Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sungei Perting Fall Trip

Saturday morning, the trekking group meet up at Seng Keong's place all ready to go in to the jungle to feed leeches and find a waterfall. However one thing wasn't decided yet... where to go?
After a very short decision making, we found ourselves having breakfast at Bukit tinggi village ready to trek to Sungai Perting Falls.
The group consist of:

  • Seng Keong (Fisherman accountant)
  • Yee Leng (SK's GF)
  • De Way (unnamed)
  • Aurelius (Crocs lover)
  • Voon Loong (Lost Slipper to river)
  • Linus (Frog)
  • Chen Kim (Karete Girl from Penang)
  • Justin (Penang dude)
  • and myself (Spider)

The trek there is quite easy, we spent less then an hour and there were only some parts we needed to climb over or under some trees that fell because of a landslide.
The place itself is beautiful, the spot we rest and kept our things is just like like a sandy beach facing the waterfall, the plungpool is enormous and really deep, it's an excellent place to swim as long as you don't go too near the fall, I regret not bringing my goggles! It would have been nice to explore the bottom of the pool since the water is clear and there were plenty of drift wood at the bottom, will bring one on my next trip.

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