Thursday, June 21, 2007

All work but no bones

Gone all the way to Ampang Jaya for work, I've never drove there alone before and I'm not really good with roads outside of Petaling Jaya so armed with a map drawn by my mom, I ventured to "uncharted" territory and as usual I got lost but I managed to find the site.
My work today is very simple, go to site, check all PCs' software product ID and run disk defragmentation.
There is about 18 PC at the location which is very little compared to the sites I've been assigned to in the past. The site have mostly clones except for a MAC running Windows XP and a few units of Acer PCs, this is very different from what I've done, all these while I've been dealing with branded PCs like IBM, Dell, lenovo and etc, big companies can afford to buy PC's in bulk or getting a lease from the PC manufacturers.
This company that I was assigned to however, is considered as a small business, this means there is no stupid policies that I have to deal with. Usually big companies have their own set of rules or so called policies before you can do something, say example a user wants me to install a software on his/her PC, he/she have to first request and had it approved by the manager or department head, the manager then will request this by e-mail or letter sent to the I.T. department and the I.T. department will take action depending on the situation, if they already have the software then they will install it or if they don't have it they will write to the accounts department to seek approval on the purchase from vendors.
The waiting time is a pain in the ass, even if you are ready to install the software, you will have to wait until the company approves it. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with that kind of rubbish today, or else it will take dacades to finish up my work, having to wait for users is already bad enough but this can be overcome by making use of their lunch time as time for action.
The hard part of this job is because they lack policies they dont really keep their software CDs properlly, most of the time I spent today goes there, the non technical work which involves matching 25 digits product keys from the PCs to the actual installation CDs, and it's always the simple work that gets you out of your mind, the company have a thing at not keeping their inventories and it took me ages to find a few CDs.
I got home at about 6 and work doesn't stop there, there is paper work I must attend to and the report must reach the company as soon as possible, it didn't take me long to get it done, had dinner and take a nap since I want to make sure that I'm alert when I meet my friends for a drink later, taking that as a reward for myself since I've been out working the whole day. It's a sad thing that I woke up at 10.40pm and my friends usually hang out until 11pm, I feel very disappointed for not being able to make it, I haven't seen my friends for a long time and I've just missed the chance to see them today.

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