Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Smashing Pumpkins are BACK!!!

HELL YEAH! The Pumpkins are Back! After so long they finally got back together and are about to release their first album since they returned in 2006, the album is called Zeitgeist and it is to be released on July 10, 2007 which includes tracks like;

1.Doomsday Clock
2.7 Shades of Black
3.Bleeding the Orchid
4.That's The Way (My Love Is)
7.United States
9.Bring the Light
10.(Come On) Let's Go!
11.For God and Country
12.Pomp and Circumstances

The first single of this album is "Tarantula" and their track (Doomsday Clock) is one of the feature track of the Transformer movie soundtrack.

Talk about tarantula...
Helped a friend to deliver a tarantula this evening and something struck my mind. People are staring at me and the tarantula, they were looking at us as if were just came off an alien space craft... and I was wondering who's getting all the attention, so me (The self proclaim quite good looking 4 eyed geek) and the tarantula (freak with 8 eyes and legs) had a attention whore show down.
OK fine, I lose hands down actually, the tarantula on the restaurant table bring waves and waves of people over to my table asking me about the tarantula, there were even girls who did purposely walk by my table a few times trying to take a look at the container on the table, next time I gotta tell them it's easier for them to just talk to me and ask if they could have a look.
Yes, I know it's not usual for people to carry a 4 to 5 inches spider in a container walking around or eating in the restaurant, but the amount of people looking was very much like standing on stage in front of 300 people.

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