Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Claymation try out

When I was still in primary school, I used to play with modelling clay (or better known as Plasticine) I've made a landscape with flowing water (River) and dinosaurs for my school's science project, it's only until a few weeks back a friend of mine show me his work on claymation which inspires me and made me want to try it myself. So I bought 3 pack of modelling clay and using an old web cam, this was the first thing that came up.

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Yay! It's moving! And yes, I know there is no sound (Animated Gif Mah!), will work on that department once I get the hang of this.
First try was a walk in the park, so I decided to try something more challenging, which is to make the clay figure move around more, and this is how it turned out;

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(WARNING! Slow Loading Content)

The result is a 3 mb+ animated Gif of a headless yellow man looking for his head, quite easy to make still there are alot of technics that I had to learn (that means get more clay to play with).


Timmy said...

Dude try posting a smaller file lowering the resolution, with my office connection it also took sometime to load.

1st attempt on the claymation? pretty good for a 1st try, cant figure out how you make the clay bend down and balance. did it fall on any attempts u made (law of gravity)

When i look at the animation it reminds me of the "yellow digiman".
It would be great if you gave some facial expression and make the short animation more exagerating...

keep up the good work....

HuonHengChai said...

Sorry bro, but i think 3.8mb was the lowest that I could go without killing the quality too much. Gonna make the next one a proper video with sound.

The yellow clay man got pretty short and stout legs, making it easier to balance but next time I'm gonna try something to make it stand better without having "Short and Fat" legs.

Facial expressions will be done soon as I need a lot more practice playing around with clay.

Thanks for the comment buddy