Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Date With Mother Nature

My plans for tomorrow are set, sharpen machete, charged up talkies and clean ropes all set and good to go for valentine's day.
Yes I know I may sound like the killer date in a B grade horror movie checking and preparing his equipment, however I'm no killer and it's a good thing for most of my friends I guess.
My date with mother nature will be in Bentong this time near Genting, at a waterfall call Lata Perting aka Hammer Falls, I've been there once before and have been wanting to go back there for a very long time, very beautiful place to spend time with mother nature.
For this trip I'll be carrying almost 10Kg load to toughen up and hopefully build some strength for my trip to Endau Rompin that's coming early March.

Have A Great Day

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