Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why would anyone wants to rent a store room?

Wasn't feeling well for the past 2 days, got no idea why but I "blame" the prawns in Tesco, my finger got quite a bad cut from the shrimp's telson (The sharp thing located at the rear end of the shrimp) while I was taking the groceries out of the shopping cart. I was down with fever, sore throat, and cough (Headache too because it comes with the package). On Tuesday I was starting to feel weak, using a hammer proved to be a challenge and my buddy (Ian) could see that a dead fish is much more alive then I was then, slept for a few hours cause I wanted to attend my friends fell well party at 8pm.
The next day, I stayed in bed most of the time, the only time I get off from bed is when I needed to go to the washroom, get a fresh ice pack for the head, something to drink and when my Grand Aunt shouted for me to open the door non stop for God-knows-how-long. It was until Ian came over and nearly broke my door down that got me awake, he wanted to finish up his Kamen Rider display and worships me as handyman so that I would help him with the dirty work.
What really got me going was him asking me if I wanted to head to the gym that night itself something that I wanted to do while I was still feeling sick, and I am not ready to allow a little headache and a sore throat to stop me from a session in the gym.
Unfortunately, chick got in the way and the gym session wasn't possible, to cut long story short, girl needed to find a place for boyfriend to stay, boyfriend is one of the picky kinda, girl was discussing the rental with the landlord while communicating with picky boy friend which is a time consuming process, Ian being a gentle man wasn't gonna allow the girl(s) to walk home on their own that late.
Why can't the guy find a place to stay on his own? Yea, he stays in JB, so? it's not like there are no buses that comes down to KL from JB and I don't recall any oceans between KL and JB either. I know this actually proves nothing but I just want to bitch about not being able to go to the gym plus I stepped on dog poop after visiting the dumb "cina-pek" (As Ian calls it) landlord's place.

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