Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lepok Fall

It's been a while since my group of friends make our last waterfall trip, everyone's been busy with all sort of things. So a few of us decided to make a trip to one in Hulu Langat, to a waterfall call Lepok falls.
Lepok Falls is located near Kampung Pangsun, or rather very near Gunung Nuang's entry point. this waterfall is frequently visited, it may be because of it's easy accessibility, an hour hike was all thet require if you know the way.
There was 6 of us in this trip and of the 6 only Aurelius had been to the waterfall, still I was appointed to lead the group.

Opening a Durian

The trail can be quite confusing if you are not careful exspecially at the part where a uphill climb is require. There are plenty of side tracks here and there which the durian collectors used, make sure you come across a abandon pipeline at about 30 minutes of the trail.

Lepok Falls

Lepok Fall is a nice place to hang out, the water is clear and clean. However traces of human destruction can be found at the waterfall surroundings.

Have A Great Day

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