Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love Got a Bad Name

"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death." – Oscar Wilde

Another friend just broke up with his girlfriend... I've been having friends having break up or having relationship problems for the pass few weeks, but what's bad is how some people give bad love advice and make it all unromantic and cheap.
One day at the mamak, a whole group of friends including myself were giving our ears to a friend who recently break up, we tried to comfort him and give him advice.
One of my friends said confidently.
"No need to worry, if you can earn lots of money girls will sure come to you one. They will Line up even!"

Well, I am sure many of us had heard of this remark before, I personally heard it from my parents and my relatives back when I am much younger, but it is only until recently I think about it.
I must say that I really dislike this remark, I mean must money be an item that people use in order to gain love? The statement also makes is sound as if girls are cheap and they are only after the guy's money.

Think about it seriously, if that is really the case then what's the difference between this and paying for love from a number found at a broken phone booth? I really think that our society had screw itself over because of this line, when the words like love and relationship comes in to play money will automatically becomes a concern and that's pretty F***ed up if you ask me.

Another friend of mine just had his 6 years strong relationship ended unwillingly just because some Medium predicts that they will not be happy in future if they continue to be together, things became bad to worst when the parents made sure that the relationship doesn't go on.
It is such a sad thing to hear because I really do see the passion and sincerity of their relationship and I believe if there is really a God, he wouldn't be so cruel as to separate the 2 of them.
As a believer of God, I really don't know what to say to comfort my friend. I can't tell him to screw God and not to believe or just tell him that the words are true and he have to listen to each and every word of God too.
If I was in the same situation, I would had already gone crazy.

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pH said...

1st of all, I wonder if "the medium" really represents God... and I certainly don't think so.

About ur remark:
I believe, if you have money, you can present yourself better, and this is how you get to attract girls i guess. In contrast, if you wear saggy and dirty clothes, sit aside and smell badly, i don't think girls will approach u, unless she is Mother Teresa.

Another point is, modern girls can earn their own living, and they probably live better than some guys. So, if you have a bad attitude and you can't present urself well, ah, then, it would be pretty hard for u to get a daughter-in-law for me yea?

chelsina said...

money is not everything lar.. Yes, there are some money chasing girls.. But there are also money chasing guys out there..

there are also girls out there who doesnt think a rich bf is the right type of guys to have as bfs..

rich guys doesnt mean they have rich (good) heart.. trust me.. if they are rich, girls better be careful.. ur bf or husband might go find other girls.. big probability.. if u kahwin them, and u stay with his family, u lagi susah, coz u have to live up to their face and expectations.. no freedom..

like me, choose an average guy, with average income but will work hard, average looks but with a big heart..

too good looking, u susah.. every now and then have to worry about girls flirting with him.. hehe..

my theory lar.. plus my experience.. i had a lawyer, tall and good looking ex bf.. but he turned out to be a first class jerk.. so, from that idiotic experience, i've learnt a great experience to go with the heart.. dont look for rich or goodlooking..

even if he is goodlooking but with a bad heart, slowly, u see him, the uglier he gets.. not as attractive as before..

but if he has a good heart, even if he is not as good looking, but slowly, u will get more n more attracted to him.. trust me.. i fell for this.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

There is a God.. His name is Jesus :) and you're right, if there is a God, He wouldn't be cruel to separate anyone.. because God is Love, and like the Word says, "what God unites, let no man separate.." <3

NEVER EVER!! NEVER EVER believe in mediums.. they r NOT god, and they can be fake, resulting in hurts, bondages, and broken lives.. (imagine how many screwed up lives they've caused..)

God wants greater things for us in life, not to break us down or make our lives miserable. for a relationship to work or not, only time can tell.. and get this straight, God takes delight in relationship. He loves it when people make a beautiful covenant of relationship. so why does He want to break it? it's just contradictory to His nature, don't you think?

UNLESS, if God speaks directly to you lah.. 'Hey, I have someone special for you already..' then lain cerita lah.. but still, God gave men the freedom of choice.. He won't force you to do the things you don't want to.. however, the consequence of it, you will have to bear yourself lo..

on a personal note, it's sad to see that people who claim to have 'god' in their lives, still live like they don't have 'god' in their lives.. they live without purpose, life upside down, not having hopes and dreams.. life isn't just about money.. there's more to life.. and Jesus says, 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life..'

don't say you already have a 'god'.. if that hasn't made any difference in your life..
i say, everything has a possibility.. if you have not tried, you will not know.. i'm not being proud, but i can say this.. is that my GOD is real, and He has changed my life inside out.. there's never a day that i give thanks to Him for all that i have.. even for the simplest things, like having a beautiful day..

i found my joy.. and my prayer is that, you will find your joy, too.. my friend. just remember this, no matter what.. that Jesus loves you.. and He has always been outside the door of your heart knocking.. will you receive Him? will you allow Him to be your joy Giver and Friend? this, my friend.. is your choice.. God bless you always <3