Saturday, June 16, 2007

10+ years friendship vs 3 days friendship

Third day of the training, I've begin to become aware of many things and one of it is the people around me, people who are in my life, friends to be more specific. Well yea, I got a lot of friends but I’m not sure how many even care to know what’s going on with my life. I made a lot of friends during the training, and these are not “I’m your friend because I know who you are” friends, believe it or not, these people are friends because they care, these people are not afraid to show it, they are willing to do whatever takes to create a good relationship with the people around them. NO SHIT ABOUT IT!!!!
My buddy from the training calls me to make sure that I woke up and ready to go for the training for the past few days. I doubt more then 80% of my friends would do the same thing for me and I’m not joking here! It really reflects where I have been in my friendships.
On another event, I called a friend whom I knew for a decade now to do me a favor, I needed to get a RM10 top up card and since I couldn’t leave the training I called him up and trusting him that he would help me with it and SMS me the top up code and guess what!? He didn’t do it… reason being is he thinks that I would call another person to do it (WTF!?) and I didn’t answer my call (I’m attending training, Hello…?).
Seriously, I don’t know who can I trust and relay on anymore, I was insignificant to my friend, I’ve forgive him for a past mistake and today it happened again, based on result he’s telling me that “OH! My friendship with Dennis is not IMPORTANT! I’ll just forget what he asked me to do and do what I want to do”.
I guess I have to rethink about my relationship with the people around me.

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