Monday, April 13, 2009

The Trail Trackers' Guide to Penang

Cruising on the highway at sure-kena-saman speed, Eddie leads the pack of 9 (or was it 13) of us to the glorious land of Penang Island. With his not-so-trusty GPS and con job speed trap detection device we drove ahead, stopping by Ipoh for some dim sum breakfast at Restaurant Foh San and as usual we gotta wait/compete with other hungry people for a place to seat. For me it's just another place to fill my stomach, been there so many times that the romance of it is gone.

Siew Mai with expiry date

After our dim sum and coffee stop in Ipoh, we continue on north-bound towards Penang, we stopped at a few rest stops to regroup, the others couldn't really cope with Eddie's superb driving skills, one of the cars even overheated and had to be sent to the mechanic in Penang.

So hard to choose

On the Penang Bridge, we were discussing which hotel should we check into, Peking Hotel and Malaysia Hotel were among the suggested place to stay. Both are at about the same rate and they are both on the same street facing each other. It is when we arrived at the street to have a look at the hotel that we knew which one would be a better choice. A 4 stories hotel that look run down on the outside cannot be a better compared to the 10 stories Malaysia Hotel.

Almost RM7 Char Kway Teow

Once we checked in the hotel and refresh ourselves, we continued on foot to Lorong Selamat for some famous Char Kway Teow, I didn't really get to have a taste to tell how good or bad was it but I get so see some drama between Eddie and the Kway Teow seller. seems like there was a fuss about a few of us changing table after making our order which confused the sellers. Eddie is usually calm didn't look too happy about being scolded for switching tables made the decision to cancel the order and go else where, so our next destination was to Lorong Baru for some pig intestine porridge and other stuff like that, the ideal time to be there is about 7 which is dinner time however we were there kinda early to try anything that's really good other then the porriage.

After our eating spree at Lorong Baru, we move on like invading vikings to Lebuh Keng Kwee for cendol. No Penang trip is complete without cendol on Lebuh Keng Kwee, there is no way to describe how good it is, you can only try to know.
No matter what, this chendol is a must for anyone who's visiting Penang.

Eddie agrees

After cendol we made our move back to the hotel to take a break from all that eating, took shower and play cards, we waited for Eddie's friend to take us to dinner at Balik Pulau's Bukit Genting Hill. The restaurant is actually located on top of the hill and it is a great spot to watch the sun set while having dinner, the food there it just average but it is possible that I was too full from the eating spree... nah!
The place has a stunning view and a cooling atmosphere that's for sure, so it's still good and worth it in my book.

Sunset at Bukit Genting Hill

Have A Great Day


Eddie Tuen said...

Checked the saman website yesterday... Good news! No saman! Either I am not actually speeding or the guy just duduk there without switching on his camera... hahaha... :p :)

aurelius said...

glad to see all of u are having so much fun... :)
keep it up... :)