Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scared Shitless... Me?

Non of my friends would believe it if I told them I'm afraid of something, I'd even bet a hundred bucks that they would say that I'm lying if i said that. However I was scared shit-less the whole day today and it's only the first day of my 5 days training. There are already people who were asked to leave/quit/escape the training, 12 hours of military style bashing by a huge American, this shit is really fucking scary and I must say that you DO NOT WANT to mess with this guy.

Now I fully understand why Alvin advised me to "hang in there", it is bloody difficult and scary at the same time, sadly that advice isn't really much of an advice because just by "Hanging in there" I'm not going to be a source nor am I going have experience this as it is.

I really don't think everyone will return for the training, everyone was pissed, angry and scared. One must have real strong will and balls of fucking steel (and I mean indestructible balls!) to pull through this kind of training, I'm not kidding! This American trainer/coach makes HELL looks like Disneyland, it's only the first day and I'm already going crazy... yet I want to complete this only 4 more days until it's done.
Got to make sure I stay strong because I don't know how I'm going to face the people around me and most importantly myself if I give up.
Oh! Alvin gave me another advice which is "Don't be late.", I'm usually punctual but I think that's a great advice, I have to make it a point to be early and make sure everyone else does the same too or else a blood bath is guaranteed!

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