make sure I stay strong because I don't know how I'm going to face the people around me and most importantly myself if I give up.
Oh! Alvin gave me another advice which is "Don't be late.", I'm usually punctual but I think that's a great advice, I have to make it a point to be early and make sure everyone else does the same too or else a blood bath is guaranteed!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I need a hair cut

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My hair, this is one part of my body I don’t really like. It’s not like I’m balding or anything but I seriously think that my hair is much denser then most people, plus having slightly curly hair makes things worst. The reason why I say this is because to style my hair is like moving the ocean, no matter how I comb it, it will still move back to its original position.
Someone actually asked my to use hair styling gel, to get me to apply hair gel is even harder; I find it awfully disgusting to have that shit on my head, I don’t know how to put it in words but the best way to say it is like having fragrant shit all over your head.
I wanted to go to the barber for a hair cut but my time only allows me to go to the barber only when they are closed. I wish they remained open for a little longer…

9 hours from how, I’ll attend a very demanding training (5 days straight, taking up about 12 hours per day) which might decide how well I’ll live my life in the future. I’m feeling excited, nervous and a little confused as I’m still not clear of my goals, this is mainly because I got too many options to choose from and most of these options are something I like or wish to do unfortunately I can’t choose em’ all since I can’t possibly have everything that I want and time is the biggest issue. Well… before I make any more decisions I think I best go to bed now and finish off my training.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Long Drive

Drove around for most of the time today, I knew it was going to be a "run- around" day because I had to pick up aunt Evan, her kids and friends from LCCT, they are back from their holiday in Langkawi and mom was coming back from Johor this evening, in between that I had to meet up with Eu Jin’s dad, Mr. Sim, to show him the ol’ faithful Toyota Unser which I was thinking of trading off for a smaller car.
Got a call from Timmy asking for a favor before I was about to get ready to head out, he wanted to send his car for some repairs and needed me to pick him up from the workshop. Lucky for him, I still had some time before my first task so I prepared and got over to his place and followed him to the workshop.
The workshop is called ASL and it is located at no. 35, PJU 5/12 Kota Damansara and is owned by a few friends of ours. After dropping Timmy’s car at the workshop, we head down to Sepang and thank God that Timmy was willing to follow me to Sepang or else I’d be late to pick up my aunt plus it is boring to drive around alone.
Picking up aunt Evan and gang from the airport was the easy part, the hard part was to avoid her offer to bring us somewhere for lunch, I was quite hungry but I still have other things to do, that is to drop them off to Sri Damansara and Bandar Utama then go meet Mr. Sim at Damansara Utama and later on I had to pick up my mom from Mid Vally (Not a fun place to be driving around on a Sunday, I assure you that)
After dropping my aunt off and meeting Mr Sim, I was thinking that I now have a little time before I go pick up mom so it was time for mamak. We head down to Kota Damansara and to a place called Khalifah Bistro. I ordered a Nasi Patayya and made it clear that I don’t want any chili sauce on my Patayya and Timmy ordered a Roti Canai.
We later found out that the place has no Dhal and if you don’t want chili sauce, they will give you a lot of pepper. Food there was more horrible then eating from a can of tuna, didn’t really enjoy the meal and I had vow not to go there again and TELL THE WHOLE WORLD NOT TOO EITHER!
The whole day I had a few things in mind, this whole “turning-point-of-your-life” this is getting me more and more every day. What is it that I really want in my life? Something is not right but I just don’t know what it is right now. I really hope I can make it through this week and be clear of my future.

Blog Migration

After a few days of messing around and decision making, I've decided to continue blogging on bloggers rather than doing it on bravenet.
I'll leave the old posts there (Only 4 or 5 of them) and leave everything as it is.
The link to my old blog (not even a month old) is