Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Survived!!!

My weekend preparations started a week ago, it was phone calls after phone calls in getting things ready, in between that I keep getting annoying ones which keeps coming and asking me irrelevant questions or giving me weird suggestions. It's a waste of time some of these phone calls, a little less talk and more action is what I need.
Woke up early and arrive at Mid Valley at 9AM to setup the MTS booth, I didn't want anything fancy for it because there is no budget in the society and so far I am the one who's paying the price. Plus it's much easier to manage if things are kept simple.

Ron and Ryo arrived at the booth just as I was done planning the booth setup, the booth actually comes with a table, 2 chairs and a waste basket. There is nothing to really secure our precious tarantulas from getting stolen so I forked out some cash from my own pocket to rent a lockable cabinet which I knew was not worth the money but it was much convenient for me to just rent it even with the ridiculous price I paid.

The exhibition was really quiet on the 1st day, even before I can manage myself for lunch, the mind keeps wandering off thinking about work and the "Let's go mamak" concert I'm attending that night.
I left the booth early, leaving Ryo in charge of the booth while I'm away. Gave him some instructions and ground rules of my own which includes "Strictly No Handling of any Tarantula" This is the first time that the Malaysian Tarantula Society is in a event of this size, I cannot afford a screw up by some mindless eager keeper, thinking of the scenarios it is hard to imagine how to settle if someone gets bitten by one of the tarantula. Not only that I have to explain to the organisers which is a small issue. But if the victim is a visitor, he or she will have even bigger fear of tarantulas and MTS would become infamous for sure.
I left Mid valley to attend to some work, sending a copy of the company's latest work to FINAS for a Film Award and attended "Lets go mamak" with Audrey and her friends.

Saturday: Shoot Day For SSDD
Kin Yew's short film which he had ask for my assistance, it's not easy to work on one of the scene which involves a lot of people, it's like an ant controlling a mob. The worst thing is working with the people who don't believe in the project actually frustrates me. It was so bad that it became a pain which I just wanted to just do it quick and get it over it.
Yet there are some good out of it, most of us there learn something and gain some experience in making a film and I got myself a new motto.

Sunday: Spent the whole day at Mid Valley Exhibition Center for the tarantulas, nothing interesting there but it was all right.

Have A Great Day

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