Thursday, February 5, 2009

The birth of the tarantulas

Had a drink last night with a couple of friends after feeling pathetic for a day, sometimes it does cheer me up to see them, as long as they don't start puffing smoke into anybody's face. Not that I hate them or anything but I just don't see the point of smoking. So anyway, after a drink I got back straight away and was about to go to bed till I found something unusual with one of my tarantula tank.

The egg sac of my curly hair tarantula's egg sac has hatched and there are spiderings all over the substrate of it's tank. I was actually expecting it to hatch but I never got myself to prepare the substrate and containers that I needed to separate them all. I dug out all my old containers and steal some from the kitchen but it didn't look enough so I called up the frog to see if he has any plastic containers. Fortunately for me he's got a whole bunch of film canisters that I could use.

Coexing the tarantula in to the canister is quite a challenge, and to pack the first few is actuallly quite fun or exciting but eventually it becames repetitive and tiring. The entire packing process took hours of packing substrate in the canister, then a spider ling for each canister, and making the ventilation holes. Had to be very careful with making the ventilation holes because the tarantula could escape if the holes are too big.
Good thing is that Linus did help me with the tarantulas or else I'll be spending even more time packing them.

In the end we manage to finish the canisters but there still are some more spider lings that are not packed yet. Had to wait for the sun to rise and the shops' door to be open for additional containers.
After taking care of the left overs, I start counting the number of spiderling packed. In all there are 248 of them, and 50% of them has gone to the owner of the male tarantula.

Have a Great Day


PrincessRen said...

omg.. how many tarantulas u hv thre? hahahahahahaa..

sorry but i'm scared of spiders.. so for somebody who can handle spiders - especially tarantulas... mmg respect lah :)

HuonHengChai said...

thank you,:)
let's just say that I lost count at 50 :P