Friday, July 11, 2008

Jakun in the car

Drop by my aunt's house to have a look at her computer problem just now, nothing much i can do about it since I didn't have an extra network card or a network cable. When I was about to leave my aunt mentioned to me that she needs to go pick up her children, and since I haven't had the chance to check out her new ride I asked if I could come along.
Riding in her new Toyota Estima, I can't help but to look like a "Jakun" who just came out from the forest sitting in a car for the 1st time.
"You all can come down now." my aunt said.
"Okie, coming down" voice of her children came out through the car's sound system and it's so clear that there is hardly any static, I then learned that her cellphone is connected to her car audio system via bluetooth and that enables her to pick up phone calls without touching her phone.
Bewildered with the technology that is in the car, I grew even more curious with what is in the car and what it could do, I know that the technology exist, yet I prefer to experience it myself rather then just knowing.
"Show you something" My aunt said while engaging her gear to reverse, the display comes to life showing a view of the camera located at the back of the vehicle with red, yellow and green lines guiding the car in reversing. She then push a button on the touch screen display and a female Japanese voice is heard. I couldn't understand what it means but my aunt said that it is now in Automatic side parking mode. She explains that the sensors around the car will scan the space and if there is enough room it will then move itself into the parking space.

Rear Camera view: the yellow box actually moves and guides the driver

Auto side parking mode

"There is a Hard Disc in the car, I could record from CDs to my car's Hard Disc and play it later too." My aunt added.
I now know how silly my car CD player is, gonna work really hard for a kick ass car with hardware like that.

Have A Great Day

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k0n said...

"then move itself into the parking space."

whoa wth! what model is this?