Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strata Falls Aftermath

Walking on sunshine, crossing the abandon oil palm estate

klown AKA Henry said...


lemme be the first to post results. We nearly had honey glazed thumb sausage a'la Heng for dinner due to unforseen circumstances that involved a Slurpee cup, a fly, and a lighter..

Thank you Henry for ASKING me to kill the fly... Now I shall continue with the full story, I was in a world of pain yesterday you can practically say that I had pain for dinner but before I move on to writing what happen let me first write about yesterday's hiking trip.
6.30AM, 7 of us gathered at our usual spot, the people that showed up includes Seng Keong, Aurelius, Josen, Henry, Eu Jin, Linus and myself, we started our journey to Proton City (More like Rempit Land) for Nasi Lemak Breakfast, after breakfast we head off to Diamond Creek located in Tanjung Malim where the start of the trail is. We found ourselves in what looks like an abandon oil palm estate, at about 15 minutes we started to find the jungle and as usual we had to get a little lost first. Luckily someone came out with a great idea of following the river, that dude who gave that suggestion is such a genius, anyway we started to walk upstream sometimes we had to climb a few huge rocks the size of a small house at some point even large ones.

Cam whore break: Mid way to the falls
After about an hour and 30 minutes we stopped and decided that some of us cannot move on and make it to the top, I wanted to reach the falls too but I never like the idea of splitting up or leaving anyone behind plus I can come again another day, so I decided to stay back and stay with the dudes who can't go on, even made them a nice fire to keep them warm until the other return.

The Reward: Strata Falls

at about 3pm, we started hiking back to the cars and head down to the nearest 7 11 for some food and Slurpee (Henry had 2 large ones and he manage to finish them faster then us having one), I was starting to feel some movement in the bowels,it must be the Nasi Lemak from Proton City. So I bought some traditional medicine (Poh Chai Yun) to help relief that and I must say it's not much help, we head for dinner near Batang Kali anyway.
At an old restaurant by the road we stopped for dinner, we placed our order and wait for our food and while waiting a fly flew in to somebody's slurpee and it got stuck, then someone asked me to kill the fly using one of my pyrotechnic tricks I usually perform involving a lighter and an aluminum can which involves holding gas from the lighter in to the can then lighting the mouth so that a jet of flame will shoot out from the can. I never tried it using a slurpee cup but in theory it should work the same but the cup might melt since it's plastic and since it's larger then a soft drink can it should be able to hold more gas and should have a longer and bigger jet of flames. I couldn't resist the idea so without much thinking I start filling the cup with gas from the lighter and try to light it, first time fail, second time didn't work but third time "Woosh!" it lights up! Shooting a jet of flames out of the hole but my thumb was in the way...
I watched my thumb get caught in the flame while my friends laugh at the misfortune of the fly (which didn't die from it) not knowing that I am injured, I was calm then and right after they stop laughing I told them that I got myself burn quite badly and my thumb was white. They instruct me to put cream or toothpaste to cool it while some of them said I should put it in ice (I guess I need to find a friend who is good at first aid) I walk to the payment counter and asked the cashier for toothpaste, she however have a better idea which is to apply honey on the inflicted area she opened a bottle and apply before I can agree to it, I thank her after that and go back to my table and took a sit while holding back my pain however very soon after that, I started to feel weak, my friends kept telling me that my lips were white and that I'm starting to look pale, I told them that my visions are fading very rapidly and I cannot see clearly, I told them that I want to rest in the car and forget about dinner for now but they kept trying to pursued me saying that I should eat and that I'll be alright, I was really hungry but I didn't care about food at that time, I wanted to lie down in my car and rest for a moment so I stood up while I still can see and slowly walk towards my car vision still fading, and then I fainted before I enter the car, luckily my friends were assisting me or I would have fallen flat to the ground, that point on the last thing I remembered was telling them which pocket my car keys were. I think I didn't pass out very long cause when I woke up my friend were pulling me into the car while the entire village came over to see what's going on, some of them were kind enough to offer water and medicine but I was feeling fine except for the pain from my thumb so we head for the clinic right after dinner.

Henry holding my wallet (Don't know why), while I'm in pain.

At the clinic, we were fooling around like monkeys as I moan to my pain while my friends were saying all kind of jokes such as "Too bad Amber Chia not here" and "His thumb is charred grilled and ready to eat, he even added honey!"
When the doctor asked me what had happen, I was too lazy and ashame to tell him the whole story so I just give him the short version, "I got burned by a lighter."
The doctor checked my blood pressure and heart beat, and said that it's all good however he's going to give me 2 jabs. "2 JABS!? Why are you giving me jabs?" I asked him to make things clear plus I'm quite afraid of needles (Hey! I'm honest!), he asked me to lie down and then gave me one jab on my left arm which wasn't that bad, he then asked me to turn over to lie down on my back, as I turn I asked the doctor "Is really necessary to jab me on my butt? Can I have a shorter needle? That one looks long and scary... wait please let me try to relax first, Nooooo!!!"
After leaving the clinic I walked as if I was given an anal probe, and the fact that I now have a pain in the butt and the thumb is still giving me a lot of pain, it really gives me a whole new understanding what the pain relief jab is for.
Honey glazed thumb sausage, I told you it's a sausage fest!

Well, I must say that I learned my lesson, never try that again on a large slurpee cup.

Have a Great Day


klown said...

LoL the pic! :PPP Dude, i pointed out the fly in the slurpee cup. So then u went like the "hmmm..." look, and i handed u the lighter :)

Anyway, how's the sausage? :P

Aurelius said...

Hope you recovered...

Eeling said...

here r some advices from a qualified British Red Cross first aider --> ME!!! muahahaha~~~ :)

Never ever apply any toothpaste, soya sauce etc on a burn wound!cool the burn area with tap water (don't use very cold water/ice).

Take some panadol/ibuprofen to help to ease the pain... u can also use some cold compress (small towel soacked in cool water) to sooth the burnt area...

do not apply any plaster on the wound as well...

hope these tips help a bit...

poor fly... hope he/she is alright!

Cybermate said...

Nice thumb... bet the skin was crispy! :P

Linus Linnaeus said...

here r some advices from a qualified British Red Cross first aider --> ME!!!

too bad he disn't have qualified british red cross first aider but some dumbass friends....hahahahah


HuonHengChai said...

Klown: what talking you? lol

Aurelius: thanks dude

eeling: Next time i use BBQ sauce ok?

cmate: Thank you, it actually not that crispy but smells pretty bad

linus: What about friends who don't listen to what I said about me needing rest in the car? equally bad? :P

rafiqos said...

I love weeping sores. This one is a classic Dennis! Have u tried cutting it open?

pH said...

Haiyoh... Son, take care of urself!

Eeling, is rite, use tap water, keep rinsing till u feel less pain. If the burn is so terrible, should rush to clinic immediately la (then u might save the jab on ur butt). Else use antiseptic cream.

I tot u were scout? Don't u have 1st aid knowledge?