Monday, June 11, 2007

The Long Drive

Drove around for most of the time today, I knew it was going to be a "run- around" day because I had to pick up aunt Evan, her kids and friends from LCCT, they are back from their holiday in Langkawi and mom was coming back from Johor this evening, in between that I had to meet up with Eu Jin’s dad, Mr. Sim, to show him the ol’ faithful Toyota Unser which I was thinking of trading off for a smaller car.
Got a call from Timmy asking for a favor before I was about to get ready to head out, he wanted to send his car for some repairs and needed me to pick him up from the workshop. Lucky for him, I still had some time before my first task so I prepared and got over to his place and followed him to the workshop.
The workshop is called ASL and it is located at no. 35, PJU 5/12 Kota Damansara and is owned by a few friends of ours. After dropping Timmy’s car at the workshop, we head down to Sepang and thank God that Timmy was willing to follow me to Sepang or else I’d be late to pick up my aunt plus it is boring to drive around alone.
Picking up aunt Evan and gang from the airport was the easy part, the hard part was to avoid her offer to bring us somewhere for lunch, I was quite hungry but I still have other things to do, that is to drop them off to Sri Damansara and Bandar Utama then go meet Mr. Sim at Damansara Utama and later on I had to pick up my mom from Mid Vally (Not a fun place to be driving around on a Sunday, I assure you that)
After dropping my aunt off and meeting Mr Sim, I was thinking that I now have a little time before I go pick up mom so it was time for mamak. We head down to Kota Damansara and to a place called Khalifah Bistro. I ordered a Nasi Patayya and made it clear that I don’t want any chili sauce on my Patayya and Timmy ordered a Roti Canai.
We later found out that the place has no Dhal and if you don’t want chili sauce, they will give you a lot of pepper. Food there was more horrible then eating from a can of tuna, didn’t really enjoy the meal and I had vow not to go there again and TELL THE WHOLE WORLD NOT TOO EITHER!
The whole day I had a few things in mind, this whole “turning-point-of-your-life” this is getting me more and more every day. What is it that I really want in my life? Something is not right but I just don’t know what it is right now. I really hope I can make it through this week and be clear of my future.

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