Monday, July 7, 2008

The attack of the "Banana" Raiders

I'm gonna come for you Henry!

It's Sunday, I got my usual trekking gears checked and packed, the difference this time. I retired the super heavy duty machete which I usually carry and now carry a shiny new 18" machete perfect for cutting down overgrown bushes that gets in the way. Also I decided that this trip I would go extra light, which means I am not gonna carry a bag like I usually do for my previous trips.
The journey to the location had a few hiccups, for example: I totally forgotten that Wendy is gonna meet us at Linus's place and follow our car and SOMEBODY OVERSLEPT + FFK US!!!

We gathered at Batu Caves for breakfast and ice breaking session (+ a bit of cam whoring), the participants of this trip are:

  1. Mei San
  2. Samantha
  3. Darien
  4. Josen
  5. Wendy
  6. Donovan
  7. William
  8. Suresh
  9. Adila
  10. Timmy
  11. Rebecca
  12. YY
  13. Linus (Photographer + cam whore)
  14. Seng Keong (Sweeper)
  15. Aurelius (Organizer + navigator + cam whore)
  16. and Myself (Lead bush whacker + Scout)

Finishing our roti canai and the half boiled and half wrong eggs we started heading towards Gombak where the waterfall is located. We reached the pump station where the trail is supposed to start and after everyone have their gears on, we started by heading into the jungle crossing the river hoping that the trail is there, fortunately it is. We followed the trail which runs along the river and caught sight of KARAK highway. This is an unusual sight but it is a good sign that says "You are on the right path.".
The trail ended near a drain by the river, I knew that the river crossing isn't going to be easy since the river is about waist deep and especially in a group of 16 people so I told Aurelius that I'll go scout for a possible path by walking up the drain while the rest wait.
Running and following a possible path that runs between the river and KARAK highway on the the right hand side of the drain I found an unmistakable land mark.
"HOOAH!" I shouted to signal the rest to follow, some people asked me why do I shout in the jungle, the purpose is to signal and check everyone in the group in a fun, positive and purposeful way. (You can wikipedia HOOAH to find out more)

The land mark: Tunnels under the KARAK highway

We spent sometime (TRY) taking pictures, shouting and screaming in the tunnel for fun while getting to the other side of the tunnel. Right after we made it pass the tunnel, an eerie scream and laughter is heard coming from across the tunnel, to our horror we saw... OH S***! RUN!!!

We try to make our way to the waterfall as quick as we can as the horror follows behind stalking and following us, the condition of the trail is slowing us down rapidly due to the amount of mud.

Mud is good~~~

The shouting and laughing of the horror behind becomes louder and clearer and it is clearly closing in on us very rapidly, just when we thought it's over for us, we caught sight of the beautiful Sungai Pisang Waterfall. We stood there and admire the power of the beauty for a moment, while "The Horror" close in for it's kill, laughing and shouting to intimate it's prey putting an end to a 30 minutes chase.

"The Horror" with puppies eyes

Aurelius's final moments: He's all right, just cam whoring as usual

Truth is, another group mainly primary school children was brought to the waterfall by some of their teachers. There were at least 70 to 80 of them and I think it's only fair that, we, the smaller group to find another location to chill in the water. So we climbed up a path opposite the waterfall and start to try looking a place of our own, and to our delight we manage to find one right above the waterfall, it's the perfect place to be if you want to have your revenge. (I'm just kidding)

Playing and cam whoring at the top of the falls

We spent the time playing water at the top of the waterfall while waiting for the children to go back so that we can have the bottom pool for ourselves. I spent some time to explore the surroundings too, hoping to find anything interesting didn't manage to find much but a few camping sites littered with garbage, a very sad sight to see indeed.

This is a clear sign that somebdy forgotten his underwear

One with the force

Overall, this trip was very easy (for me at least) but enjoyable. The waterfall itself is beautiful, however its accessability might have been it's downfall, people frequently visits the place and some irresponsible ones do not take care of their waste and there is too much cam whoring, I hope that it won't be like that for the next trip.


Anonymous said...

it was fun, thanks guys for accepting me n my buddy with u guys on this trip. Its was nice to meet new, crazy, funny.......etc friends
ps: 10.30AM, i tot someone said the report might come up in 2 months time??


Anonymous said...

nice new machete and nice work on the wooden sheath. should add some carvings on it with each trek.. just like a badge of honor.
c u next trek.

HuonHengChai said...

Suresh: Linus is the one who take a long time to write, this time he's faster because we are bitching.

jsen: thank you, I'm thinking of carving it but not so soon. :)
see you next trek