Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morning Blood Bath

"Dennis! Wake up quick! " my mom yelled while banging at my door and it sounds urgent.
I got out of bed pushing my blanket and pillows to the floor and dash out wondering what's the emergency.
I got downstairs to the garden and found my dogs Eddie and Sandy covered in blood and stuck on to each other, somehow Sandy got her hind leg caught in Eddie's choke chain, Sandy gets panic easily, while I was there she kept on struggling and attacking Eddie and anyone that comes close. At that moment Eddie was struggling to breath and was defending himself from the attacks from Sandy. Eddie was calm the whole time except when Sandy decided to go crazy, knowing that it is clear to me that I had to pin Sandy down in order to get them loose and the only way to do this was to press her head down with my leg so that I could work on the chain with my hands.
It was a very difficult thing to do, they are both wet because my mom thinks that if she spray enough water at the dogs they will eventually be free, I guess she had no idea how Sandy actually reacts to water, giving her a bath is like a wrestling death match.
When I managed to keep the situation under control, mom ran in to fetch something to cut the chain. First she bring a small wire cutter, it was useless because it is made to cut wires. Then she bring a metal sheet cutter which is reasonable in size but equally useless in when it comes to cutting chain. Again Sandy struggled and managed to get herself free from me, right away she attack Eddie and got him hard on his tail. I thought that I could pry her mouth open with my hands but as I was trying to do that she bite down even harder and got one of my finger trapped in her jaws I watch as she put a puncture wound on my fingers, when I manage to free myself I ran in to the house to get a Lineman's pliers and a slip joint pliers. I needed these 2 because the Lineman could actually do the cutting and I could use both to bend the steel ring. At last I got them both loose, Sandy ran right straight under the car with a limping while Eddie being himself was running around the garden playing on the grass... both seems to be doing OK.
Mom convinced me and bring me to the clinic to get a doctor to have a look at my injuries, for me it's just something minor, no need for a doctor but I just do as she says or else there will be no end to it.

Have a Great Day

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Click to Climax said...

fuiyo, i actually read this post like it was some action packed novel. good writing!