Sunday, January 6, 2008

What top secret mission?

OK, I must admit that I have been secretive to my friends and family about some of the activities that I've been involved in. It's not that I do not want to tell you what I am up to before I go but the organisers did not tell me where and what am I going for, not that I didn't ask. However, I only know that it's is going to be something worth going and I trust them enough to pay and do what they have installed.
Unfortunately, it's not a 24 hour sex exercise with a hot babe like some of you think. Let me use this post to tell you what has happen for me this weekend and you'll understand (Then again, you might not but I'm gonna go on and blog about it anyway)
The boy in the picture above is Zul Hairy, I call him Zul for short. Zul is an orphan from Darul Izzah Orphanage.

I do not need to prove anything but here it is anyway

Why do I introduce Zul?
The reason is that the organizers has arranged for us to meet 130+ orphans to have them to enjoy a day in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, and the first thing we did is get on the "Eye on Malaysia".

They don't look so happy cause it is hot in that thing and it's our 8th round in the Ferris wheel.

Actually I was disrupted from taking care of Zul, another boy was being... a little boy! Well actually his caretaker teased him and he ran away from her, I saw him climbing the fence while waiting for our turn so I carried him so that he can sit on the fence but he didn't let go of me... He just wants to be carried! It's OK to carry him since he's young and not that heavy but then I'll have to pay attention to 2 person at the same time. 1 run left, 1 run right, sure die.

Thank goodness that later after the ride I manage to hand the boy back to his caretaker and have my attention focus on Zul. Second thing on the agenda was T-shirt painting, I asked Zul to draw on an A4 of what he want on his T-shirt so that I can draw it out on the shirt and later we could paint it together.

Zul's Painted T-Shirt

Ninja Turtle vs Some guy with colors in his face.

Every one's high on balloons

Well, you get the picture. I don't want to continue to explain because it's just too long winded to just talk about 1st part of day one. I'll just say Zul enjoyed his time, same goes to the others 130+ orphans.
Now, after that we are asked to go on the bus to go to another location, I have no idea where we are going, even the bus driver wouldn't tell us but we soon find ourselves at Genting View Resort for...

All LP Rally T Shirt logo design

...Non other then the All LP Rally. I'm a little too lazy to go in to the details on what happend during the Rally so I'm just gonna use some keywords:
-Treasure Hunt
-Learned how to fold origami crane
-Ropes course
-One of a kind bond fire
-Ate whole watermelon
-Drank coke using small straw
-Giant Jigsaw Puzzle
-Dance and Performance
-Another Poem

I'm willing to talk about it but I'm too lazy to type it out so if your curiosity is killing you, do whatever it takes to cure it :P

All LP Rally pendents, 2 piece combines to become one


Linus Linnaeus said...

i saw that pendant before ona friend!!!!

now...who issit?


heidi said...


hmm... i wonder who that coloured face guy is... LOL.

owh owh owh! is tat your phone number??? buahahaha...time to start anonymously harassing u.....owh wait, I already have ur number. dang. ;)

The pendant so chun!!! why am I seeing butterflies everywhere?! @_@ haha... you get involved in a lot of these activities huh? awfully sweet of u. :)

HuonHengChai said...

Linus: Sure or not? They just only gave them out during the weekends, maybe it's a diffrent type.

heidi: Coloured face guy must be some handsome fella, I wonder who could it be :P

lol, yes it's my phone number, if you do feel like harassing some one, you can try to call that number.
Recently, I am seeing alot of butterflies too, maybe it's just that I'm paying more attention to butterflies.

I'm only involved once in a while, it makes me feels good to know that I can and I did made a diffrence in someone's life,
there is a quote by John Wesley that goes.
“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

Best thing is being remembered and able to be in their hearts, it's just an amazing feeling for me when I see them and they actually reconized me by name or simply by "The korkor who keeps spiders".