Sunday, February 22, 2009

Broga Hill : Endau Rompin Evaluation Trip

Zombie Hikers

Gone up to Broga Hill this morning, I personally wasn't well prepared for this trip reason being that I've not slept for 2 nights already and I didn't have a flashlight, I only got them 3 hours before the hike. As usual we meet up at Linus place, 4am this time but somebody was late so we had no choice but to make a choice and that was to wait for the late comer at Devi's Corner down the road, should make it a custom for late comers to pay for everyone's breakfast next time.
At about 5.20AM (I think), we moved out, meeting 2 more cars while on our way to Broga Hill.
6.15AM, after a long and unexpected wait, we finally arrived at the starting point where we parked our cars and started hiking up. I was surprised at the amount of cars there at that time, it was as if somebody is having a wedding up the hill.
Due to some "unforeseen" circumstances, we were behind schedule and some of us was worried that we might miss seeing the sun rise, Linus who was confident actually said that he want's to go off in front, I thought since he's confident with the trail I'll let him go while I stayed a while for everyone to pass and run back to the front later, making sure that no one is left behind. A few were having trouble catching up but in the end we all managed to make our way to the top, slightly late but just in time to see the sun rise.

The Reward

Being fit enough to run the entire trail is good, however I still cannot figure out how to make an entire group hike with a consistant speed.

Happy World Thinking Day

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Eddie Tuen said...

I know who was late! :) :p