Monday, November 2, 2009

A note to remember

James Khor Wan Kai is a 20 year old student from Penang, who wants to be someone extraordinary in the near future.
On the 1st of November James and 4 of his friends traveled to Batu Berangkai Waterfall for to enjoy the great outdoors.
Unfortunately, James life was cut short as he and 2 of his friends, Yew Shy Gin and Yew Ghim Chnieh, drown after they were swept away by strong current at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall located at Kampar. Their bodies were found one kilometer away from the spot where they were swimming and enjoying the waterfall. The only surviving person from the group was lucky that a villager manage to pull him out of the water, he suffered cuts, bruises and most likely is now still in disbelieve that he had lost his friends.

This is the kinda of thing I'm sure most people want to avoid for any outdoor activities, when hiking make sure that the group move in one group so that everyone can look out for each other. Make sure that there are a few people who are experienced for the event, having someone with knowledge of first aid is important too.

wanted to travel all travel point in Malaysia before i finish my bachelor degree program..
but always feel not motivated and didn't move my ass on it..
something happened make me decided to move now..
life is short..
life is unpredictable..
we just dunno what will happen next and what will things become next..

James Khor's blog entry on the 13th of October 2009

R.I.P to the victims of the November 1st 2009 Batu Berangkai Waterfall Incident

And to the rest
Enjoy mother nature, but don't be reckless and always watch out for each other.

Have A Great Day.


Anonymous said...

Dennis, r you trying to show that u r smarter than the 3 victims? u r sicko.

HuonHengChai said...

Sorry if you assume it that way but my intend isn't that.
However I do hope that this kind of incident will not repeat again.

Cindy said...

do you have their dead body pictures? or the other 2 person blog?

Anonymous said...

just think again, for this case, definately u 'commando' will ask everyone swim close to each other, when the current come, it will flushed all of u together to hell. As a 'commando' u still not able to anything rite? u r sicko, make ppl look lower inorder to uplift urself.

Jack said...

Grow a brain cell and show some empathy you insensitive dumbass. Don't try to sound smart when people are actually dead.

HuonHengChai said...

Cindy: sorry, I do not have either

Anon: I'm not sure if you are experienced at all with any outdoor activity, but when we do a difficult river crossing we go 'One at a time' and we usually have ropes or a long pole with 2 able body guys to support the person who's crossing. we also have one guy to help carry things and stand by if anyone gets wash away.

Anonymous said...

on this case, they r not river crossing, they r playing middle of the stream and the current flush them away. As a so called 'commondo' how you can make the situation safely ? sicko

HuonHengChai said...

Jack: Point out the line and I'll change it. No need to call names

Anon: Wasn't there to judge the best course of action to take but the rule is never put yourself in a dangerous position, whatever I say to you now probably wouldn't make any sense to you since you are in a odd rage.

Linus Linnaeus said...

ouch ouch his defense...i am sure heng meant well lah....

aurelius said...

Anon... You are sicko urself calling others sicko... how can u attack somebody when u don't get the point???? show yourself if you have guts!!!

The message is that in any trips, an experience person is important to tell you what is right or wrong... A guide perhaps will help...

Listen to others if you are new... They got the warning from the villagers to go back home as the waterfall can be dangerous during rainy weather, they didn't heed the warning and play near the waterfall during the rain??? It is a blank point heroism... Perhaps if we were there, we would already shelter in our tent.

I don't hope this to happen to any of my group of friends, the reason why Heng is writing this ok? Experience matters!!!

Ashed_Dreams said...

Dudes, this Anon is just entertaining.

Anonymous said...

It is always sad to hear of such predicaments, especially during the raining seasons during these recent months.

However, i do believe strongly that with a little experience and logic sense, such incident could have been avoided.

Lack of experience and peer presure may have played a role too. I am very sad and to hear about this....waterfalls are a place of relaxation, a place of fun and happiness....

Always respect mother nature, and don't take her hints and signs lightly.

Rest in peace.