Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have You Seen This Dog?

Dude, can you lock up the gate? I dont want to lose Eddie within a day of adoption.
Those were the exact words I said to Linus before we go out for lunch, fate or jinxed, I now learn that sometimes I got to keep my big mouth shut.
That morning I got a phone call from Eddie's owner who had him put up for adoption, I made an appointment with the owner and gone out to see Eddie right away.
Long story short, I decided to adopt Eddie it was near lunch time so I brought Eddie to the office and allow him to run around and "play" with Foot Stool while waiting for the rest to get ready to go out for lunch.
When we got back from lunch Eddie was already missing, I suspect that he may have squeeze out of the gate. Spent the rest of the day driving around looking for Eddie with no luck.
I am still pissed at myself for taking things for granted and being so reckless.

Call me if you seen Eddie.

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