Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PC Setup

Hazard Box: Old rig that once served me

Just got a new PC and have been setting it up since evening, had to look through my old Hard Disc Drives, for any documents, pictures, music and other files, I got about 7 HDD of various capacity, 2 had been destroyed by my curiosity so now I only left 5 to check.
Found many old and interesting things, the one that caught my attention the most are some pictures that dates back the time when Henry and I were quite crazy about modding our computers turning the boring cream / white colored casing into something else, here are some pictures of the PCs that I modded.

Before Modding

Planning Stage

Result: CamoPillBox

In the dark

Power supply casing mod + cable sleeve

Sadly these 2 casing are laying around in my room and might end up at the scrap metal yard, I'm still trying to decide their fate.

Have a Great Day

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Linus Linnaeus said...


no wonder you look like a computer nerd!!!