Sunday, July 13, 2008

SkyTrek Adventure @ Bukit Cahaya

Lazy to flip, tilt your head to view

Lack of sleep, legs with multiple swollen wounds that have blood oozing out off which is also itching madly and starting to hurt in some part. What can I do in a condition that I'm in now?
Normally people would rest, take a break until they are fully recovered but no! I cannot do this as it is against the "Dumb Ass Code of Conduct". the consequences of breaking this code is a punishment so bad that no one can imagine. (Which is nothing, because no one can imagine one.)
That's why I decided to go do Sky trek adventure at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam organized by Aurelius (aka Kung Fu Panda).
It is basically a series of elevated obstacle course high up the trees, one must move from 1 check point to another, basically from tree to tree until you reach the end "lah".
At the place we were given harness and a briefing on the basic use, methods, do and don't. While we were at it, we had out hands on a "closer-to-ground" version in order for us to get a better understanding before the real deal.
The obstacles are quite simple but I must say that it's a bit of a challenge for me because I am afraid of heights(that's why I'm short), and I hate the feeling of having my feet off the ground.
I was having second thoughts right after the first obstacle, as I watch the others going from point to point my mind kept playing tricks on me, I kept imagining that something bad might happen.
"Dennis! You can come over now!" A friend yell out to me, signaling that it's clear to take the challenge.
I replied and prepare myself for the challenge, made it clear that whatever that's in my mind isn't real unless it happen, it didn't take me long to clear my mind and make my move.

Nothing can boost my morale more then being with my friends

Pictures by Vit Ping

Have a Great Day


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Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to c ur blog here....
i think u r such a adventurous guy...:)...
i never been bkt cahaya b4...wish to do so ...

any idea for me ?