Friday, January 11, 2008

Put away your phone!

I was driving my mom earlier this afternoon and while waiting at the traffic light I got an SMS, since it's a RED LIGHT I decided to take a quick look at the SMS.
"Put away your phone while driving! later kena saman how?" My mom shouted.
Instead of putting away my phone I gave her a big smile and started to debate about what she just said.
I agree that it is not safe to drive while holding or pushing buttons on a cellphone and it should not be done at all, however the reason I debated about my mother's comment is because I feel that the reason isn't the right one. Instead of saying that it is not safe to drive with a cellphone bacause that action may cause an accident, she strongly stated that getting a ticket is the main concern. It just makes it sounds to me as if money is more important then a person's safety or life. It's not only my mom, many family members and friends do say something like that too sometimes, i.e. Put on your seat belt, this area got alot of police or Don't run red light, who knows if the place got camera. Are people now putting on seat belts for the wrong reason? Have we come to a time where safety is not our concern but getting a ticket is?


Click to Climax said...

Maybe they should start fining people for having unprotected sex then

Linus Linnaeus said...

I once read that Jackie Chan ( a hero of mine) will observe a red light even at midnite...when there is no car...

but you know's something to think's on the other side bad for our environment...stalling a car...produces lots of unneccesary wasted emmision! So if i run a red light...u know why :P


Heidi said...

hahaha. so true! I realized that people are more afraid of the police (bcos of samans) than they are afraid of their own parents. lol. xD

in my family we're more paranoid about getting into accidents than getting a ticket. :)

pH said...

People believes that they have the ability to use their cell phones while driving without causing an accident(and perhaps ur mum trusts that you have the ability to keep both you and her out of danger too). So the issue here is that they also believe that traffic police might appear out of no where to issue you with a bill (ah.. for tea drinking :P). Thats y, "put away your phone" to avoid getting a bill even though u think it is safe to do so (i read sms while waiting at traffic lights too). :D

klown said...

Dude, I say that because if i say "Oi after kena accident", nia seng, kena then how? Pantang mah.

If say "later kena saman", then if really kena, nvm sueh lo. Pay onli mar.