Saturday, July 12, 2008

Valley of the Leeches

Both my feet are in pain, some parts are swollen, it's itching badly and spots of blood and liquid are flowing out of my wounds that I got from my trip to Jeram Perlus, or like I prefer to call it "The blood falls".
Despite the restless night, I manage to wake up for the waterfall trip to Jeram Perlus, located in the Hulu Langat region of Selangor. I admit that I was a bit late and because of that the 8 of us group up at about 7am and proceed to have our breakfast in a little stall at Hulu Langat where we had our roti canai and nasi lemak, after satisfying our need for food we made our way to the starting point located near Sungai Gabai Waterfall, where a small native village is found.

Welcoming party for Josen

We had the cars parked at the native village and then proceed to head to the starting point, which can be identified in a form of a spiky rodent called the porcupine, it is actually a pet to the farmer who lives in the house at the starting point and to me, an exotic pet keeper, this has to be one of the coolest thing a person can keep especially for this one because it actually interacts and responds to people.

Seems to be smarter compared to Foot Stool the Basset Hound

We started off in a farm trail which quickly leads to the jungle, it is said that this trail is used mainly by the natives for hunting however trekking on this trail would be challenging to people who have low stamina and patience because this trail is mainly uphill climb and to make things interesting it is slippery, it is a good thing that everyone was in good spirit, the most important thing in every trip.

Like in life, sometimes you gotta really make that climb

Posers in the jungle
from right to left Aurelius, Aries, Ping and myself (Dennis)

"Aurelius, I regret poking fun at how horribly ugly and sissy looking you are when you put on your leech socks will you forgive me?" I said to Aurelius as we trek on the leech infested trail.

I dislike leeches but usually I wouldn't even worry about leeches because I don't get them on me, but this trip was turning out to be different, the leeches were everywhere on this trail it's as if someone bought a million leeches and litter them all over the trail. Linus who is like some sort of lover of all lifeforms and the environment who usually welcome and allow the leeches to drink his blood (Sounds like Jesus), however this time I guess it was unbearable because he too was complaining and pulling out leeches. It was insanity! The leeches never stop coming and there was no way to avoid them, even those with leech socks too have their blood sucked out of them

Leech inspection

Salted leech and pool of blood

It is a good thing that Aurelius had his hand held GPS. Probably the main reason why we no longer get lost for anymore waterfall trips nowadays although sometimes we still wander off course thanks to Aurelius, will take him some time to get used to his new GPS.
The torture last for a good 2 hour and 30 minutes, and finally saw a wall of white hidden by the trees, at that point I was paralyzed with the the view, It was what we came for...

Worth the blood we lost? You decide

The Hardcore posing with the falls
from right Josen, Linus, Aurelius, Chris, Vit Ping, Donny, Dennis and Aries

There it was ,Jeram Perlus waterfall, tall, strong, and beautiful. To me it was worth the blood I lost during the trek, every single drop of it. Right after posing for the group picture, everyone got in the pool to cool off, cam whore and do things people usually do at waterfalls. (You can tell I'm quite lazy to type now)
we spent about an hour and it was about time to leave, the one part I dislike, going back to civilization, we got even more leeches while trekking back since it was raining this time.
I look at my leech ridden legs, instead of pulling leeches off I moved on and quietly say to myself
"The blood I lost this time is not worth losing for the trip back to the Hell called civilization."

Have a Great Day


k0n said...

not sure if its just me.. but then the link to the waterfall picture is dead or missing :S

HuonHengChai said...

it's working fine, try again later. :)

aurelius said...

I forgive you Dennis... Suddenly I feel macho with the leech socks... :D